Ididit Steering Column Wiring Diagram

 Ididit Steering Column Wiring Diagram[Full DOWNLOAD]

Retrofit Steering Column - ididit Incorporated

(A) Steering column with locating slot (B) Instructions & Dress up kit (Dress Up Kit pictured with above column) These are the components that come with the column..

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Steering Column to Steering Box Installation Instructions

Horn Button Wiring: A horn may require two wires to properly function with an ididit column. The center lug on the button should connect to a horn wire, which is ....

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Jims Chevrolet Parts Company

Jims Chevrolet Parts JimsChevroletParts 916.635.8790 fax 916.635.1664 toll free 800.748.6509 4 1958 Model No. Model Body Style.

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