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GLYCOGEN IN FASTING AND FATIGUE 479 In order to establish a basal level of glycogen, fasted and fatigued controls were allowed to recover, without carbo.

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WIYN Open Cluster Study. XXIV. Stellar Radial Velocity Harvard

theoretical models of stellar evolution which include convective core studies of open clusters can reveal how stellar dynamics influences pathways in stellar ..... Our full NGC 6819 RV database is the combination of a WIYN a CfA data..

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How stellar activity affects the size estimates of extrasolar planets

We discuss the various ways in which stellar activity can influence transit light curves study the effects using the combination (addition) of the other bands..

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MEDHOST PatientFlow HD

Patient-flow issues erode your bottom line, and if not managed effectively, can result in serious penalties, which is why MEDHOST developed PatientFlow HD..

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Using the Baseline Emergency Staffing Tool (BEST

Using the Baseline Emergency Staffing Tool (BEST) Please note: a review of the data generated by the use of BEST to date is ongoing and a report on the findings will ....

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