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Jesus, the Destruction of Jerusalem, and the Coming of the ...

18 Jesus, the Destruction of Jerusalem, and the Coming of the Son of Man in Luke 21:5-38 Robert H. Stein Robert H. Stein is Senior Professor of New Testament ....


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Understanding Professional And Non-Professional Investors ...

4 with professional and non-professional investors. As a part of these assessments, we specifically solicited investors’ perceptions about the value of information ....


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1 INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTANCY ARUSHA (IAA) P. O. Box 26, Babati, Tanzania Phone:Tel 2530743 Fax: 255 27 2549421 e-mail: iaa@iaa.ac.tz Website: www.iaa.ac.tz.


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001 048 inglese

the wheelchair basketball players of CMB Santa Lucia Sport, an international elite team. In the second part, we present detailed tables of our athletes’.


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The Effects of Small-Dose Ketamine on Propofol Sedation ...

the Coadministration group (n 5 20) received a com-bination of propofol and small-dose ketamine for se-dation. The study drug solutions consisted of propofol.


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