Chart Of Colour Code Transistor

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Reading Transistor Markings - Electronix Express

Reading Transistor Markings Most transistor markings follow one of these codes: JEDEC, JIS or Pro-Electron. For ICs, look for known numbers (e.g. 741, 4001, 7400 ....

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Active SMD semiconductor components marking codes

6 SMD code Type Function Short description Case Pinout St. Mnf. <Z TCMM3Z75VB Z-diode 75V±2%, Izt=5mA ....

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Supply Voltage Un Current, (I max) Operating Current Frequency Operating Voltage Power Consumption Precision accuracy class Pulse transmission Recorded harmonics.

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Valve Radio Kit - Elektor Home Elektor

The Valve Radio Kit The complete kit with valve, case and all the other needed parts Hear radio stations as in the pre-transistor days of 50 years or more ago.

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RESISTOR COLOR CODE GUIDE - Blue Point Engineering LLC ...

Resistor Color Code 68 ohm 68R Blue Gray Black 82 ohm 82R Gray Red Black 100 ohm 100R Brown Black Brown 120 ohm 120R Brown Red Brown 150 ohm 150R Brown Green Brown.

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Reconfigurable Platform-Based Design in FPGAs for Video ...

Reconfigurable Platform-Based Design in FPGAs for Video Image Processing Nicholas Peter Sedcole A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of the ....

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