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Canadian Journal on Scientific Industrial AM Publisher

Ghanaian language students of the University of tested in the WAEC oral examination is anything but British .... English vowel pairs (in some cases as many as..

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County: Klickitat Federal Identifier: WAEC 04 US Forest Service

Federal Identifier: WAEC 94 016 Federal Identifier: WAEC 99 013 ..... completion of this project will help to address the needs of these many visitors. .... visitors currently passing through the area to such sites as Maryhill Museum bringing ....

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County: Grays Harbor Federal Identifier: WAEC US Forest Service

Federal Identifier: WAEC 04 013 infiltration/inflow problems contributing to sewer by passes into the Chehalis River .... Many of the currently .... be provided to Quinault tribal members Taholah High School students which will result in..

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Optimum Design of Triode Like JFET's by Two IEEE Xplore

1970. signal processing”. IEEE Advanced Solid state Components for. [I] W. S. Boyle operational mode. The devices operate as triodes or pentodes cor ..

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An RF Modulated Electron Gun Pulser for Linacs

improved by the superposition of rf modulation on the gun planar triode operating in cathode pulse to shorten the micropulse pulse width before the triode is biased at ... 1970. © 1991 IEEE. Personal use of this material is permitted. However ....

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