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265 002391 NA Parts Manual

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4 51322 DAMPER, Radiator, vibmtion 4 5 54874 TUBE, Uadiator I 6 54884 HOSE, Radiator, (To engine) 1 7 48648 FAN (4-blade) 1 8 53867 PULLEY, Fan 1 9 23217 RING, Retaining 2 10 28868 BEARING & SHAFT, Fan 1 11 50837 ARM, Fan, mounting 1 12 32836 BRACKET, Fan, arm mounting 1 13 50864 SPRl NG 1 14 11398 PIN, Roll 1

This manual is furnished with each new TENNANT Model 265 The machine operators wlil easily learn how to
operate the machine and understand its mechanical lunctions by following the directions and absorbing the infor
mation in the Operation section
This machine will give excellent service and sweeping results and save maintenance expenses However as with
all specially engrneered mechanical equipment best results are obta nedat minimum costs if
The machine is operated w t hreasonable care and
r The machine is maintained regularly per the maintenance instructions provided
Components used in this machine have been carefuily seiected lor performance and safety Use only Tennant
Company supplied or equivalent parts
Parts and supplies may be ordered by phone or mail from any Tennant Company parts and service center
distributor or from any of the Tennant Company subsidiaries
The telephone telex mailing addresses and locations are listed on the last page of the manual
Published 1 84
Tndcrut Rg mnl D l r r r a Besim Dmri Eaqlr l F n r r Cerluq lbh Sara
SnkmilmL U n k dSbltt Ltg lb l 6 m W Czmll JWI Me1 1 S ML 4 T E l W l l l
CUMPAHI Uirn wolir Lmwlab USA 1984 Tennant Company Printed in U S A
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Main Frame Related Parts
Seot 8 Instrument Panel
Fig 3 Engine Related Parts
Fig 4 A i r Cleaner Related Parts
Cooling System
Exhaust System
Gasoline Tank
Gasoline Carburetor Fuel Pump Governor
Filter System
Fig 10 Vacuum Fan Assembly
Fig 11 R e a r Wheel Assembly
Rear Drive Motor Related Parts
Fig 13 Main Brush Lift Gnlrols
Fig 14 k i n Brush Drive 8 Related Pam
Side B s hSupport Drive
Front Wheel Brake Assembly
Handbmke F o o t Brake Sfiem
Fig 18 Steering Related Pam
Complete Hydmutic System with Vickers Pump
Fig 19 Drive Mofor Related Parts
Side Brush Main Brush Vacuum Fan
Hydmulic Cylinder Valve Filter Group
tlydmulic Tank Related Ports
Fig 23 Hydmulic Pump Related Parts
Pump Control Linkages
Electrical System
List of Decals
This section includes parts for a Standard Model 265 equipped with a gasoline
engine For scrubber attachrnenfs or other accessories see Accessories Parts
List For Hi Dump machines see Hi Dump Parts List For LPG fuel machine
see LPG Po List Breakdown parts lists for hydmulic components are shown
On Hydmulic Components Section
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To avoid errors or delays in filling parts orders please BOLT AND CAP SCREW STRENGTH
furnish all of the following information IDENTIFICATION
1 Always specihl the machine model number and Bolts and cap screws required to have high strength
the machine serial number shown on themachine qualities to 8AE G 8 are identified
data plate throughout this catalog by the description GR 8 Unless
identified by this desc ipion ail standard bolts andI cap
screws are SAE Grade 5
2 Give the part number description and the quantity
needed of each item on the order Do not order by
reference number or the figure number of the il
lustrated parts
3 Indented items indicate parts of assemblies
Standard hardware is furnished only when part of
a purchased assembly Please order hardware
from a local hardware supplier
4 If the old part cannot be identified send it to us
with the quantiiy needed specified on the order
5 State definite shipping instructions to include the
shipping address andlor the billing address if
there is a difference Any claim for loss or
damage to a shipment in transit should be filed
promptly against the transportation company
making the delivery Shipments will be complete
unless the packing list or order acknowledgement
indicate items back ordered
If parts received are suspected to be incorrect or
defective please write wire or phone the Tennant
Company representative from whom you ordered the
part They will give authorization for return and or
handle replacement shipments when required
Metric equivalents have been included where
applicable throughout this parts catalog
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No Port No Description Qtv
1 33762 DOOR Brush R H 1
2 23752 2 SHIM if needed for weld hinged door 1
3 45857 RETAINER Skirt 2
4 23275 SKIRT Side 2
5 07259 FITTING Grease I
5A 08407 FITTING Grease 1
6 23138 SHIM Liftarm 1
7 23454 2 BEARING Torque tube right 1
8 56855 STOP Sofety arm rubber I
9 53003 ARM Hopper safety stop I
10 461 37 SLEEVE 2
I 461 32 HOOK 2
12 46147 WASHER Neoprene 2
13 2 1097 HOOK 1
14 23452 2 CAM Hopper adjusting 2
15 23384 2 RETAINER Side seal 2
16 23382 SEAL Hopper Side 2
17 53143 RETAINER Top seal 1
18 23386 SEAL Hopper top 1
19 23583 2 A STUD 1
20 53056 ARM Lift 1
21 23580 2 BEARING Toque tube center 1
22 23455 2 BEARING Torque tube left 1
23 53298 SKIRT Rear Brush Contuct 1
24 53219 ANGLE Skirt m w n t 1
25 531 37 SKIRT Rear Floor Confact I
26 23268 1 RETAINER Rear skirt 1
27 09342 CHAIN Dmg static xrfety 1
28 33760 DOOR Access L H 1
29 53974 SEAL Access door 2
30 33504 FRAME Moin 1
31 53052 SEAL Access door 2
32 11893 EYE BOLT 1
33 43250 TIP Rubber 1
34 46307 CHAIN Bumper hold up 1
35 24528 ANGLE Tie 2
36 53637 BUMPER 1
37 46567 HOSE Chain cover 1
38 32885 HINGE Brush door R H 1
39 32886 HINGE Brush door L H 1
47954 SLEEVE Drag chain 1
40 46213 PLUGNUTTO N I
A1 10632 1 5 GROMMET 1
To repface R H Brush door with welded on hinge order 5K251 5 to replace door with
bolted on hinge used on machines up to serial number 8543 order SK2726
To replace L H Brush door with welded on hinge
SK2514 to replace door with
belted on hi 6K2724
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No Part No Qtv
53871 SEAT
53844 MOUNT Seat
53729A SUPPORT Seat
531 28 PLATE Cover
53465 2 COVER Battery
50824 BRACKET Seat support
54371 1 PANEL Access
5351 3 PANEL Instrument
54936 COVER Engine panel
50808 DOOR Instrument panel
5472 1 BOX Instrument
HINGE Engine cover
HINGE Side door
COVER Engine
PANEL Corner
COVER Top rear
SLEEVE Instrument box mounting
STRAP Rubber
SEAL Seat support
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Dercri tian2
MOUNT Engine left hand
SPACER Alternator
ALTERNATOR ASSEMBLY includes following
FAN l f e r n a t o r
STRIP Alternator
SHEAVE Alternator
BRACKET Alternator mounting
ENGINE basic Gasoline
SCREW Hex cap 8mm
PULLEY Water pump
COIL Ignition
PULLEY Crankshaft
V BELT Alternator water pump
V BELT Fan radiator
RESISTOR Ignition coil
MOUNT Engine right hand
BRACKET Motormount
NUT Hex 5mm
RING Starter locatins
COUPCI NG Chain Engine side
BRACKET Motor valve mount
HOUSING Flywheel
COUPLING Chain half pump side sp ine
C W I N C o u l i
PLATE Pump drive adaptor
CABLE Grounding
SAP O i l filler breather
DIPSTICK O i l level
TUBE Dipstick
ELEMENT Engine o i l filter
SHlM 16 GA thick
SHlM 0 19 thick
WIRE Coil high tension
WASHER Engine mount
Basic engine 32837 replaces engine 54912 1 on machines with S N 7514 and
above To replace previous engine 54912 1 order SK2493
Basic engine does not include alternator voltage regulator V belts fan carburetor
pulleys coil resistor etc
These parts are included i n basic engine 32837
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n A rl F A N F R A N D RFI A T F n P A R T S
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No Part No Description Qty
1 26509 NUT Wing 0 25 20 1
2 41 178 WASHER Steel 1
3 23791 8 COVER Air cleaner 1
4 46591 NUT Wing 0 25 20 1
5 24924 WASHER Nylon 1
6 5408 1 COVER 1
7 27313 ELEMENT A i r filter inner 1
8 23792 ELEMENT A i r filter outer 1
9 54082 STUD 1
10 54080 FUNGE A i r cleaner 1
11 23731 WASHER Neoprene 1
12 23727A 2 BASE Air cleaner 1
13 47388 ELBOW 1
14 54148 HOSE Breather 1
15 54333 CLAMP 2
16 51706 SLEEVE 1
17 4681 8 CLAMP Wire 1
18 54155 ELBOW Rubber 1
19 3351 8 WASHER Rubber 1
20 24669 DECAL Fmm aircleaner 1
Note These parts are used on old style a i r cleaner only
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Fig 5 C O O L I N G SYSTEM 01900
No Part No Description G k
1 51 321 3 CAP Radiator 1
2 11531 CLAMP Wormdrive 6
3 19593 RADIATOR 1
4 51322 DAMPER Radiator vibmtion 4
5 54874 TUBE Uadiator I
6 54884 HOSE Radiator To engine 1
7 48648 F A N 4 blade 1
8 53867 PULLEY Fan 1
9 23217 RING Retaining 2
10 28868 BEARING SHAFT Fan 1
11 50837 ARM Fan mounting 1
12 32836 BRACKET Fan arm mounting 1
13 50864 SPRl NG 1
14 11398 PIN Roll 1
15 54387 SHROUD Fan no longer used 1
16 51 305 DRAIN Radiator angle 1
17 26897 COUPLING 1
18 26385 NIPPLE 1
19 50956 HOSE Radiator Upper 1
20 42331 1 BOLT Eye 1
21 50476 HOSE Radiator Bottom 1
22 50825 BRACKET Support 1
23 50824 BRACKET Spr ing 1
24 54795 BRACKET Twnbuckl e 1
25 25494 t TURNBUCKLE Bel t tens ioni ng 1
26 14896 1 SHIM 0 05 1 0mm 1
27 14896 3 SHIM 0 01 0 5 rnm 1
To replace radiator on machines with serial number up to and including 7587 order
SK2487 Machines with serial number from 7588 to 8157 use SK2676
Machines with serial number up to and including 7587 used base 10323 6
To replace 10323 6 order SK2544
Note Machines with serial number up to and including 8132 used the old style
turnbuckle tensioning To replace with the new spring tensioning order
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