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Careersguidancee-packFor schools and colleges

Contents12345678910Contents12345678910Using the e-pack in line with the Gatsby BenchmarksCase studyCareer pioneer activitiesPSHE lessonLife skills activitiesEmployability activitiesLabour market information activitiesSEND activitiesApprenticeships and traineeshipsParent resources0800 100 [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents12345678910Using the e-pack inline with the GatsbyBenchmarks0800 100 [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents12345678910Using the e-pack in line with the Gatsby BenchmarksBefore you start Our e-pack of careers guidanceresources will help you deliverimpartial careers information,advice and guidance in line withyour statutory guidance dutiesand help you work towards severalof the Gatsby Benchmarks.This pack is designed to add valueto your existing careers provisionand give you time-saving tools andresources to help you effectively andefficiently plan careers lessons.BenchmarkWhat the benchmark includesResources in this pack1A stable careers programmeAll2Learning from career and labour market informationLMI activity and LMI posters3Addressing the needs of each pupilCareer pioneerLife skillsPSHE lessonSEND activities4Linking curriculum learning to careersPSHE lesson5Encounters with employers and employeesEmployability pack6Experiences of workplacesN/A7Encounters with further and higher educationN/A8Personal guidancePSHE lessonFind out more about the Gatsby Benchmarks at 100 [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents12345678910Case study0800 100 [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents12345678910Case studyWe regularly use the NationalCareers Service’s free schoolsupport to enhance our careersprogramme, which has helpedus to achieve all 8 of the GatsbyBenchmarks, a fantastic achievementfor our school. We’ve bookedmany Virtual Careers Lessons andincorporated the e-pack into ourcareers lessons which has addedsubstantial value to our existingprovision. Our students particularlylike the Life Skills resources, andfind that the payslip, tax and budgeting exercises really help themprepare for life after education. The ‘What Makes You Tick’ test reallyhelped open up the students’ career ideas and has them thinkingmore passionately about their futures. One of the great things aboutthe e-pack is its versatility and can be easily adapted to differentages and learning abilities. Here at Bedford Academy, we even haveour very own careers mascot, the Careers Bear, who has sat in on theVirtual Careers Lessons delivered by the National Careers Service.The digital support on offer is easy to access, flexible and a greattime saving resource for busy teachers and careers advisers to ensurethey are delivering impartial and empowering careers IAG.What have othertraining providers said?“ I have now successfully printed this and saved, so that I mayshare this incredibly useful resource with my colleagues,for the e-pack to assist us going forward with our CEIAGplanning and provision. The information looks reallydetailed, interesting and useful.”“ Just wanted to say, I love these Labour Market Informationposters – thank you for creating/sharing!”“ I have come across lots of different resources but havefound the e-pack you sent me most useful.”“ Just to say that these LMI snapshot resources arereally useful.”“ The resource looks excellent. I will use it when rewriting ourcareer programme. This is a very handy resource, and greatthat it’s free and will complement our Ofsted criteria too.”Mandy GreenCareers Lead, Bedford Academy0800 100 [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents12345678910Career pioneeractivities0800 100 [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents12345678910Career pioneer activitiesIntended learning outcomesTo support students at the start of theircareer journey by providing ideas and insightinto their skills, strengths and interests.Students will learn more about makingrealistic career decisions and how to planfor the future.DurationEach activity within this pack should takeno longer than 30 minutes. The activitiesare designed to flow in the order they arepresented, however if you have students atdifferent stages of their journey, the activitiescan be adapted to meet the learners’ needs.Additional informationSuggestionsUse ‘What makes you tick’ as a warm-upactivity so that students are in a careerslearning mindset and have some ideasand information to work with for theother activities.If students have access to the internet,it may help to use the ‘Explore careers’page of the National Careers Servicewebsite to support throughout thissection.To encourage students to continue withcareers research independently, it mayhelp to have a copy of their action plansto take home.Suggested age: All agesReading ease: 78.3 (reading age 12-15)Supports Gatsby Benchmarks 1 and 30800 100 [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents1234What makes you tick?5678910InstructionsOn your worksheet you will see 4 sections. Each section has 10 statements.Read left to right in each section and tick the box you think sounds most like you.Each section should have no more than 5 ticked boxes. The side with the mostticks gives you a letter, which you then record at the bottom until you have4 letters which make up your personality type.Have you ever wondered what yourskills and strengths are, or what careeryou might be good at? This test aimsto help you understand more aboutyourself, how you learn best and whatjobs you might find interesting, basedon your personality.Take a look at the example. The first letter would be ‘I’ as there are more ticks onthis side.EII don’t think before I speakI think before I speakI like to have an active social lifeI prefer to stay indoorsI act without thinkingI overthink a lotI talk more than anyoneI listen more than I talkI really enjoy group workI tend to work best on my ownExtroversionIntroversionESensingThinkingThe ‘What makes you tick’ test from NationalCareers Service is designed on Carl Jung’s and IsabelBriggs Myers’ personality type theory.Please note this short test is intended to guidestudents to explore career options.0800 100 do allthese @NationalCareers #AskNationalCareers

Contents1Section 123467Section 2IE5S8910NI don’t think before I speakI do think before I speakI’m a bit of a perfectionistI’m quite messyI like to have an active social lifeI prefer to stay indoorsI think literallyI act without thinkingI overthink a lotIf I start I have to finishI always want things to bebigger and betterI talk more than anyoneI listen more than I talkI like to be presented with factsI like to jump in anywhereI really enjoy group workI tend to work best on my ownI like to be realisticI like to visualise my thoughtsSection 3TI daydream a lotSection 4FJPI generally follow my headI generally follow my heartI always have a to-do listI don’t like writing listsMy decisions are based on logicMy decisions are based on feelingsI like to plan and organiseI prefer to go with the flowI say it like it isI prefer to sit on the fenceI’m the decision makerI like to have lots of optionsI ask myself if something is theright decisionI think of others when makinga decisionI need to understand things soI can do a good jobI like changing things upI can give and take criticism wellI avoid giving or receiving criticismI can only relax when mywork is doneI find it easy to switch offand relaxRecord your personality type here:0800 100 [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents12345678910Your resultsENFJTHEMOTIVATOR2.8% of the populationare this personality typeINFJTHEVISIONARY1.7% of the populationare this personality typeStrengthsStrengthsYou are a charismatic person who can communicate well with others. Youtend to be sociable, friendly and trustworthy. You are innovative and creativeand can easily use your initiative. You focus on the needs of others and youtend to have things well organised.You have the ability to analyse the world around you and understand whatis going on. You can deal with complex issues and focus on the possibilities.You are concerned with the welfare of others and you enjoy helping others.You are creative, a good learner and good with words. You are a visionary andlike to be in intense situations.School and learningYou learn through interaction and by watching and repeating. As you learn,your mission to find your calling in life grows.Job suggestionsEvent organiser, advice worker, sales/marketing, public relations, teaching,law, media, journalism, tourism, trainer, retail, paramedic, youth work,care work, chef, entertainer, fund-raiser, politics, town planning,hotel/hospital porter.Your personalityYou can be very popular within your social circle. People see you asintelligent, warm with great vision and charisma. You tend to have a busy lifeso you need to move fast to fit everyone in.0800 100 and learningYou love to learn. You like to untangle problems that lead to more questions.You are interested in the theories behind concepts.Job suggestionsCounselling, psychologist, teacher/teaching assistant, languages, journalism,youth worker, hair/beauty, care worker, social worker, sports therapist,medical therapies, tattooist, admin, editor, writer, life coach, customerrelations, call centre worker.Your personalityOthers often see you as deep and quiet but imaginative. You come acrossas warm and caring and you value other people’s thoughts, opinions [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents12ISTP34THERISK TAKER6.4% of the populationare this personality type56ISFP78910THECARER6.1% of the populationare this personality typeStrengthsStrengthsYou tend to be more of a risk taker as you are confident and independent.You can make decisions without being emotional and work towards apractical solution or outcome. You thrive on solving problems and you arerealistic and results driven. You can detach yourself from emotional aspectsof problems and remain objective.You are quite a private person and can be hard to get to know. However oncepeople get to know you they see you are trusting and kind, considerate andloyal. You can be sensitive but you are tolerant in difficult situations. You havethe ability to calm things down and you are realistic and down to earth.You can be very observant and you work best with a step by step approach.School and learningSchool and learningYou are likely to be mechanically gifted and can sometimes favourmechanical/technology based subjects. You learn through experimentation,like to keep active in lessons and learn through problem solving.You are a strong learner who tends to learn best when asking questions andtaking a hands-on approach to learning. You are likely to prefer art and musicbased subjects.Job suggestionsJob suggestionsEnvironmental worker, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, chef, construction,paramedic, uniformed services, driver, car mechanic, warehouse worker,medical technician, photographer, building surveyor, ICT, health servicestechnician.Care work, advice work, retail, hospitality, animal care, horticulture,driver, arts and crafts, sports therapy, countryside ranger, roofer,tree surgeon, agriculture, nurse, social worker, SEN teacher, support worker,drug/alcohol worker.Your personalityYour personalityOthers see you as determined and strong in character. You can be confidentand assertive and like to explore. You enjoy discovering the world around you.You can be very popular and friendly even though you enjoy spending timealone. You have strong perspective and you are detailed with everything youdo. You can be impulsive and you are good at improvising.0800 100 [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents12ISFJ34THEDEFENDER12.7% of the populationare this personality type56ISTJ78910THEDETECTIVE13.7% of the populationare this personality typeStrengthsStrengthsYou are co-operative and caring by nature, you work at a steady pace untilthe job is done. You work towards practical outcomes and you are generally areliable person. You are conscientious about your work and studies as well asbeing loyal, thorough and accurate. You are friendly, but usually won’t expressviews until asked as you are quiet but dependable.You are trustworthy and you focus hard on the task in hand. You approachthings sensibly and realistically with a calm and serious head. You can workat a steady pace until the job is done. You are happy to work alone and worktowards practical solutions. You are logical, consistent, orderly and you like tofollow the rules.School and learningSchool and learningYou are a solid learner who prefers practical subjects. You like to have clearinstructions and direction. You work hard and hand work in on time.You often do well in your studies and have an attention to detail and workhard. You may prefer subjects which require observation such as maths andenjoy reading.Job suggestionsNursing, medical therapies, sports therapy, health care assistant, veterinarynurse, childcare, customer service, call centre work, administration,accountancy, library worker, legal executive, teacher.Your personalityOthers see you as popular, warm and you like the security of family andfriends. You are loyal and caring to those around you but also strong,protective and determined.0800 100 suggestionsAccountancy, law, uniformed services, building surveying, RSPCA,administration, postal worker, traffic warden, bricklaying, plumbing,painter and decorator, financial adviser, court clerk, dentist, optician,pharmacy assistant, farmer, locksmith, watch repair, management.Your personalityOthers see you as strong and determined and you quite like to be the boss.You like to perfect your skills throughout your life and you tend to be happyin your own [email protected] #AskNationalCareers

Contents12INTP34THEINVENTOR2.4% of the populationare this personality type567ENTP8910THEARTIST6.1% of the populationare this personality typeStrengthsStrengthsYou enjoy working on your own ideas and require little routine in your life.You are curious about how things work and have ingenious and inquisitivestrengths. You approach situations logically and can work independently.You tend to be quiet, calm, observant and adapt easily to change.Your strengths include being firm and confident. You love to solve complexproblems as you are resourceful and curious. You like to work on moreimaginative projects as you are creative, lively and energetic.School and learningYou usually love learning, and li

Our e-pack of careers guidance resources will help you deliver impartial careers information, advice and guidance in line with your statutory guidance duties and help you work towards several of the Gatsby Benchmarks. This pack is designed to add value to your existing careers provision and give you time-saving tools and resources to help you effectively and efficiently plan careers lessons ...