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Workshop IntroductionIntroductionRing is a leading supplier of vehicle lighting, auto electrical and workshop products and has been supporting theautomotive aftermarket for more than 40 years, supplying innovative products and a range synonymous withperformance and quality. Bulb technology is at the heart of the Ring business, which is supported by unique producttesting facilities.As one of the first companies to produce a halogen auto lamp to put 100% more light on the road and as pioneersof LED inspection lamps for garages and workshops, Ring has a rich heritage and a strong reputation in automotivelighting.Today we are still at the forefront of innovation using the latest COB LED technology in our range of award winninginspection lamps.As well as leading the way in garage lighting we have used our knowledge of vehicle electrics to develop a range ofaward winning professional battery maintenance equipment.The Ring professional battery maintenance range including battery chargers, smart chargers, analysers, load testersand battery accessories have been designed for use by professionals in the most demanding environments and offerone of the most comprehensive battery maintenance programmes available.Please take a moment to view our website where you will find details of our latest productdevelopments and the full Ring product range.2Ring Automotive Limited 44 (0)113 213 7389 44 (0)113 231 0266

Inspection ToolsLED Under Bonnet Lamp4LED Inspection Lamps and Torches12Al5 LED Inspection Lamps6LED Work Lamps14MAGFlex LED Inspection Lamps8Borescopes16Leak Detection Dyes18ERGO LED Inspection

Under Bonnet LED Inspection LampNEWRUBL1000 / REUBL1000Under Bonnet LampAdjustable LED unitsTo direct the light whereit is most neededPadded hooksTo protect paintwork3 x 5w LEDSStep out from the shadowWhen Ring launches a new product we aim to be the best in class.The RUBL/REUBL1000 is the ultimate solution for hands free workingin an engine bay. With three individual, adjustable LED units, light isconstantly provided even if one of the units is obstructed. So users willnever have to contend with working in their own shadow.Providing 1000 lumens oflight outputWhen all three LED units are switched on, the under bonnet lamp has a combined outputof 1000 lumens. However the user can chose between having one, two, or three unitsswitched on at once to adjust the level of light output. Each LED unit has 40 adjustablehead to shine light in the exact part of the engine bay it is required and the lamp as awhole provides a 60 wide angle illumination.4Ring Automotive Limited 44 (0)113 213 7389 44 (0)113 231 0266

Full extendedlength of1.75mCordless and rechargeable the under bonnet lampcan be used both in and out of the workshopenvironment and comes with an AC mains adaptor.It contains a powerful Lithium-ion battery whichgives the lamp an operating time of up to 15 hours(6 hours at full light output) and recharge time ofjust 6.5 hours. When the battery is low the handybattery indicator will illuminate on the front of lamp,alerting the user that recharging is required.7The padded hooks and the extendable arms allowfor the under bonnet lamp to be fitted to a hugevariety of different vehicles including cars, vans and4x4s. When fitted to a vehicle, the main section ofthe lamp can be moved from one side of an enginebay to the other, as well as having the ability toadjust the angle of individual lamps.128345611cm120cmKey12345678Padded HooksPolycarbonate Lens3x 5W COB LED UnitsPower ButtonCharging SocketBattery Indicator40º Adjustable LampsPolycarbonate, ABS andAluminium constructionDurable and sturdyyet lightweightWhat really makes the RUBL/REUBL1000 standout from the crowd is its lightweight construction,making it extremely portable and easy to mount.Constructed from Polycarbonate, ABS andAluminium, as well as being lightweight it isalso sturdy and durable enough to survive in theworkshop environment.Extendable armsAdjust to fit a variety of vehiclesSliding bar mechanismLamps can be movedto the left and

Aluminium LED Inspection LampsNEWIntegral hanging hookFor mounting within theworkshopRIL5500CRI / REIL5500CRIAl5 Colour MatchInspection LampAluminium andrubber constructionCRI95 LEDCRI COB LEDLife in colourFor perfect colour matchingThe Ring Al5 Colour Match has been designed specifically for autobodyshops to replicate sunlight conditions. This gives technicians theopportunity to tell if paint jobs are accurately matched to the existingcolour. In addition, marks, scratches and other blemishes are clearlyidentified.To create a uniform, wideangle beam patternConcave designTo protect the lensfrom damageAnti-slip gripComfortable forhand held useThe toughened glass optical lens is strong enough to withstand dailyuse within a workshop environment. Combined with the concavedesign of the lamp the lens is protected from damage and scratchingwhich over time can deteriorate the light output of a lamp.6Ring Automotive LimitedToughened glassoptical lens205mmThe CRI of a light source is a quantitative measure ofits ability to reproduce the colours of various objectsfaithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural lightsource. To put it simply, CRI (Colour Rendering Index)is a measure of a light source’s ability to show objectcolours “realistically” or “naturally” compared to afamiliar reference source, either incandescent lightor sunlight.Durable for everyday use 44 (0)113 213 7389Magnetic base andadjustable handleFor hands free working 44 (0)113 231 0266

NEWRIL5500HP / REIL5500HPAl5 Inspection LampReassuringly strong,surprisingly lightweightIntegral hanging hookFor mounting within theworkshopConstructed from aluminium and rubberthe Al5 is tough, strong yet surprisinglylightweight making it an ideal handheldinspection tool.As well as being lightweight, it has an ergonomicallydesigned grip making it comfortable to hold.An integral magnet, hanging hook and adjustablehandle mean the Al5 can also be used hands free.Aluminium andrubber constructionDurable for everyday useCOB LEDToughened glassoptical lensProviding 430 lumensof light outputTo create a uniform, wideangle beam patternConcave design205mmTo protect the lensfrom damageLithium ion batteryFor fast and consistentrechargingAnti-slip gripComfortable forhand held useMagnetic base andadjustable handleFor hands free

MAGflex LED Inspection LampsHigh power LEDtorch functionProviding powerfuldirectional lightRIL3600HP / REIL3600HPMAGflexTwist360ºInspection lamps are essential tools which providethe user with a consistent and flexible light sourcefor working in most environments. The MAGflexrange is designed for hands free usage, providing theability to position light where it is required withoutany fuss.The MAGflex range are all rechargeable and cordless containingLithium-ion batteries for faster, consistent recharging. In addition all3 models feature a ratchet mechanism, magnet and integral hanginghooks to allow for multi-positioning and directional light for totallyhands free working.360º TwistingmechanismTwist the light to whereyou need it and reacheven the darkest cornersof the engine bayCOB LED240mmGo hands-freeProviding a wideangle light output of250 lumens180º180º ratchetingAdjust the angle ofthe light sourceTwist it your wayThe MAGflex Twist is constructed with strong, robustpolycarbonate and ABS for durability. Its key feature, apositioning mechanism allows the lamp to rotate 360º as wellas 180º ratcheting. An integral magnet and hook provide atotally hands free working experience.8Ring Automotive Limited 44 (0)113 213 7389 44 (0)113 231 0266

RIL3100HP / REIL3100HPHigh power LEDtorch functionMAGflexUVProviding powerfuldirectional lightLeak detection and inspectionMAGflex UV incorporates a high power LED torchfunction and 6 x LED UV lamp which will detectfluorescent dyes used to detect leaks.Strip LED technology provides the MAGflex UV with a light output of440 lumens.This is the best light output from a hand-held Ring Inspection Lamp,which when combined with the optical lens provides the ultimate wideangle illumination to make working in poorly lit environments easy.Strip LEDWith a light output of440 Lumens180º ratchetingAdjust the angle ofthe light source280mm180ºUV torch function6 LED UV Lamp Function- see page 18 for moreinformationLED torch functionRIL4000 / REIL4000Providing directional lightMAGflexAward winning lampStrip LEDWith a light output of350 Lumens250mmCombined with an optical lens and 180 degree ratcheting functionthe MAGflex provides wide angle illumination precisely where youneed it.180º ratchetingAdjust the angle ofthe light

ERGO LED Inspection LampsThe Ergo range has been designed to be lightweight, ergonomicand tough enough to survive in a workshop or garageenvironment.All three lamps are comfortable to hold, have a robust designand light output from a COB LED to give better light output in theworkshop environment.Rechargeable and cordless the Ergo range all contain Lithiumion batteries for faster, consistent recharging and use a COBLED with precision reflector to give a wide angle light output 3 xbrighter than the equivalent standard LED lamp.COB LEDAs well as being ergonomic all models include a magnet andbelt clip to allow for hands free working and portability.Providing a lightoutput of 250lumensPolycarbonatelensRIL2900HP / REIL2900HPERGORobustFor impact resistance190mmEngineered to surviveThe ERGO Robust has an IK rating of 10, which has beenindependently tested and categorised as virtually indestructible.Such a high rating means its construction is of the higheststandard and more than equipped to withstand the wear and tearthat is inevitable in a workshop or garage environment.Anti-slip gripFor a securecomfortable holdWith anti-slip comfortable grip, magnet and belt clip the ERGOrobust is not only tough but versatile and an essential tool whichcan be relied upon by mechanics.10Ring Automotive LimitedDocking stationScan hereFor fast, simplerechargingTo see how robustthe RIL2900HP is 44 (0)113 213 7389 44 (0)113 231 0266

RIL3200HP / REIL3200HPUV torch functionERGOUV6 LED UV Lamp Function- see page 18 for moreinformationLeak detection and inspectionThe ERGO UV is ideal for detecting leaksand works hand in hand with our rangeof leak detection dyes (see page 18 fordetails).COB LEDProviding a lightoutput of 250 lumensFor impact resistance210mmThis multipurpose lamp also includes emergency lampfunctionality meaning the lamp will automatically switchon if being charged during a power cut, allowing usersto have a source of light when they need it the most.PolycarbonatelensRIL2500HP / REIL2500HPERGOCOB LEDBright, lightweight and comfortableProviding a lightoutput of 250 lumens185mmIdeal for inspections and diagnosing problems it has aCOB LED light output of 250 lumens.Anti-slip gripFor a securecomfortable holdwhen working indifficult

LED Inspection Lamps and TorchesIdeal for detailed inspectionsour range of LED torches forprofessionals are designed to becompact, have long battery life andoutstanding light output ideal fordetailed inspections.3W Cree LED320 lumens of light outputfor clear visibilityAdjustable headstrapwith paddingRIHL2000Mechanic’s Head LampAllows secure fitment for all sizesand comfortable to lie down onwhen working on your back.The ultimate hands-free lamp; an ideal source of light whenworking in tight spots where a traditional lamp may not fit orbe to awkward to use.50ºAdjusts through 50ºTo focus the light on thework areaAluminium constructionTo withstand the toughworkshop working environmentRIL2300 / REIL2300ProfessionalPocket LampPerfect sized lamp to fit in anypocket comfortably, so that youhave a lamp on your personfor quick inspections whenneeded.RechargeableCan be used everyday without theneed for expensivereplacementbatteriesAnti-slip gripFor a securecomfortable holdwhen working indifficult areas4 x AA batteries included12Ring Automotive Limited 44 (0)113 213 7389 44 (0)113 231 0266

RIT310RIT160LED Inspection TorchLED Inspection TorchLED torchProviding 310Lumens of light outputAdjustable focusControl the intensityof the beamLED torchProviding 160Lumens of light outputAdjustable focusAluminiumconstructionControl the intensityof the beamTough andwater resistantAnti-Slip gripMaking it comfortableto holdAluminiumconstructionTough andwater resistantLong life batteryFor up to 40 hours ofconstant light outputAdjustable focusControl the intensityof the beamRIHL100LED Inspection Head TorchLED torchProviding 100Lumens of light outputAdjustablehead strapInfrared sensorFor comfortable handsfree workingFor hands

LED Work LightsSometimes there is a need to light up a wider area. Sites lights provide asource of light to illuminate your total work area without the need for anyother additional lights.All the work lights have a wide angle of light output that has a uniform intensity. They areconstructed using die cast aluminium and tempered glass to withstand a robust workshopenvironment. The LEDs provide a cool operating temperature for comfort and safety.RWL50LED Worklight 50W COBAdjustable head6000k Colour temperatureLight can be directedwhere it is requiredProvides a white light output thatreplicates natural daylight50W COB LEDProvides 3200lumens of light outputfor clear visibility3m CableTo position all arounda car14Ring Automotive Limited 44 (0)113 213 7389 44 (0)113 231 0266

RWL10 / REWL10RWL11 / REWL11LED Worklight 10W COBLED Worklight 10W COBRechargeableRechargeable version of the RWL10 to give you greaterflexibility with no cable restricting the lamps positioning.10W COB LEDProvides 800 lumensof light output forclear visibilityCompact sizeLight and portable forflexible use3m CableTo position all around avehicle, workspace orgarageIncludes 230V ACAC mains chargerand 12V DC charging lead for use as amobile source of light.RWL20 / REWL20LED Worklight 20W COBCordless RechargeableAdjustable head20W COB LEDLight can be directedwhere it is requiredProvides 1800lumens of light outputfor clear visibility5700k colour temperatureProvides a white light output thatreplicates natural

BorescopesTake a closer lookA borescope is an optical device used for inspectingwork in areas which are difficult to reach or areinaccessible, by normal means.The flexible camera probe is able to get between narrow gaps

2 Ring Automotive Limited +44 (0)113 213 7389 +44 (0)113 231 0266 Ring is a leading supplier of vehicle lighting, auto electrical and workshop products and has been supporting the automotive aftermarket for more than 40 years, supplying innovative products and a range synonymous with performance and quality. Bulb technology is at the heart of the Ring business, which is supported by unique ...