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Contents Foreword by C. Peter Wagner.....ix Preface by Reverend Claudio Freidzon ...

Listen to Me Satan by Carlos Annacondia
Published by Creation House
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Lake Mary Florida 32746
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This book or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form stored in a
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Unless otherwise noted all Scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible New
International Version Copyright 1973 1978 1984 International Bible
Society Used by permission
Scripture quotations marked kjv are from the King James Version of the Bible
Copyright 1998 by Carlos Annacondia
All rights reserved
Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data
Annacondia Carlos 1944
Oime Bien Satanas English
Listen to me Satan Carlos Annacondia with Gisela Sawin
translated by Sylvia Cudich
ISBN 0 88419 524 4 pbk
1 Annacondia Carlos 1944 2 Evangelists Argentina 3
Spiritual life 4 Miracles I Sawin Gisela II Tide
BV3785A64A3 1998
269 2 092 dc21
B 98 21052
Previously published as Oime Bien Satanas
by Betania un sello de Editorial Caribe 1997
ISBN 0 88113 438 4
89012345 BBG 8765432
Printed in the United States of America
I dedicate this book to my Lord and Father to Jesus Christ and
to the Holy Spirit the only author of these pages
to my loving wife Maria my helpmate and mother of my nine
children together we bear the load or burden of the ministry
to my mother for her faithful prayers
to Pastor Manuel A Ruiz of Panama who reached me with the
gospel message Pastors Jorge Gomelsky and Pedro Ibarra who
in different stages of our Christian walk God used to strengthen
our lives in Christ
I especially dedicate this to all who have a passion for lost souls
and have a desire for God to use them I pray the Lord uses this
book as an instrument of inspiration for those people
I would like to thank the coworkers in the ministry Mensaje de
Salvacion Message of Salvation
the pastors who day after day support our crusades
the intercessors
all those who support the ministry with their gifts so we can
continue winning souls for Christ
and I also want to thank those who filled the pages of this book
with their testimonies
Foreword by C Peter Wagner ix
Preface by Reverend Claudio Freidzon xiii
Introduction xvii
1 God s Call 21
2 Anointing in the Ministry 39
3 Authority Through Faith 55
4 Demonology 101 67
5 Demonology 102 81
6 The Demonized 91
7 Spiritual Deliverance 103
8 The Dangers of the Occult 119
9 The Power of Forgiveness 129
10 Baptism in the Holy Spirit 139
11 Spiritual Covering 151
12 Spiritual Warfare 101 161
13 Spiritual Warfare 102 173
14 The Healing Touch 183
15 The World for Christ 201
Conclusion 211
Appendix A An Example to Imitate and Follow by Pastor Norberto O
Carlini 213
Appendix B Compassion for the Tormented Souls by Pastor Alberto
Oscar Burkardt 217
Foreword by C Peter Wagner
T HE AMAZING Argentine Revival at this writing is finishing its
fifteenth year This is quite notable because even the most
famous revivals like the Azusa Street Revival the Welsh
Revival or the Great Awakening lasted only a couple of years
It is true that the long term effects the afterglow of some lasted
much longer but the revival fire itself was relatively short lived
Carlos Annacondia is the most visible and most widely
recognized apostle of the Argentine Revival He is joined by
other outstanding servants of God such as Omar Cabrera
Claudio Freidzon Pablo Deiros Edgardo Silvoso Pablo Bottari
Eduardo Lorenzo and more recently Sergio Scataglini The
consensus is that the revival was sparked when Carlos
Annacondia began his public evangelistic ministry in 1982
The widespread outpouring of the Holy Spirit that we have
been praying for seems right around the corner Never before
have so many Christians been talking about revival preaching
about revival offering courses and seminars on revival and
writing books and articles on revival
Make no mistake about it Listen to Me Satan may well be
regarded by future historians as one of the most important if not
the most important book of the revival literature of the 1990s I am
Listen to Me Satan
thrilled that it is now available in English
Carlos and I have been friends for years I have participated
in his campaigns ministered to his staff traveled with him
translated for him prayed with him talked and written about
him and eaten Argentine beefsteak with him There is no
Christian leader whom I respect more If there is ever any such
thing as an Evangelists Hall of Fame Annacondia will be right
there along with Billy Graham Morris Cerullo T L Osborn
Reinhard Bonnke and the like The only reason why we have not
heard more about him in America as yet is that he is not fluent in
My research has shown that the principal reasons why the
Argentine Revival has lasted more than most revivals all relate
to Annacondia Annacondia has kept evangelism winning lost
souls as the central focus for fifteen years He has insisted on
evangelical unity wherever he has gone and he has seen it
happen Many cities in Argentina divide their recent history as
before Annacondia and after Annacondia Furthermore he
has knit his heart together with the other leaders or apostles of
the Argentine Revival overcoming the jealousy indifference
competitiveness bitterness and divisions that has characterized
so many similar movements
No factor about the Argentine Revival is more significant
than taking seriously the demonic forces that attempt to throttle
evangelism and to quench revival The tide of this book is Carlos
Annacondia s signature war cry Listen to Me Satan As I have seen
with my own eyes when he shouts this out in his public
meetings literally all hell breaks loose Demons manifest and
the demonized victims are immediately taken out and
ministered to one on one sometimes through most of the night
by trained deliverance counselors
This clears the air for the harvest When Carlos gives the
invitation men and women from all levels of society actually run
up front to get saved It is no eyes closed and heads bowed and
let s sing another verse of Just As I Am scenario as most of us
are used to It is a free for all frequently with shoving and
pushing to get here first So far more than two million have
reached the front been saved and have moved from darkness to
light from the power of Satan to God
As you read this book you will feel like you are there My
prayer is that God will move you to say Lord I want to
recommit myself to do my part for this kind of revival to come to
my city and to my nation
C Peter Wagner
Fuller Theological Seminary
Preface by Reverend Claudio Freidzon
I Tis A great privilege for me to introduce this new book by
evangelist Carlos Annacondia As a fellow countryman I feel
proud that Carlos with his impeccable and crystal clear
testimony is an Argentinean ambassador that represents us so
excellently all over the world
Since 1983 until now his ministry has continued to grow and
be effective for the kingdom of God by winning souls for Christ
and mobilizing the church in pursuit of the Great Commission
In the eighties God raised Brother Carlos to be the
spokesman of the message of salvation to a downhearted people
defeated in their pride He was the instrument chosen by God for
a revival that shook all of Argentina His faithfulness his
devotion and his faith in signs and miracles produced an
awakening in the church toward evangelization Believers came
out of their buildings with renewed enthusiasm to announce the
Good News signaling a new time for our country Today his
ministry extends over all the nations of the world
I met Carlos Annacondia in 1983 At that time I was a
professor of theology in the Instituto Biblico Rio de la Plata Bible Institute
of the Rio de la Plata the seminary of the Assemblies of God in
Argentina Through my students I found out about the
Listen to Me Satan
evangelistic crusade taking place in the city of La Plata located
fifty kilometers from Buenos Aires The evangelist was Carlos
Annacondia who was at that point starting his evangelistic
ministry and whom I still didn t know The remarks of those of
students who were helping in that crusade caught my attention
What s happening is extraordinary every night thousands of
people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and the power of
deliverance is so strong that we need to stay until very late at
night praying for the demonized they said I then immediately
decided I need to meet this man
That evening I went to the location of the crusade in La
Plata My students report was surpassed by the reality before
my eyes A crowd surrounded the platform and I could sense an
atmosphere of great expectation When the service began the
evangelist went up on the platform with his Bible in hand As
soon as he started talking I felt the strong anointing of the Holy
Spirit Then came the prayer It wasn t just any prayer it had
authority and seemed to electrify the atmosphere LISTEN TO
ME SATAN were the words that initiated the confrontation
From then on in the name of Jesus Brother Carlos directly
rebuked all the powers and demons that could be affecting the
It didn t take long for the prayer to have an effect A lot of
people fell down with loud shrieks trembling and showing
external manifestations that indicated spiritual problems in their
lives There were hundreds The assistants carried some away to
take care of them in a special place The authority of Jesus was
revealed there in an amazing way Then came the preaching
And when Brother Annacondia gave the evangelistic call with a
love that could only come from on high the people started to run
toward the platform They were asking for their salvation with
tears in their eyes I left that place moved in my spirit with a
new vision burning in my heart
In good time we established a deep friendship We started
to meet together every Thursday with other pastors to pray and
share our burden for the lost I remember times in which we
would put a map of Argentina right in the center of our group
and ask God for a revival in every corner of the country Those
were indescribable moments of spiritual liveliness
Carlos Annacondia is a man of God His testimony of
humility and love for souls is evident to all who meet him It s
impossible to be with him and not talk about God s work and
our love for the lost
This book will awaken you spiritually The signs that
accompany those who believe will become a reality in your life
when you take hold of the authority given to you by God
Brother Carlos knows these subjects as very few people do They
are part of his experience and he teaches them with authority
Carlos Annacondia s ministry has challenged my life as a
pastor All those nights at the crusade filled my heart with their
atmosphere of faith and miracles I sincerely desire that the same
will happen to you Through this book may you receive the
burden and the power to be a faithful and victorious witness
Claudio J Freidzon
Pastor of Rey de Reyes King of Kings Church
Buenos Aires Argentina

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