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Cold beverages, confectionery and snacksImplementation packNew rangecoming 17July 2019!1

IntroductionThe NHS spends over 13.5 million on cold beverages,confectionery and snacks each and every year. We recentlycompleted a tender enabling us to create a new coldbeverages, confectionery and snacks range.New and exciting productsYou've told us innovation and variety is really important to you. Over thenext few pages you'll find a sample of some of the exciting new productsthat will be available from launch. We've provided rationale and reasoningon why we think each is a great product. Here’s a snippet;The right range for youWe’re committed to providing the NHS with a consumer led rangethat uses market insight to delight customers and patients alike. Andthat’s exactly what we’ve achieved: 2We‘ve built the new range based on your feedback, as well asfollowing consumer insight and market trendsYou told us you needed more innovation from key areas likehealthy snacking, which is why we have added 149 exciting newproducts to the rangeThe new range helps you to deliver on CQUIN. We can assistby providing planograms of ranges that ensure CQUINcomplianceWe’ve followed a robust OJEU procurement process ensuringcomplete transparency to suppliers Baked crisps are a core product in hospital retail, but werepreviously unavailable through NHS Supply Chain. They offer astrong brand as well as a healthier, CQUIN compliant snacking option– on average 50% less fat than other potato crispsPopcorn is another new line that has been included to expand thehealthy snacking range. Did you know, thepopcorn market has grown by more than160% since 2010 and should form akey part of any snacking rangeWe’ve also added other healthyproducts such as protein balls,dried fruit and nut snack boxes,low sugar/diet drinks all of whichare suitable for patient-feedingand retail

Implementation supportWe want to make implementing our new cold beverages, confectionery and snacks range as easy as possible. That’s why we havecreated some retail execution documents to support your trust; Switch To Document – contains all product level information such as product code, pack size, etc. Itidentifies like for like products switching from Brakes, Bidfood and the existing NHSSupply Chain products to the new range Juice Drinks 25%Cola 18%Water Plus 10%Recommended Selling Price (RSP) GuidanceWe know trust retail pricing varies significantly from site to site, despite stocking similarranges. Our RSP guidance on page 12 identifies the average prices in outsourced retailoutlets within healthcare sites so you can align to the rest of the market and increaseyour margin3Energy Sport 5%Stratograms – help you to understand which products drive the best sales and how manyof each product you should stock. We know not every trust has the same retail fridgesand displays, so our stratograms are generated to show the best layout for the mostcommon fixture types COLD BEVERAGES - RETAIL STRATOGRAMFlavouredCarbonates 17%Water 25%

Top savings opportunitiesThese are just some of the greatproducts that are available on the newframework. The percentage saving isbased on switching from a similarproduct from NHS Supply Chain, Brakesor Bidfood. More information can befound in the switch to document.Save38%Sweet Assorted Biscuit Minipack Save39% 4AAN220 – Orange Juice Carton FromConcentrate 200mlCase of 27ADC023 – Crawfords Sweet AssortedBiscuit Minipack x3Case of 100Hydr8 Still Natural Mineral Water Save19% AAN009 – Calypso Pure Orange JuiceCuplet 85mlCase of 96AAR532 – Hydr8 Still Natural MineralWater 500mlCase of 24Save24%Calypso Pure Orange Juice CupletOrange Juice From Concentrate Save60%Pepsi Max Sugar Free Cola AAZ055 – Pepsi Max Sugar Free ColaDrink 500mlCase of 24

Cold beveragesNew totherangeNewflavoursVit-Hit low calorie drinksCawston PressDrenchIn the two weeks following theintroduction of the sugar tax, low andno sugar drinks sales surged 15%.Given the increased consumerdemand for healthy beverages, VitHit low calorie drinks are a great newaddition to the range. Each servingcontains 300mgs of healthy teas!Flavours available: Berry, Ginseng &Roobibos, Mandarin, Green Tea &Vitamin, Dragon Fruit & Yuzu andApple & Elderflower.Premium adult soft drinks are in30% growth. Cawston Press haveincreased the amount of naturaljuice across their products,meaning a reduction in addedsugar and calories, whilst retainingthe same great taste.Flavours available: Cloudy Apple,Elderflower Lemonade andRhubarbAs people increasingly seek outheathy hydration options, Drenchjuice spring water has just 2calories per 100ml and is perfectfor ‘on the go’ hydration. Drench issweetened with naturally sourcedstevia.Flavours available: Mandarin &Lemon and Peach & MangoCQUIN compliant5New totherangeCQUIN compliant

Cold beveragesNew totherangeAqua Libra sparkling waterRobinson Refresh’dSobe V WaterThe low calorie drinks segment hasgrown by 12% in the last year.That’s why Aqua Libra, an infusedsparkling water with natural fruityflavours and under 3 calories perserving is a great new line. Flavours available: Grapefruit &Pineapple, Raspberry & Apple andTangerineThe number one new product out ofhome in 2017 & continues todeliver value growth. 60% of UKconsumers said they would like tosee a healthier range of soft drinkson offer. This line contains lessthan 60 calories and is sweetenedwith naturally sourced stevia.Flavours available: Peach &Mango, Apple and Kiwi, Orange &PassionfruitHealth as a consumption driver hasincreased by 8% since 2015. SobeV Water has purposeful healthbenefits developed by herbalistsand dieticians. Zero sugar. Noartificial preservatives orflavourings.Flavours available: Ginger &Mango, Lemon & Lime andPomegranate & BlueberryCQUIN compliant6New totherangeNewflavoursCQUIN compliantCQUIN compliant

CrispsNew totherangeNew totherangeWalkers Baked CrispsHippeas Chickpea PuffsPopchipsWalkers Oven Baked is the fastestgrowing brand in Better For You.Baked crisps are a core line in thehospital retail space but werepreviously unavailable throughNHS Supply Chain. They containon average 50% less fat than otherpotato crisps.Flavours available: Cheese &onion, ready salted and salt &vinegarA great alternative to ordinarycrisps, with less than 90 caloriesper serving, they are high in fibreand a source of protein. Hippeasare currently outselling other keyhealth brands such as veg crisps.Flavours available: Sweet &Smokin , Chilli Fajita and Take itCheesyWith only 97 calories per pack,Popchips provide great tasting andbold flavours while delivering 1/3less fat than competitors. Withvalue growth of 36% year on year,they are a great healthy snackingoption.Flavours available: Salt & Vinegar,Sour Cream & Onion, BBQ andSea SaltCQUIN compliant7New totherangeCQUIN compliant

CrispsTopseller8New totherangeNew totherangeJacobs Mini CheddarsTyrells hand cooked crispsMcCoy’s Ridge Cut crispsJacobs are producers of popularbiscuits and crackers. MiniCheddars saw growth infoodservice of more than 8%through 2018. They are an existingline through NHS Supply Chain andhave been retained in the newrange due to the popularity of theproduct.Flavours available: OriginalAwareness of the Tyrells brand isgrowing 7% year on year. Tyrellswere previously unavailablethrough NHS Supply Chain buthave been added to expand thepremium snacking offer.Flavours available: Mixed RootVeg, Cheese & Chive, LightlySalted, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegarand Sweet ChilliMcCoy’s are the UK’s number oneridge cut crisps. During 2018,McCoy’s witnessed over two yearsof growth ahead of the category,growing 5.8%. McCoy’s are fourtimes bigger, and sell twice asquick than their nearest competitor.Flavours available: Salt & MaltVinegar, Cheddar & Onion andFlame Grilled Steak

SnacksNew totherangeNew totherangeNew totherangeNim’s Fruit CrispsProper CornPulsin snack barsNim’s fruit crisps are a healthieralternative to original potato crisps.They are 1 of your 5 a day, containunder 76 calories per pack, noadditives and are 100% fruit. Theyalso have a 12 month shelf life.Flavours available: Apple andpineapplePopcorn is another new line thathas been included to expand thehealthy snacking range while notcompromising on the strength ofthe product. The popcorn markethas grown by more than 160%since 2010 and is now a key part ofany snacking range. The LightlySea Salted flavour is CQUINcompliant however, Sweet & Saltyis not.Flavours available: Sweet & Saltyand Lightly Sea SaltedPulsin snack bars have been addedto expand the healthy snackingrange. They are 30% lower in sugarthan some of their key competitorssuch as Nakd & Primal Pantry, andhave more than twice as muchfibre. The range of Pulsin snackbars are free from dairy, soya andgluten and are suitable for vegans.Flavours available: Cacao & Raisinand Berry and BeetCQUIN compliant9CQUIN compliant

SnacksNew totherangeTopsellerThe Protein Ball Co.McVitie’s Jaffa CakesMetcalfe’s Rice CakesProtein balls are a completelynatural high-protein, high-fibresnack – absolutely no added sugar,stabilisers or emulsifiers. On top ofthat, the UK sports and nutritionmarket grew at 62% through 2018,with protein-based snacks makingup the majority of the sales value.Flavours available: CherryBakewell and Peanut ButterMcVitie’s Jaffa Cakes areperforming strongly with youngerconsumers. Overall they have aseen growth in foodservice of morethan 24% year on year. Did youknow Jaffa Cakes are VAT free andare also CQUIN compliant?Metcalfe’s Rice Cakes are a lowcalorie, gluten-free alternative tocakes and biscuits, which arecontinuing to grow in line withincreased customer demand forhealthier snacks – 64% growth infoodservice year on year.Flavours available: milk chocolateand yoghurtCQUIN compliant10New totherange

Patient feeding suppliersNewsupplier11Tovali LimitedPladis GlobalKirtons Bakery LtdTovali Limited is a family runbusiness, established in 1937.They are a new supplier to therange and to NHS Supply Chain.Products in the range includesquash and cordial drinks suitablefor patient feeding including somesugar free and added vitamin Clines.Pladis Global is one of the world’sleading snacking companies. Theyare a new supplier to the range andto NHS Supply Chain.Products in the range includeMcVitie’s biscuits and cake bars,Jacob’s crackers and Crawford’sminipack biscuits.Based in Leicestershire, KirtonsBakery Ltd is a traditional craftbakery offering the very best inbaked goods to customersnationwide. They are a newsupplier to the range and to NHSSupply Chain.Products in the range includevarious sponge cakes, flapjacks,brownies and muffins.

Recommended selling pricesThe retail prices within trusts can vary widely from site to site, despite stocking similar ranges. Benchmarking existing pricing againstindustry standard, can provide an indication of the revenue trusts are missing out on with lower pricing.Our recommended ‘industry standard’ pricing is based on an average of prices in retail outlets within healthcare sites to follow bestpractice.12Water 500mlSoft drink 500mlSoft drink 330mlFlavoured waterCrisps (original,Baked and crispalternatives)ConfectioneryBenchmark price:Benchmark price:Benchmark price:Benchmark price:Benchmark price:Benchmark price: 1.20 1.60 1.00 1.4090p90p

What do you need to do?123Review your trust impactstatement / switchdocumentsContact your NHS SupplyChain Food: AccountManagerMake the switch!Understand what products arebeing rationalised and what arethe new and alternative productsKeep your Account Managerposted with your expectedswitches and any support youneedRun down any old stock, updatetills, refresh shelf edge labelsand prepare your first orders forlaunch on 17 July.The sooneryou switch,the sooneryou’ll save!Please ensure that demand capture forms are submitted to the Inventory team and [email protected] least 10 days prior to switching.If you would like support with the following; merchandising, point of sale (POS), samples etc., please [email protected] or your NHS Supply Chain: Food Account Manager.13

14NHS Supply Chain: Food is provided by Foodbuy

Cold beverages Robinson Refresh’d The number one new product out of home in 2017 & continues to deliver value growth. 60% of UK consumers said they would like to see a healthier range of soft drinks on offer. This line contains less than 60 calories and is sweetened with naturally sourced stevia. Flavours available: Peach & Mango, Apple and Kiwi, Orange & Passionfruit Sobe V Water Health as ...