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Useful Calculation sheets (excel and mathcad files) for Design ofAbove Ground Storage TanksIf you are intrested to order following files pls send your request to [email protected] price for this collection is 50 US Item noTitleFiletype1API 650- Storage Tank Design CalculationExcel2Floating roof Storage Tank design as per API 650 including bleeder vent, roofdrain and wight calculationexcel3ِDesign of steel storage tanks- fixed roof with and without columnexcel4Design Calculasion for fixed cone roof storage tanksExcel5Foundation design of storage tanksExcel6Seismiac base shear and overturning moment calculation for storage tanksExcel7Dike Design for tank farm areaExcel8Cathodic Protection design calculations for fuel storage tanksexcel9API 650 Base Plate DesignMathcad10API 650 Pipe Column DesignMathcad11API 650 Rafter DesignMathcad12API 650 Bleeder Vent DesignMathcad13API 650 Internal Floating Roof DesignMathcad14Shell Defelection and rotation due to nozzele forcessexcel15Basis for nozzle tank load checkExcel16Tank Pressure and Vacuum Protection calculationexcel17Tank heat loss calculationexcel18Material properties as per ASME III.1excelFIRST PAGE OF EACH CALCULATION FILES ARE AS BELOW:

Design of Storage TanksTank SizingTank design for Int.PressureWind AnalysisSeismic AnalysisTank design for External PressureWeight CalculationOutPutFoundation loadingsSuggestion/Comments

Linde Engineering India Pvt.ltdProject :Tank No:Date :Design of Storage Tanks:Prepared:Checked:Approved:thAPI 650 11 Ed,June 2007,Add-2 Nov 2009Design Input DataPPexTiDesign Int.pressure above atmEJoint efficiencyDH2HHtVnom30.0 ºC0.8522.0 mTank inside diameter16.0 mHeight of tank shell16.000 mMaximum design liquid level16.000 mTest Liquid Level6082 m³Nominal capacity6082 m³VnetGSpecific gravity of the liquidCA47.00 ºCWorking temperatureWorking capacityGins65.00 ºCDesign Internal temperatureTesolutionStored liquid0.718Specific gravity of Insulation materialCorrosion allowance for shellCAbCorrosion allowance for bottomCArthinsInsulation thicknessW1W2W3W4W5W6W7W8W90.281.5 mm0.0 mm0.5 mmCorrosion allowance for roofMaterials0.0 mmSh ll PlatePl tShellIS2062G BIS2062GrBRoof PlateIS2062GrBBottom PlateIS2062GrBTop Angle/StiffnersIS2062GrBShell Course NumbersWidth of 1st shell courseWidthWidthWidthWidthWidthWidthWidthWidthPath : X:\HELP\excelofofofofofofofof2nd shell course3rd shell course4th shell course5th shell course6th shell course7th shell course8th shell course9th shell course( 0 mmWC )0.00 kPa [Tank need not be designed for Ext.Press]Design External pressureDesign External temperature0.0 kPa ( 0 psi )Shell courses detailsBottomPage 3 of 121Yield Stres: 250 MPaTensile Stress : 410 MPaYield Stress : 250 MPaTensile Stress : 410 MPaYield Stress : 250 MPaTensile Stress : 410 MPaYield Stress : 250 MPaTensile Stress : 410 MPa8 Nºs2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm Okay0 mmDevlpoed By:Manish Maheta

STORAGE TANK DESIGN CALCULATION - API 6501 .01 .111 .221 .331 .4DESIGN CODE & SPECIFICATIONDESIGN CODE: API 650 11th EditionTANKItemte numberu bbeRoof ( Open/Close )Typ off rooff ( CTypeCone-rooff / DDome-rooff / FlFlat-rooftf / NA ): 7061T-3901706 390: Close: FloatingFl ti g RRooffGEOMETRIC DATAInside diameter , Di ( corroded ) (@39,000mm )Nominal diameterdiameter, Dn ( new ) ( based on 1st shell course )N i l diNominaldiameter,t , DcD ( corrodedd d ) ( basedb d on 1st1 t shellh ll course )Tank height (tan/tan), HSpecific gravity of operating liquid , SS.G.G (Actual)Specific gravity of operating liquid , S.G. (Design)Nominal capacity , VM iMaximumddesignig liliquidq id llevel,l, HL 39,00639 02839,02839,03139,03120,7000 7900.7901.002473620,70020,700(Atmospheric) 0.000 000.0070-17PRESSURE & TEMPERATUREDesign pressure: Upper , Pu: Lower , PlDesignesig tetemperaturepe atu e: UppeUpper , Tuu: Lower , TlMATERIAL & MECHANICAL PROPERTIESComponentPLATESh ll PlShellPlatet( Mat'lM t'l CCoded # 1 ) ((b(bot)t))( MatMat'll Code # 2 ) (top)Annular PlateBottom PlateRoof PlateSTRUCTURE MEMBERSRoof structure (rafter,bracing,etc(rafter bracing etc )T CurbTopC b AngleA lIntermediate Wind GirderMaterialTensileStressS( /St(N/mm²)²))YieldStressSy(( /Sy(N/mm²)²))CorrosionAllowancec.a.(mm)()A 516 GR.GR 65NA 516 GR. 65NA 516 GR.GR 65NA 516 GR. 65NA 516 GR.GR 65N448.0044800448.00448 00448.00448.00448 00448.00241.0024100241.00241 00241.00241.00241 00241.003.00030003.0003 0003.0003.0003 0003.000A 516 GR.GR 65NA 516 GR.GR 65NA 516 GR. 65N448.0044800448 00448.00448.00241.0024100241 00241.00241.003.003003 003.003.001of14mmmmmmmmm³mmmbargmbarg Vac CC CC

DESIGN OF STEEL STORAGE TANKS AS PER API-650SELF-SUPPORTED CONE ROOFDESIGN DATAServiceCapacityType of tankDia of tank (feet)Height of tank (feet)Slope of roofSlope of bottomHSD SERVICE21 KLSelf Supported Cone Roof10.0049.5121:5Flat BottomAllowable Design StAllowable Test StreSpecific Gravity of LCorrosion AllowancePlate DataPlate width (meter)Plate height (meter)Den. of mat. (Kg/m3)2.43901.21957850INPUTOUTPUTSHELLCourse #fb ttfrombottomof tank123Note:Course #from bottomof tankLiq. heighti ttankkin(H)ftHeight 76mmBy one foot method. See secon page 3-7 of API - 6Design shellDesign shellthi kthi 3.2113.1123.013According to sec. min. thk.of tank of dia. 50ft should be 3/16 inches (4# of fullplates inshell percourseSize of full platein each course(Width)(Height)mmmm1of40# of partialplates inshell percourse


1) DESIGN DATADesign CodeClient's Specs.FluidMaterial::::Density of contentsDLSpecific gravity of contentsMaterial's yield strengthGdyAPI 650, 10th Edition, Add.4 2005, Appendix F32-SAMSS-005, BD-407062 Rev.00CFIRE / UTILITY / WASH WATER TANKSA-516 Gr 1004.9 1.0049260MPaAPI 650 Table-3.2Design TemperatureInternal PressureExternal PressureHigh Liquid LevelTPiPeHl 710.7470.2458.560oDesign Liquid LevelHL 9.000mAllowable Design Stress at Design Temp.Sd 173.00MPaAPI 650 Table-3.2St 195.00MPaAPI 650 DoDi DH 13.5089.000mmWrWsWcVFyLr Pa KpaAllowable Test Stress for Hydrostatic Test ConditionCorrosion allowanceBottomShellRoofRoof Supporting StructureSlope of Tank RoofOutside dia. of tankInside dia of tankNominal dia. of tankHeight of ShellWeight of roof attachments(platform, handrail, nozzles, etc.)Weight of attachments (pipe clips, nozzles, etc.)Weight of curb AngleDesign Wind VelocityYield Strength of Steel StructureLive Load on roof3of13CKpaKpam 03.01.0inch of waterinch of water1:6mm 44.32 ft36.26 KsiAPI 650 Sec. 3.2.1d

CALCULATIONCALCULATION FOR TANK FOUNDATION4-Document-4.1-TK-1601Oily Water Retention TanksConcrete Ring Wall FoundationItem 01Refer to Dwg.No.Refer to G.A Dwg No.LOADING DATAFOUNDATION LOADINGWEIGHT SUMMARY4.2-: DL: LL: WO: Wh: FW: RW: MW: FS: RS: MSDead Load, Shell, Roof, & Ext.Structure LoadsLive LoadUniform Load, Operating ConditionUniform Load, Hydrotest LoadBase Shear due to WindReaction due to WindMoment Due to WindBase Shear due to Seismic LoadReaction due to Seismic LoadMoment Due to Seismic 64492.39kN/mkN/mkN/m2kN/m2kNkN/mkN-mkNkN/mkN-mTANK DATA-Diameter of Tank D Bolt Center Dia BCD 9.0009.174mm-Height of Tank HT 12.000m4202824.0078.4018.0010.00MPaMPa4.3-MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONSfyfc'γ Concreteγ Steelγ Soilγ Water4.4-kN/m3kN/m3kN/m3kN/m3SOIL CONDITIONNet Soil Bearing Capacity of AreaIn normal operations250Coefficient of Lateral Soil PressureAngle of Internal FrictionActive soil pressure coefficientAt rest soil pressure coefficientPassive soil pressure coefficientCoefficient of friction4.5-φ Ka tan² (45 - φ/2)Ko 1 - sinφKp tan² (45 φ/2)μ kPa300.330.503.000.50FOUNDATION OUTLINE-Top of RingwallBottom of RingwallUnit ElevationEL EL EL 100.30097.000100.000mmmbEL 100.300 mDODh1Didfh2EL 97.000 m-Width of Ring wallHeight of RingwallSoil CoverProjectionb df h2 h1 1.003.303.000.30mmmm-Footing Outer DiaFooting Inner DiaDo BCD bDi BCD - b10.178.17mm1of8

"IBC2006E.xls" ProgramVersion 1.3SEISMIC BASE SHEAR AND OVERTURNING MOMENTJob Name:Job Number:Per IBC 2006 and ASCE 7-05 SpecificationsFor Ground Supported Vertical Cylindrical Tanks, Vessels, and StacksSubject:Originator:Checker:Input Data:Occupancy Category Importance Factor, I Soil Site Class Location Zip Code Spectral Accel., SS Spectral Accel., S1 Long, Trans. Period, TL Tank/Vessel Height, h Tank/Vessel Diameter, d Wall Thickness, t Tank Mat'l. Unit Wt., ρt Tank Elastic Modulus, E Roof Weight, Wr Shell Weight, Ws Bottom Weight, Wb Contents Unit Weight, ρc Height of Contents, hp Contents Weight, Wp Liquid Contents?Structural System 00015.0043.2510.8262.4025.0001098.11Yes7aIBC 2006, Table 1604.5, page 281ASCE 7-05 Table 11.5-1, page 116IBC 2006 Table 1613.5.2, page 303dFASCE 7-05 Figures 22-1 to 22-14ASCE 7-05 Figures 22-2 to 22-14sec. ASCE 7 Fig's. 22-15 to 22-20Wh2*h/3ft.ft.Vin.pcfksikipsV Cs*WkipskipsSeismic Base Shearpcfft.kipsFlat bottom, ground supported tanks - steel or fiberreinforced - mechanically anchored (ASCE 7-05 Table15.4-2)Results:Site Coefficients:Fa Fv 1.5182.375IBC 2006 Table 1613.5.3(1), page 304IBC 2006 Table 1613.5.3(2), page 304Maximum Spectral Response Accelerations for Short and 1-Second Periods:SMS 0.535SMS Fa*SSS, IBC 2006 Eqn. 1637, page 30316-37,SM1 0.252SM1 Fv*S1, IBC 2006 Eqn. 16-38, page 303Design Spectral Response Accelerations for Short and 1-Second Periods :SDS 0.357SDS 2*SMS/3, IBC 2006 Eqn. 16-39, page 304SD1 0.168SD1 2*SM1/3, IBC 2006 Eqn. 16-40, page 304Seismic Design Category:Category(for SDS) Category(for SD1) Use Category DDDIBC 2006 Table 1613.5.6(1), page 306IBC 2006 Table 1613.5.6(2), page 306Most critical of either category case above controlsFundamental Period:T Rigid or Flexible?0.047Rigidsec.,T 0.00000765*(h/d) 2*(W*1000/h*d/(t/12)) (1/2)Criteria: If T 0.06, then Rigid, else if T 0.06, then FlexibleSeismic Design Coefficients and Factors:Response Mod. Coef., R 3ASCE 7-05 Table 15.4-2, page 1632ASCE 7-05 Table 15.4-2, page 163Overstrength Factor, Ωo Defl. Amplif. Factor, Cd 2.5ASCE 7-05 Table 15.4-2, page 163(continued:)1 of 22013/04/28 04:04 ﻋﺼﺮ

Tank and Dike Work BookInstructions and Notes1Purpose: This Excel Work Book was created to assist the Plant Layout Designer with a task that can becomplicated, filled with potential error and take a lot of time. The goal is to reduce costs by reducing time andimproving quality.2Application: This Work Book can be used for single tank within a single containment area or can be used formultiple tanks within a single containment area.345Contents: There are five (5) sheets included. Sheet "1 (this sheet) is the instructions and Notes. Sheet #2 is alist of some of the most common API Storage Tank sizes . Space is included so the user can record other sizesconsistent with project specific requirements . Sheet #3 is the work sheet for the Single Tank application. Sheet#4 is the work Sheet for the multiple tank application . Sheet #5 is a two page work sheet: Page 1 is for the DikeDetail and page 2 is for the Tank Pad Detail.Tank Data: A) Collect a list of Tanks for the Project . This list must include the sizes (in Barrels), the Tank Typesand the Commodities. B) Determine if there is a Local or Client imposed Code that defines Grouping orseparation of Tank types or Commodities. If there are Tanks on the project list that are not included on Sheet #2then add them in the "Yellow" spaces provided and in this case only hit "Save".Civil/Structural Data: Meet with the appropriate Civil/Structural Group and have them define preliminaryguidelines for A) the Angle of Repose of the material to be used for the Dikes (Berms, Bungs, etc.), therecommended maximum height of the Dikes and for B) The proposed approach to Tank Pad profiles (Height andconfiguration).6The Task: Add the Dike Height and Angle of Repose data into Page 1 of Sheet #5. Add the Tank Pad heightData to Page 2 of Sheet #57For Single Tank Installation: Use Sheet #3. Enter all the data required (and Optional) Data in the "Yellow" userentry boxes. The Form and the built-in formulas will do the work for you.89For Multiple Tank Installation: Use Sheet #4. Enter all the data required (and Optional) Data in the "Yellow"user entry boxes. The Form and the built-in formulas will do most of the work for you. With this grouping youmust select and enter a choice for the "Width" of the Containment Area. This is a "Trial and Error" method untilyou get the shape that fits the project needs .Quitting and Closing: It is recommended that before closing the program that Copies of all Sheets be printedout for all Tank configurations completed. When closing the program do not save the data. This will allow you tostart with a clean Work Book for the next Tank configuration.Note: Each Sheet of this Work Book is Password protected. In order to make a change to a "cell" that is not"Yellow" the Sheet must be "unprotected" using the password. This Password will be furnished onrequest.

Tank & Dike Calculation Sheet #1The user only fills in data in the approprate "Yellow" boxes. No. 1,2, 3, 4, 5 are optional, 6, 7, 8, 9 are required.The Answeris at #10Single Tank in Single Dike Area#3 By#4 Date#7 Diameter#5 Height (Information only)#2 Tank NumberA#1 Project CapacityBarrelsBGallons (US)Gallons (UK)0#6See Note @ #10Cubic Feet0Volume (110%)Cubic Yards0Cubic Meters0FeetMetersFeetMeters000Minimum Toe of Dike to Crown of Dike if Dike area issquare (North/South direction)#DIV/0!Feet#DIV/0!MetersSee Note @ #10(Same in East/West direction)Tank Diameter -0Tank Diameter -0.0Feet Meters15 ft or 5m Min.Go to Sheet #5for Dike Details#815 ft or 5m Min.Effective Tank Pad Diameter#96 FeetFeet2.0 MetersPad HeightDike Height0Feet0MetersGo to Sheet #5 forPad DetailsMetersDike Containment AreaTank PadPad Volume0.00Cubic Feet0.00Cubic MetersTotal Volume Required (*)Minimum Dikesurface areaMin. Req'dLength/Width#100#DIV/0!#DIV/0!Feet0(*) Total Volume requiredincludes Tank contents plusPad displacement volume.#DIV/0!#DIV/0!MetersNote: For Total OutsideToe to Outside To

STORAGE TANK DESIGN CALCULATION - API 650 1of14 1 .0 DESIGN CODE & SPECIFICATION DESIGN CODE : APIAPI 650 11th Edition 1 .1 TANK Item numberte u beb : 7061706T-3901390 Roof ( Open/Close ) : Close T f f(C f/D f/Fl t f/NA)Type of roof ( Cone-roof / Dome-roof / Flat-roof / NA )yp ( ) : Fl ti R fFloating Roofg 1 .2 GEOMETRIC DATA Inside diameter , Di ( corroded ) (@ 39,000 mm ) = 39,006 mm Nominal ...