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A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 3 B. In the great commission, the Son of God left them with a great responsibility. 1. The great claim: all authority in ...

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 1
Lesson One Our Mission To Carry On the Work of Christ 2
Lesson Two Why Aren t More Christians Involved in the Work of the Lord 5
Lesson Three Essential Attitudes for Doing the Work of the Lord 7
Lesson Four What Is Personal Work Why Do It 9
Lesson Five Things Which Hinder Personal Work 12
Lesson Six The Successful Personal Worker 14
Lesson Seven The Example the Fourth Chapter of John 17
Lesson Eight The Example of Philip 19
Lesson Nine Time Management for the Christian 21
Lesson Ten Developing Courage 23
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Photograph on cover David Padfield 1996 Used by permission
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 1
Our Mission To Carry On the Work of Christ
1 I believe There is a God in heaven Daniel 2 28
a Who breathed into man s nostrils the breath of life Genesis 2 7
b Who then has spoken to us Hebrews 1 1 2
c And told us He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son John 3 16
d Who came
1 Not to judge the world but to save the world John 12 47
2 Not to be ministered unto but to minister and to give His life a ransom for many
Matthew 20 28
3 Not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance Matt 9 13
4 To seek and save that which was lost Luke 19 10
2 Follow after me and I will make you become fishers of men Mark 1 17
a Here at the beginning of His ministry Jesus emphasizes to the disciples the great need to
save the souls of men
b This lesson will allow us to watch and see how Jesus personally does this and then how His
disciples imitate Him
I The Mission of Jesus
A The great multitudes Matt 9 35 37
1 Jesus loved the masses and preached publicly to them Matt 5 7
2 It grieved Him to see them refuse His word Matt 23 37
B The individual
1 While the masses rejected Him and even many of His disciples went back and walked
no more with Him John 6 66 Jesus did His greatest work on the personal level
2 Some examples
a Nicodemus John 3 1 22 19 38 42 A religious leader who later even helped
Joseph of Arimathea bury Jesus
b The Samaritan woman at the well John 4 1 42 An adultress whose life was
changed by Christ and who in turn led many others to hear and obey
c Zacchaeus Luke 19 1 10 A rich tax collector who had salvation come to his
house upon the Lord s visit with him
d Mary Luke 10 38 42 She sat at His feet to learn of the spiritual truths He had to
e Cleopas Luke 24 27 32 He walked with Jesus after the resurrection and his
heart burned within him when listening to Christ speak
II The Transfer to the Apostles
A The Savior transferred His mission to seek and save the lost to His apostles first on a limited
scale Matt 10 and then after His resurrection on a world wide scale
1 Go make disciples baptize teach be with you Matt 28 18 20
2 Go preach to everyone baptize believers Mark 16 15 16
3 Preach repentance and remission of sins to all nations Luke 24 46 48
4 Witnesses of Christ unto all the earth Acts 1 8
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 2
B In the great commission the Son of God left them with a great responsibility
1 The great claim all authority in heaven and earth
2 The great charge bring all men under Christ s rule
3 The great promise I am with you always even to the end of the world
III The Transfer to the Saved
A As Jesus transferred His mission to save the lost to His apostles the apostles transferred their
mission to all the saved
1 They had taken the gospel to all the world Colossians 1 23 having traveled from
Jerusalem to Rome
2 Those taught were to feel indebted to teach others until the whole world would be
brought to Christ
a This is the same indebtedness felt by the apostle Paul Romans 1 14 15
b The faithful were to teach others 2 Timothy 2 2
3 The first century Christians accepted this challenge
a Those scattered from Jerusalem went everywhere preaching the word Acts 8 4
b The church in Thessalonica sounded forth the word until it was heard in every
place 1 Thessalonians 1 7 8
4 We must accept this challenge too
B This is God s greatest personal work program the law of procreation As sure as an acorn produces
an oak tree when one Christian plants the gospel seed it will produce another saint To accomplish
this task it takes one who is
a Whom shall I send Here am I send me Isaiah 6 8
b The success of the Macedonians can be attributed to the fact that they were freely
willing they first gave themselves to the Lord 2 Corinthians 8 3 5
a He who wins souls is wise Proverbs 11 30
b It takes the wise application of Bible knowledge to win souls
1 Take heed to self and doctrine 1 Timothy 4 16
2 Be diligent to show yourself approved 2 Timothy 2 15
3 Be ready to give an answer with meekness and fear 1 Peter 3 15
c One must deal wisely with people in order to win souls
1 Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves Matt 10 16
2 One s speech must be with grace seasoned with salt Col 4 6
3 One must become a servant of all all things to all men 1 Cor 9 19 23
d An illustration of how to be unwise We are finally convinced that personal
work one on one is the best way to teach our neighbor the gospel so we call on
our friendly barber who lives just down the street He greets us with a smile and
the conversation goes something like this
Glad to see you Reverend I have intended to talk with you for some
time but But we cut him off
If you read your Bible you would know that Holy and Reverend is God s
name Psa 111 9 and we should not give flattering titles to any man
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 3
Sorry Pastor I just meant
Pastor Don t you know pastor means shepherd and the shepherds of
a church are the bishops I m no pastor I m just a soul loving preacher
taking the blessed gospel to poor lost souls in this wicked world
Well now uh preacher I didn t mean any harm You see in our church we
OUR church You folk talk about YOUR church as if the Lord didn t have
a church The church belongs to Jesus Christ who purchased it with His precious
blood The churches men have planted will all be rooted up
If he runs us out of the house we can always report our persecution at the
personal work meeting and counter adverse criticism by saying We really told
him the truth Robert Turner
C The Lord didn t lay the task of evangelism upon machinery he laid it upon men All the mass
media however helpful cannot substitute for the saint communicating the one gospel to one
sinner That s the way the world will be saved if it is ever saved God did not give his
commission to angels or even to a committee but to men to individual men and women The
church is shrinking because members of the church are shirking And Heaven isn t prepared for
shirkers Ruel Lemmons
IV The Transfer to Sinners
A Our heart s desire and prayer to God should be that the lost might be saved Rom 10 1 but the
soul winner must realize the power of conversion lies not in himself but in the gospel
1 We are nothing but those who plant and water It is God who gives the increase 1 Cor
2 It is our duty to cry aloud and not hold back Isa 58 1
3 As the watchman warned of coming doom and men paid no attention their death was of
their own doing Ezekiel 33 2 11
a As the prophet sounded God s warning but sinners failed to heed then their blood
was upon their own heads not the prophet s
b So we must transfer the burden of the decision upon the lost
4 The soul winner who tried will be saved even if those he tried to teach are lost 1 Cor
B Yet the Christian who fails to warn of the coming judgment will be held responsible
1 Is the seed yet in the barn Haggai 2 19
2 As Israel desired the blessings of harvest without first planting the seed many in the
church desire the fruits and rest of heaven without taking the seed from the sack and
1 How wonderful to have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the Lord and continue His
2 Are you doing your part
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 4
Why Aren t More Christians Involved
in the Work of the Lord
1 Those deeply concerned about the salvation of souls and the progress of the church often face
a Discouragements can be such things as unconcern on the part of the lost or opposition from
false teachers
b The greatest discouragement a lack of involvement on the part of so many Christians
2 This lesson will look at some reasons why some do not become involved
I A Lack of Conversion
A The basic idea of conversion is change This change must include a change of
1 Heart intellect will and emotions
2 Conduct 1 Corinthians 6 9 11 Romans 6 1 4
3 Relationship As
a Servants Rom 6 17 18
b Citizens Colossians 1 13
c Children Galatians 3 26 27
B If one has not made these changes is he really converted
C Some have only been churched
II A Wrong View of the Local Church
A Some view the church as an agency that will have an impact on the world simply because of
numerical strength size of building and wealth
1 This view is manifest by such thinking as If I join up support expansion increase
wealth I am a Christian
2 This outlook destroys involvement because it makes the church an agency
B The church becomes an agency that
1 Allows one to hire another to do his work
a The preacher does the teaching deacons see to the poor elders tend to the
wayward etc
b Thus the only responsibility of the individual member is to show up and pay his
2 Exists for the sole purpose of serving its members
a These are the people who demand attention
b These must be constantly catered to visited called upon patted on the back etc
3 Exists only when it assembles
a This makes collective responsibilities only such things as ushering leading
singing making announcements etc
b These complain when they are not used enough meaning not used in a public
way at least every week
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 5
III A Lack of Und erstan ding of Individual Responsibility
A A common expression often heard is I don t want to get involved
1 Being a Christian means getting involved Joshua 24 15 Rom 6 16 18
2 Involvement in the local body is a must 1 Cor 12 12 27 Eph 4 11 16
B One cannot avoid individual involvement by being part of a group
1 Consider
a On a ball team each player must be involved in the game
b In a chorus one must sing his part
c On a police force each officer must patrol his area
2 When one is added to the church he is not credited with the efforts of others
IV A Failure to Understand That Success of the Local Church Demands Individual Effort
A Consider
1 The collective expressions of worship individual involvement is demanded for success
2 Church discipline though a collective action involves each individual
B The example of the healing of the paralytic Mark 2 1 11
1 The four who brought the paralytic to Jesus
a Their mission was to bring their sick friend to Jesus so that he could be healed
b They worked collectively cooperating with the others in order to reach their
common goal
c They worked individually not a one of them loafed or gave up
d They worked to remove the obstacles that would have kept their sick friend from
coming to Jesus
2 The application
a The mission of the Christian is to bring sin sick humanity to the Great Physician
for forgiveness of sins
b Christians must work collectively cooperating with other Christians in order to
reach their common goal
c Christians must work individually no one is to be idle or to give up
d Christians must work to remove the obstacles that keep people from coming to
V A Lack of Sincere Dedication and Commitment
A Dedicated people have changed sacred history Abel Enoch Noah Abraham Sarah Joseph
Moses Rahab Ruth Nehemiah Esther etc
B The history of the first century church is a record of people who were willing to get involved
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 6
Essential Attitudes for Doing the Work of the Lord
1 Often the Lord s work is not accomplished because those who claim to be Christians do not
possess the proper attitudes to accomplish it
2 This lesson will seek to list and explain some attitudes which the productive Christian will possess
I A Pow erful Faith
A If one believes nothing he will do nothing
1 If we do not think we can do something we are not going to try it
2 The example of the spies Numbers 13 17ff 14 11 12
B With faith all things are possible Matthew 17 14 21
C No works no faith James 2 14ff Conversely no faith no works
II A Joyful Heart Philippians 4 4
A Christians should not always be despondent and down hearted
B There are so many good things for which the child of God can be thankful
C One should rejoice for the opportunity to be of value and service to his Lord
III A Continual Reliance on Prayer
A The prayer of the righteous avails much Jas 5 16ff Matt 21 18 22
B People who are interested enough to pray are interested enough to work
C We know and are assured that
1 God answers prayer Matt 7 7 11
2 Prayer changes things
a We should pray to the one who can change them Ephesians 3 20
b We should pray about things that can be changed
c If God does not see fit to change things we should pray that our desires may
change to conform to His
d We must never give up our desire to make things change for the better by our
IV A Personal Love
A A love for the Lord John 14 23 24 cf 1 John 5 3 2 4
B Love for the brethren Hebrews 13 1 1 John 4 20 21 Heb 10 24 25
1 To function collectively there must be love and unity 1 Cor 1 10 Phil 2 1 4
2 Some would rather bite and devour others Galatians 5 15
C Love for the lost
1 Consider Luke 19 10 the mission of Christ
2 We should have heaven s attitude toward the lost as it is seen in Luke 15
D If you do not have love you will not care but then it really does not matter 1 Cor 13 1 3
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 7
V A Persistent Effort
A Persistency of effort is the secret of success Luke 18 1 8
B Some examples of the success of persistency
1 Noah took 120 years to build the ark Genesis 6 3
2 The apostle Paul Phil 3 12 15
C We are to be living a life of constant persistent service Romans 12 1 2 1 Cor 15 58
D We must not be discouraged by lack of results
1 The Lord judges not on results but on effort
2 We will not be condemned for a lack of results but for a lack of effort
1 Every disciple needs to possess each of these attitudes
2 If the work of the Lord is going to be accomplished it will be by those who are loving joyful
faithful prayerful and persistent
3 Do you have what it takes to work for the Lord
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 8
What Is Personal Evangelism Why Do It
A church that is doing nothing is on its way to the cemetary its members who do nothing are acting as
pallbearers the brother who says nothing is driving the hearse
I Personal Work versus Personal Evangelism
A Personal work encompasses a broad area of responsibilities and opportunities including personal
B Personal work is
1 Discussing Christianity or studying God s word with a friend
2 Giving someone a tract on a particular subject
3 Telling and showing your neighbor the happiness of being a Christian
4 Inviting someone to services with you
5 Canvassing for a gospel meeting
6 Teaching a Bible class in someone s home
7 Visiting the home of a visitor to worship services
8 Gathering your neighbors into your home for a Bible class
9 Bringing a friend to the church s Bible classes
10 Telling a fellow worker student about Jesus the way to heaven
11 Planting the word in someone s heart
12 Writing a letter to a loved one expressing your interest about his her soul
13 Having someone with whom you are studying or with whom you would like to have a
study into your home for a meal
14 Encouraging a new member
15 Exhorting one another to assemble in the scheduled services of the church
16 Teaching reproving and rebuking the worldly the indifferent and the wayward among
those who claim to be Christians
17 Encouraging and strengthening the faint hearted and comforting the bereaved among the
family of God
18 Visiting and admonishing those who forsake the assemblies
19 Bringing cheer to and helping meet the needs of those who are elderly sick hospitalized
or shut in
20 Volunteering for tasks that need to be done within the congregation building
maintenance lawn care etc
21 Seeking and saving the lost
C Personal evangelism One person talking to another person about his need for the salvation
found only in Jesus Christ with the purpose of bringing him to a decision Mid McKnight
II Why Do Personal Evangelism
A Its advantages
1 All can do it
a Usually only a handful in each congregation can preach effectively
b Every Christian with average intelligence and concern for others can do personal
c Every situation in life offers opportunities to do it
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 9
2 It can be done anywhere
a There are just a few places where one can preach to large numbers
b Personal evangelism demands no pulpit meeting house or large crowd
c The office school factory living room car park jail etc are just a few of the
countless places personal evangelism can be done
3 It can be done anytime
a Preaching time is very limited
b Personal evangelism can be done any time of the day at the convenience of the
other person
4 It reaches all classes
a Many who cannot be reached in any other way may be taught through personal
b Those who cannot or will not attend services may be reached this way
5 It hits the mark
a Preaching by necessity is general in nature
b Personal evangelism is direct and personal
6 It works
a Many who have been unmoved by eloquent sermons have responded to personal
b Heaven alone knows the uncountable multitudes who will be saved eternally as a
result of the personal efforts of sincere dedicated Christians
B But why me
1 I am a Christian and Christ expects every Christian to bear fruit John 15 1 6
a We are created in Christ Jesus for good works Eph 2 10 As a matter of fact we
are to be zealous for them Titus 2 14
b If I am not accomplishing any of the good works for which I was created of what
value am I to the Lord
2 To express my love for God Christ and my fellow man John 14 15 James 2 14 26
3 One of the greatest joys a Christian can have is leading another to Christ 3 John 4
4 I will be following the example of Jesus
a He loved people John 15 13
b One of the ways He showed that great love was by personally teaching men and
women the truth Luke 19 10
5 Christ commanded me to do it Matthew 28 18 20 Those who have been taught and
baptized are in turn to teach others
6 To follow the example of the first century Christians who went everywhere preaching
the word Acts 8 4 Not even persecution stopped them from reaching out to those in
need of Christ
7 I will be considered a faithful Christian because faithful children of God are to teach
others 2 Timothy 2 2
8 Self preservation
a Teaching others is vital to my growth and development as a child of God
Hebrews 5 12 14
b By constantly teaching others I maintain an interest in spiritual things
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 10
9 To save the souls of others the greatest work that I can do Matt 16 26
10 I can increase the teaching power of the local congregation
a Though members might differ as to knowledge and or ability all should be
actively teaching 1 Corinthians 12 12 27
b I should not think my knowledge is too limited to possibly teach someone else If
I knew enough to become a Christian I know enough to tell others what I did and
why I did it
11 I will be setting a proper example for my brethren
12 God will consider me wise Proverbs 11 30
This one makes a net
This one stands and wishes
Would you care to make a guess
Which one gets the fishes
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 11
Things Which Hinder Personal Evangelism
Our curse Cold hearts tearless eyes closed lips heavy feet and fruitless lives in a world of sin and
I Lack of Effort
A Ignorance of the fact that it is our duty
1 It is not an optional thing
2 It is a matter of duty to all Christians
a Matthew 28 18 20 Go therefore and make disciples teaching them to observe
all things that I have commanded you
b 2 Timothy 2 2 Faithful men are to teach others
c Hebrews 5 11 14 by this time you ought to be teachers
d Matthew 25 14 30 The parable of the talents The master dealt with the servants
individually not as a group
B No interest in the lost
1 Luke 19 10
a Seeking and saving the lost was the primary concern of Jesus
b It is to be our primary focus
2 Romans 9 1 3 and Romans 10 1 3 illustrate the apostle Paul s concern for the lost
C An improper attitude toward the lost Some Christians
1 Reflect the self righteousness of the Pharisees Luke 18 9 14
2 Have the attitude of the prodigal son s elder brother Luke 15 25 32
D Waiting for the church to organize a program
1 Every local church needs to be greatly concerned with the task of reaching the lost
2 As individuals though we have the responsibility to seek out and teach lost souls
whether or not the church ever organizes a program
E Spending all our time talking about it
1 Personal evangelism needs to be considered and discussed among brethren
2 However merely talking about it will not accomplish anything
II Inadequacies in Our Effort
A Being overly cautious
1 This is being afraid to offend anyone
2 This attitude causes one to soften and compromise the message of the gospel
B Being overly anxious
1 This causes one to want action right away
2 Quite often those with this attitude will resort to high pressure tactics in their teaching
C The use of wrong appeals
1 Friendliness of the congregation the building s air conditioning beauty or comfort etc
are typical of the improper appeals some use to attract the interest and attention of
2 There is but one valid appeal You cannot go to heaven if you do not obey the gospel
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 12
D Ungodliness in our own lives
1 To be a positive influence for good you must live a godly life
2 Consider Romans 2 21 You therefore who teach another do you not teach yourself
You who preach that a man should not steal do you steal
E A lack of conversion
1 Too many Christians no matter what they profess are still living for self
2 They have failed to deny self Matthew 16 24 and be transformed into living sacrifices
Romans 12 1 2
3 They do not view themselves as servants Romans 6 17 18
F Improper tactics
1 Bluntness or harshness
a Some seem to delight in telling people they are going to hell
b We must speak the truth in love Ephesians 4 15
2 Approaching a person at an inappropriate time
a Cornering someone in an embarrassing situation in the vestibule in front of
friends or family etc
b Consider the barber who raised his razor and asked his customer Are you ready
4 Some proper tactics
a Speak the truth in love Eph 4 15
b Be gentle 1 Thessalonians 2 7
c Be wise as serpents gentle as doves Matt 10 36
d Answer others with meekness and fear 1 Peter 3 15
e Let your speech be with grace seasoned with salt Colossians 4 6
5 If people get offended let it be because of the truth not because of our blundering efforts
G Deficiency in our knowledge of the Bible
1 Did you ever have a salesman try to sell you a product about which he knew absolutely
2 God s worker is to study so that he she might properly use the word 2 Tim 2 15
If we work upon marble it will perish if we work upon brass time will efface it if we rear temples
they will crumble into dust but if we work upon the immortal minds if we imbue them with principles
with the just fear of God and love of our fellowman we engrave on those tablets something that will
brighten to all eternity Daniel Webster
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 13
Characteristics of a Successful Personal Worker
1 Christianity will not mean anything to the world until it means everything to us
2 The gospel is to be adorned by our lives Titus 2 10
a A delicious looking apple offered by a dirty hand full of sores dirt under fingernails etc
will suddenly become unappetizing
b The priests of the Old Law were condemned for not making their lives consistent with the
Law Malachi 2 4 8
I Committed
A One s life must be wholly surrendered to God and Christ Matthew 16 24
1 One must seek the Lord His kingdom and His will first Galatians 2 20
2 One cannot be lukewarm and be successful before the Lord Revelation 3 14 16
B Selfishness is the greatest enemy of personal work
1 If one is to be useful in personal work he must put away personal interests comforts
ease pride and feelings
2 He must live up to his confession when he became a Christian
C One must be committed to the Lord s cause
1 The Lord needs people with the zeal and dedication of the apostle Paul Philippians 3 8
16 2 Timothy 4 1 8
2 A suggestion on how to get such dedication Take every member and allow them to
experience hell for five minutes
II An Assurance of One s Own Salvation
A One must be thoroughly convinced and fully converted before he can begin teaching others the
way of salvation 1 John 5 13
B An unconverted church member can expect little success at winning others to Christ
1 You cannot interest others in serving a Savior you are not serving
2 You cannot lead someone to where you have never been
C Three musts
1 Have a knowledge that your own sins have been forgiven because you have been
obedient to the will of Christ Romans 6 17 18
2 Realize that the blood of Christ continues to cleanse you from sin if you confess them
and ask for forgiveness 1 John 1 7 9
3 Surrender your will to Christ as your Lord and Master Gal 2 20
III A Clean Life
A One demonstrates the truth he teaches by his own life 2 Tim 2 20 21
B One must be clean within and without not just outwardly as the world sees you but inwardly as
God does and as you do too 1 John 3 19 20
1 He practices what he preaches Rom 2 21
2 He lives daily by the principles of the gospel 1 Peter 3 16
C God does not demand a beautiful vessel for His work but He does demand a clean one
D The ultimate test of one s faith is not the words of his lips but the actions of his life 1 John 2 3 6
A Study of Personal Evangelism Gene Taylor 14

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