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Master Class CONFERENCE ... addressing key success factors including leadership, ... Using new technology to innovate in both products and

Pre Conference Workshops Conference
Tuesday June 9 2015 Wednesday June 10 2015
Registration Noon 1 pm Registration and Breakfast 7 30 8 am
1 4 30 pm Welcome 8 8 15 am
New Partnership and People Models for Don Branch Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Breakthrough Innovation Marketing and Sales 3M
Companies searching for new sources of growth must learn 8 15 8 50 am
how to pursue higher risk transformative innovation outside of
their core And they need to do this within organizations that
Charting a Course for Global Growth
At IBM innovation starts with strategy Learn which world
are focused on sustaining and optimizing today s business The
trends the company has identified as being most relevant to
collective disruption model brings together the best of corporate
businesses and how they are using these trends to chart a course
and entrepreneurial approaches for transformative growth This
for innovation and growth Leveraging a variety of tools from
workshop provides corporate leaders with a framework and tools
mining historic patterns to its proprietary Business Leadership
for organizing and leading breakthrough innovation efforts within
Model IBM has established a framework to support advanced
organizations that traditionally struggle with risk and uncertainty
strategy and execution Our speaker will also describe how IBM
You ll learn how to successfully apply entrepreneurial methods
uses speed collaboration and co development to forge a path to
within the enterprise and how to partner in new ways with
success on a global scale
startups to co create breakthrough new businesses Workshop
participants also get free access to an easy to administer online Joe Damassa Vice President Corporate Strategy IBM
readiness assessment for you and up to 10 of your internal
stakeholders prior to the workshop 8 50 9 20 am
A Tale of Two Entities Leveraging the Best of
In this session
The Entrepreneurial Way and The Corporate Way
Apply the Collective Disruption Polarity Assessment to your Join a guided conversation with a serial entrepreneur and
own business to assess readiness and identify key opportunities a senior corporate practitioner as they share perspectives
and barriers for transformative innovation challenges and lessons learned about transformative innovation
and business growth Facilitated by an expert venture coach
Learn how to organize internally to undertake transformative
you ll learn how to leverage entrepreneurial agility with corporate
innovation addressing key success factors including leadership
discipline and scale
autonomy and integration
Explore new incubation models that leading companies are Michael E Docherty CEO Venture2 Inc
using successfully including co creating with startups and Christina Karapataki Venture Principal Schlumberger
entrepreneurs Bryan Janeczko CEO The Fresh Diet
Identify the actions you can take to dramatically improve 9 20 9 55 am
your ability to build a balanced portfolio of core adjacent and Target s Trifecta for Winning with Innovation in a
transformative innovation
Dynamic Environment
Michael Docherty author of Collective Disruption and CEO of In retail change is the only constant Consumer expectations
Venture2 Inc shift and evolve technology levels and then upends the playing
field and friends and foes can change quarter to quarter Any
Registration 3 45 4 45 pm organization hoping to win over the long term has to be guest
Space at each of the workshops is limited You must centric constantly innovative and agile and responsive As Target
pre register to secure your place crossed its 50th anniversary there was a growing recognition
internally that the existing playbook for success was incomplete
4 45 6 45 pm This past year senior leadership took decisive action to articulate
and activate a bolder strategy for growth It also has instituted a
Strategic Innovation robust three part strategy and innovation capability to continue
This late afternoon workshop focuses on using key insights and
evolving and challenging the company s direction for continued
synthesized results of a strategic innovation survey Participants
will generate specific ideas about addressing the survey s
implications around strategic innovation challenges Hearing Learn how this approach is integrating external information
experienced perspectives from the high level conference corporate strategy and business unit implementation to
attendees will jumpstart each of us in building new approaches accelerate Target s growth and bolster its innovation leadership
All conference attendees are welcome to attend The greatest
Jamil Ghani Vice President of Enterprise Strategy
value will be derived by those individuals who also complete
Target Corporation
the survey sent to all those pre registered Beverages and hors
d oeuvres will be served as well
Brian Christian Managing Partner The Inovo Group
Larry Schmitt Managing Partner The Inovo Group
www conferenceboard org innovation
9 55 10 25 am Josh Gitlin General Manager Gladiator Garageworks
Incubation of Transformative Ideas Whirlpool Corp
Lessons from Michelin s Global Incubator Eileen Hsu Director Sales Enablement Cisco
Since 1889 Michelin has been developing means to ease the Jill Renslow Senior Vice President Marketing and Business
mobility of people and goods Get some strategic perspective and Development Mall of America
practical detail from the person leading a mission to increase the Emily Shannon Digital Director Mall of America
innovation capability of the Michelin Group 2 45 3 50 pm
Ralph Dimenna Senior Vice President and Director Global Innovation Coffee House
Incubator Program Office Michelin Group Meet and mingle with fellow attendees during this networking
break designed to build your innovation idea funnel and support
Break 10 25 10 40 am system Select three topics from among 15 choices ranging from
10 40 11 am managing innovation project setbacks to using rapid prototyping
to finding partners in the innovation ecosystem and join others in
Driving Innovation Through Social Media sharing ideas and experiences
Ideas that Make a Difference
Crowd sourcing Viral adoption Embedded media Sharing Liking By shifting groups every 15 minutes you will meet people from a
A leading innovation blogger will offer an aggregated view of range of disciplines and industries who will provide new ideas and
the impact technology and social media have had on business perspectives and perhaps an ah ha moment to apply to your
growth Using new technology to innovate in both products and business
services has allowed companies to create customer experiences
that transform business Find out what the smartest ones have 3 50 3 55 pm
done and anticipate what they are about to do 5 Minutes of Inspiration
Beth Glass Proctor and Gamble Company
Renee Hopkins Director of Engagement
Business Innovation Factory 3 55 4 25 pm
11 11 25 am
Increased Digital Engagement Reach Customers at
Leveraging Emerging Markets to Test and Learn Every Touchpoint
While 3M products have revolutionized the world 3M executives
Does your company have subsidiaries or divisions in emerging
know that products alone are not enough to build the kind of
markets Have you considered using them as innovation
relationships that ensure customer satisfaction and grow share
incubators You may want to start Today Effective collaboration
of wallet Using a case study approach the speaker will share the
between headquarters and subsidiaries enables companies to test
impact of 3M s strategy to extend innovation beyond products
well designed experiments in the entrepreneurial environments
and across every possible consumer touchpoint Applying the
often found in developing countries Find out how a leading global
right advanced social media tactics and metrics has led to
company is using its worldwide network to prove concepts and
increased reach and influence with customers plus a whole
drive Horizon 2 innovation Test and learn and test and fail
new toolkit for their team
approaches are often more effective and less costly when
conducted in the right place Raj Rao Vice President Global eTransformation 3M
Wim Vandenhouweele Executive Director Emerging Markets 4 25 5 15 pm
Commercial Innovation Merck Experience in Connection Innovation s Next Frontier
Lunch and Innovation Experience 11 25 am 1 30 pm What raises innovation above invention is adoption Today
broad adoption usually takes place when a familiar activity is
Follow The Path of Ideas An Insiders Experience transformed into an easier more engaging and value adding
at the 3M Innovation Center experience As the world becomes populated by smarter
Immerse yourself in the beliefs and practices that reinforce and devices with sensors processors code fusing into the actual
advance 3M s distinct innovation culture at the 3M World of delivery coders and device builders must be experience
Innovation Some have called it the ultimate idea and technology designers When customers are constantly seeking the next
playground and as a Master Class attendee you will be able to great experience sustainable brand leadership will depend on
experience it first hand Through demonstrations interaction with a combination of an innovation friendly culture scalable and
multiple technology stations and conversations with some of consistently improvable processes and platforms that let scarce
3M s top innovators learn how 3M has created new products and talent begin adding value as quickly as possible rather than
new markets throughout its more than 100 years wasting effort on commodity capabilities This new environment
demands that a company s IT capabilities evolve from being
1 30 2 45 pm primarily a cost centric improver of internal processes to
The Competitive Advantage Tech driven Customer becoming a prime designer of the customer experience Our
Experience speaker brings the perspective of the four times named World s
Rapid advances in technology have made possible highly creative Most Innovative Company Hear internal lessons learned and
and engaging customer experiences that were unimagined observations of how to best contribute to customers success
even five years ago and have effectively become an important This end of day session will also reflect and combine key points
competitive advantage Speakers from Cisco Whirlpool and Mall from the day s earlier sessions to lay a foundation for Day 2 of
of America share how they are using both digital and non digital this Master Class program
technology to engage customers shoppers distributors and their
Peter Coffee Vice President of Strategic Research Salesforce com
own employees
Networking Reception 5 15 6 30 pm
www conferenceboard org innovation
Thursday June 11 2015
Registration and Breakfast 7 45 8 15 am 10 15 10 45 am
Welcome and Review of Key Takeaways 8 15 8 30 am
HEART MIND Designing Meaningful Experiences
The next generation of design is about experiences that stick
8 30 9 15 am which is all about the emotional and the rational This session
Show Me the Money The Measurable Results of includes lessons on DESIGN and how it relates to business
Innovation customers and innovation UNDERSTANDING tech trends and
Innovation often has the reputation of being too intangible but the user customer ALIGNMENT GOALS customer vs company
showing results for innovation investment is critical Compelling and how design can help the APPROACH PROCESS
results often bring needed new resources whereas scanty or Byron Trotter Manager Advanced Design 3M
vague results can mean the deceleration or death of a project
Learn from two senior practitioners how to drive efficiencies in 10 45 am 11 30 am
the development and launch process digest global insights while Strategic Innovation What Works Well and
navigating internal complexity to deliver new innovations across When to be Wary
more than 70 business units bring forecast attainment forward Build in even more ways to hear from each other say our
and use alpha customers in new product development stage enthusiastic past attendees To that end this panel discussion
gates to demonstrate tangible business success does just that Hear the results and implications of the strategic
innovation survey made available to pre registrants before June
Kieran Smith Innovation Director Eastman Chemical Company
9th additional insights developed by several peer panelists
Ingrid Blair Vice President Business and Marketing 3M Drug
during the related pre Conference workshop AND then further
Delivery Systems 3M
build on those insights together As experienced the last two
9 15 9 35 am years the microphones for each attendee elicits the ah has
Engaging Teams in the Quest for Continuous from all corners of the room
Innovation Moderators
Providing customers with innovations that help them do their Brian Christian Managing Partner The Inovo Group
work better faster and cheaper helps a company keep its Larry Schmitt Managing Partner The Inovo Group
competitive edge But equally important and profitable to a Panelists
company are innovations mostly invisible to the outside world Surprise Peer Panelists
in their internal processes These innovations often lower costs
increase productivity and improve employee morale in disciplines 11 30 am 12 15 pm
ranging from HR to billing to sourcing Learn how one operations The Defining Characteristics of a Culture of
director engaged teams in identifying and pursuing innovation Innovation Discussion
opportunities resulting in double digit efficiency gains This session will pull together some of the culture levers speakers
Sanjay Gupta Director of Operational Excellence and participants have infused into their sessions thus far The group
SWM International will quickly review what ideas have emerged that keep innovation
fresh and employees at peak performance
9 35 10 am
Integrating Design Thinking and Design for Moderator
Anne Greer Co director Innovation Master Class
A lot has happened since Design for Six Sigma was developed
Amy Ashley Raher Talent Development Caterpillar
in the late 90s Product cycles have shrunk customers expect
Deborah Hudgins Vice President Change Management
more and technology change has accelerated Techniques for
Prudential Financial
addressing the new design world have arisen such as design
David Underwood Head Talent Management Analytics
thinking customer centric design minimum viable product and
CSAA Insurance Group
agile development But these techniques don t include many of the
good approaches in DFSS Integrating these new techniques with Lunch 12 15 1 pm
the best of DFSS can yield rapid robust customer centric designs
1 05 1 10 pm
Richard P Hegeman Director Verizon Design and Innovation
5 Minutes of Inspiration
Networking Refreshment Break 10 00 10 15 pm
www conferenceboard org innovation
The Future Begins Now
Thursday June 11 2015
1 10 1 35 pm 3 4 45 pm
Partnering The Secret to Expanding Your Innovation In Depth Debrief and Action Planning
Capability This post conference workshop is designed to convert lessons
Engaging with other companies can unlock innovation leverage learned into tangible action plans Starting with a round robin
capabilities ensure speed to market and offer a path to review of conference insights and highlights participants will
exponential growth It can also be frustrating disappointing then share their action lists and get feedback and ideas from
or a combination of both Learn from a seasoned relationship others The priceless payoff Participants leave this Master Class
builder how to maximize your chances of success including with a solid plan for advancing and enhancing innovation within
how to identify potential partners anticipate the most common their organizations not to mention a newly minted network of
partnership issues and manage through the rough patches to innovation experts to help them as they implement
ultimate success
Bill Aimutis Ph D Director Global Food Research North America Stephen Shapiro Innovation Evangelist Author Best Practices
Cargill Are Stupid
1 35 1 40 pm
5 Minutes of Inspiration
Please sign up for this optional activity when you
1 40 2 10 pm register It is included in your conference registration
What Happens When You Engage Your Entire fee All registrants for this session will receive a free
Organization in Innovation The Results Might 30 day Innovation App that will reinforce key innovation
Surprise You They Surprised Us messages while users can compete with each other for
Is your culture one where R D is thought to be primary source
the highest score and a prize
of new products and innovations Do your business teams
get impatient with the pipeline Do you have a good culture of
co development with your customers but find the time to market
of new products slow Do the majority of your employees believe
only the Einstein s are responsible for innovation An eight year
case study provides us with a blueprint for delivering surprising
growth through innovation skills and processes that are the work of
everyone every day While the various businesses progress at their
respective speeds the business conglomerate is achieving over 50
of annual revenue from new products and services This story has
commitment process and people understanding at its core
Thomas G Kinisky CEO and President Saint Gobain
2 10 2 40 pm
Leading the Charge of Rapid Change The Tale of
a Thrivent New Business
Pam Moret CEO brightpeak financial
2 40 2 45 pm
Evaluations and Wrap up
www conferenceboard org innovation
Online www conferenceboard org innovation
Email customer service conferenceboard org
Phone 212 339 0345 8 30 AM 5 30 PM ET Monday Friday
Conference Pricing
Take advantage of a deeply discounted registration
if you register early
Members 2 295 Non Members 2 895 Conference Location and Hotel Accommodations
Transportation will be provided between the Sheraton hotel
Pre Conference Workshops and the 3M Innovation Center on each day of the conference
New Partnership and People Models for Breakthrough 3M Innovation Center Sheraton St Paul Woodbury
Innovation 2350 Minnehaha Avenue 676 Bielenberg Dr
Strategic Innovation Maplewood MN 55144 Woodbury MN 55125
Members 605 Non Members 705 Tel 888 364 3577 Tel 651 209 3280
Registration for Strategic Innovation workshop is FREE for Room cut off date
attendees registered for the New Partnership workshop and May 26 2015
50 for attendees registered for the conference only Cancellation Policy
Full refund until three weeks before the meeting 500
Post Conference Workshop administration fee up to two weeks before the meeting
Registration for the post conference workshop is FREE No refund after two weeks before the meeting Confirmed
for conference attendees If you will be attending please registrants who fail to attend and do not cancel prior to the
sign up during registration meeting will be charged the entire registration fee
Space at each of the workshops is limited Team Discounts per Person
You must pre register to secure your place For a team of three or more registering from the same
company at the same time take 300 off each person s
registration One discount per registration Multiple
discounts may not be combined
www conferenceboard org innovation
2015 The Conference Board Inc All rights reserved
Program subject to change May 2015

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