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a guided fasting program with detoxification in mind. It would be wise to get the details of your diagnosis, do your research, get a second or even a third opinion, and then begin your own effort by doing a Juice Fast. After a couple of months, you could get retested to see if any changes have occurred.

Juice Fasting Detoxification
Jill Ayn Schneider BA LMT Holistic Life Coach See Bio Page 10
Welcome to the holistic world of detoxification Whether you have digestive or elimination
issues headaches skin disorders low immune system fatigue depression cravings for
junk foods weight problems low motivation etc or not everyone who wants to make real
changes needs to level the playing field by firstly paying attention to any and all of these
symptoms and secondly to approach the natural modalities of healing yourself Even if you
have a very serious dis ease and are on medications you could still attempt alternative
practices such as an intermittent or modified fast with my supervision
The basics of most disease begin with Dehydration Exhaustion and Malnutrition It
seems to make common sense that eating better drinking good water and ingesting non
genetically modified fruits and vegetables sleeping soundly 6 8 hours a night and taking
supplemental vitamins and minerals from organic fresh raw sources would be an excellent
way to support the body in order to move toward a life lessening these symptoms of any
dis eases
This miracle called our human body will inherently make corrections and revert this
amazing body back to a better state of health By intuitively motivating yourself to live with
this understanding would be in my opinion the best preventive route to take
If you have been diagnosed with a dis ease it would initially be quite practical to attempt
a guided fasting program with detoxification in mind It would be wise to get the details of
your diagnosis do your research get a second or even a third opinion and then begin
your own effort by doing a Juice Fast After a couple of months you could get retested to
see if any changes have occurred
How can a 5 day Juice Fast can upgrade your health
Improve Digestion
Purify your Body of toxic substances
Increase vital energy nutritionally
Shift Negative Habits Easily
Reduce CRAVINGS For Devitalized Food
Use Inspiring Elements From Nature
Enhance the Intelligence of the Entire Body and Mind
Improve Your Immune System functioning
Balance Weight Issues
My Journey of Self Healing
I healed myself of Malignant Cervical Cancer in 1975 I used a Macrobiotic protocol
Acupuncture Herbs and quit my stressful job to travel in Venezuela and Peru for 6
months Learn more at www circle of life net for the full story
I was totally unfamiliar with the concept and philosophy of Juice Fasting until 1980 at the
age of 35 while living in a shared communal home with a family of friends in Gainesville
FL We all began to read books by Dr Norman Walker my favorite health educator who
lived until 109 and invented the juicer He had a very special way of introducing us to
clean living Then there was Professor Arnold Ehret who was a German health
educator and author of several books on diet detoxification fruitarianism fasting food
combining health longevity naturopathy physical culture and vitalism He was born in
1866 and died in 1922 from a head injury Dr Bernard Jensen very famous for revealing
the reality of what we store in our colon Paavo Airola who took complicated subjects
and boiled them down to small books on many di erent health topics
In my earlier career I was a teacher for young children I was always fascinated by
learning and watching children enjoy the process I was not a great student in high
school until I found a subject that I could align myself with Then I went full throttle on
learning everything I could about that particular subject Health is a subject that can t be
boxed into just Science That s the biggest mistake going on in our healthcare system
Most of what is called Science is created by the pharmaceutical industry to make money
Some Basics
Like the Earth we made up of 70 water Water is essential for all of our bodily functions
Blood lymph cellular materials are all dependent on water Eating foods that have not
only no nutritional value but contain toxic chemicals doesn t sound like an intelligent way
to live Toxic chemicals which the body needs to store in some fashion forces the body
to work way too hard
Learn about the chemicals that have invaded our food supply
https www eatthis com chemicals in food
The physical symptoms of poor health could also have a deeper cause in the emotional
realm which will wreak havoc on the gut and other organs The emotional fabric shows
itself during this detoxification process giving you the opportunity to explore and address
those feelings and thoughts as well If you really make this a reflective time you will feel a
shift taking place as your body releases toxic materials I remember during my first fast
with juices I noticed that my tongue tasted like metal and it was numb I could only figure
out that 3 years earlier I had had a C section where I was given anesthesia It would
have stayed in my body for years and years if I hadn t learned about fasting
You might think that it s gross to be pooping and peeing much of the day but really the
benefits are impressive Fasting encourages the body to release what it does t need Not
a pretty picture but an amazing outcome There is no better way to give your body a
complete immune system re boot than a simple 5 7 day juice fast I ve fasted for up to 21
days many years ago Presently I m a lightweight and vegetarian vegan so it doesn t
have to be more than 5 days in the present healthy stage of my life at 73
Focusing on the liquids of organic fruits and vegetables which are highly infused with
their own vitamins and minerals you will also be also getting living enzymes which all
raw foods contain needed to digest and assimilate the benefits of that juice
https www foodenzymeinstitute com content Why Food Enzymes are
Important aspx
Food enzymes occur in raw food and when present in the diet begin the
process of digestion Digestive enzymes produced by the body to break food
into particles small enough to be carried across the gut wall
Physiologically while you are fasting you are giving your body a tremendous opportunity
to detoxify and release many unnecessary toxins viruses bacteria fungus and more
Because you are not putting solid food in the body doesn t need to expend the energy of
digestion Instead the body is in a new mode of detoxification It now has the supreme
job of being the garbage collector and making sure it gets toxic debris out of your body
as quickly and productively as possible
I wouldn t recommend that you start a fast straight away There will have to be some
preparation of eating light nutritious food for a couple of weeks or even months
beginning to make juices and putting together a plan to take 5 days o from your regular
busy schedule Here is the opportunity to get quiet drink only juices carve out time to
rest exercise breathe deeply do yoga shop for best fresh ingredients and prepare the
juices or get organic juices prepared by a local juice bar to be picked up every two days
One of my most successful clients began to make changes about a month before she
came to a group retreat of mine She had already cleaned up her kitchen set up her juicer
and purchased a Vita Mix so that when she returned home she kept on eating mostly
raw drinking juices and smoothies and having one moderate meal per day of solid foods
For best results before joining any cleansing program practice a Pre Fast Program for at
least a week preferably two This will put your body in a readiness mode to easily accept
less food
Some Practical Suggestions for Preparation
During the Pre Fast drink two raw organic vegetable based juices a day you may drink
as much as you like The more juices you drink the more full you will feel and the more
nutrition you will be putting into your body Cravings will lessen Water is a critical addition
to the cleansing process but try to drink pure water 15 minutes before or after meals not
cold Limit snacks to fruits nuts and seeds chewed well When I healed myself of cancer
Macrobiotics Great Life was the protocol to which I adhered Vegan brown rice
seaweeds and other vegetables and light on the fruit I was told to chew 50 100 times
each bite
Eating less bulk but more powerful food will be the goal after the fast so beginning to do
that now will make it easier on your body and on your mind Good luck
Breaking the Fast
Breaking the fast is critical and should be done very slowly eating mostly fruit steamed or
raw leafy vegetables and Green Smoothies for the first few days and beyond LESS IS
BEST Chewing becomes the exercise to focus on when you break a fast
After a couple of days you can look at these foods for the first week
Steamed or saut ed veggies
smoothies juices herb teas wraps with a salad inside and good dressings
bean soup with sliced avocado
fruit and nut smoothies soak nuts super foods like Spirulina Moringa etc
Second Week
veggie burgers leftovers mixed with nut butters formed into patties and baked in a
toaster oven
baked sweet potatoes can be blended into a soup with pumpkin seeds
salads and humus with whole grain crackers
brown rice or quinoa and beans
Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as your body can handle 70 raw and 30
cooked is a good guideline for most people If your digestion is very weak you may need
to eat more steamed or baked vegetables
Article from the UK about the Power of Fasting on the Immune System
I like to think of the Pre fast as a follow up Post fast as well Remember that after a fast
your stomach has shrunk You will fill up faster so with that said you must stay connected
to how you feel in order to learn how to treat your body better After a 5 day fast you need
to take a week of being super careful to not overeat and over stretch your stomach Your
stomach and entire digestive system will be brand new sensitive for sure
You will probably come to the conclusion that you don t need as much food as you did
before the fast You are finally having a relationship with your own body This conscious
way of eating especially by the amazing energy that you feel after this fast needs to be
repeated once or twice a year

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