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Deutsche BankGlobal Transaction BankingSWIFT gpi: Wie Treasurer von der erhöhtenTransparenz profitieren könnenChristof Hofmann - Deutsche Bank AG10 Juli 20190

SWIFT gpi – key benefitsImproved Speed 50% of payments credited in less than 30 minutesTraceabilityEnd-to-end tracking and payment credit confirmationTransparencyFull transparency on deducts and FX ratesRemittance data Unchanged reconciliation informationMore than 480 banks are live and sending US 300bn daily via gpi( 50% of Cross border MT103’s)Deutsche BankGlobal Transaction Banking1

Swift gpi for Corporates is enabling multi-bankpayments tracking in corporate treasury applicationsFocus todayValue to CorporatehighB Swift gpi available via bankportal (e.g Autobahn CashInquiry app)ASwift gpi - increasedspeed & transparencyTracking available via bankportal, no need to call clientservice Same day availability of funds Payments tracking Transparencyy on deducts Real-time visibility of statuschanges Full transparency on deducts Additional services available(e.g. gpi Stop & Recall)lowDB live since Oct/Nov 2017Deutsche BankGlobal Transaction BankingDB live since Oct/Nov 2017C Swift gpi for Corporatesservice enabling ERP /TMS integrationMulti-bank capability: Trackingis pushed to the ERP / TMSsystem Harmonised, real-timepayments tracking acrossbanks Ability to establish paymentmonitoring and alerts directlyin ERP / TMS systems Enabling analyticsDB live since Oct 20182

CSwift gpi for Corporates – How does it 02893a-9d223Credit ConfirmationClearing25 Deutsche Bank3e902893a-9d22IntermediaryBank 1IntermediaryBank 2Beneficiary BankSeller1Corporate generates payment instruction and includes unique identifier (UETR) in the MT101 or pain.0012Deutsche Bank creates MT103 including UETR generated by the corporate client3Tracker is updated for each status change in the transaction process4Deutsche Bank pulls transaction status from the gpi tracker via API5Deutsche Bank reports payment status and information on deducts to ordering corporate via MT199 or pain.002Deutsche BankGlobal Transaction Banking3

B Deutsche Bank Cash Inquiry: SWIFT gpi tracking andadditional features via one integrated appInstant access to SWIFT GPITracker informationFull transparency on statusand payment detailsFully integrated paymenttracker featureInstant status updatesFor illustrative purpose onlyDeutsche BankGlobal Transaction BankingOverview of deductionsacross the payment chain5

DisclaimerThis presentation is for information purposes only and is designed to serve as a general overview regarding the services of Deutsche Bank AG, any of itsbranches and affiliates. The general description in this presentation relates to services offered by Global Transaction Banking of Deutsche Bank AG, anyof its branches and affiliates to customers as of May 2019, which may be subject to change in the future. This presentation and the general description ofthe services are in their nature only illustrative, do neither explicitly nor implicitly make an offer and therefore do not contain or cannot result in anycontractual or non-contractual obligation or liability of Deutsche Bank AG, any of its branches or affiliates.Deutsche Bank AG is authorised under German Banking Law (competent authorities: European Central Bank and German Federal Financial SupervisoryAuthority (BaFin)) and, in the United Kingdom, by the Prudential Regulation Authority. It is subject to supervision by the European Central Bank and theBaFin, and to limited supervision in the United Kingdom by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority. Details about theextent of our authorisation and supervision by these authorities are available on request.Copyright July 2019 Deutsche Bank AG.All rights reserved.Deutsche BankGlobal Transaction Banking6

Wie Roche die Vorteile von Swift GPI nutztMartin Schlageter, Head of Treasury OperationsStefan Windisch, Senior Cash ManagerDer Treasurer, Webinar 10.07.2019

Roche is a global pioneer in personalized healthcareInnovation: it’s in our DNACHF 11.0 billion R&D investment30 R&D sites worldwide *CHF 56.8 billion sales26 manufacturing sites worldwide94,442 employees worldwide#1 R&D investor in healthcare**Among top 10 R&D investors across industries*Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics ** Strategy & Global Innovation 1000, Winter 2017

Roche Group Treasury & In House BankCentralized Setup Centralized organization in Basel, Switzerlandą No regional Treasury Centersą Treasury function covers Cash Management, Asset & Liability Management, FX Management,Affiliate Financing and Pension Managementą Headcount 25 people One core treasury systemą Supported by one dedicated Treasury IT-teamą Sole link to external banks (in & out) via Swiftą Our “Center of Excellence” and leading system for A/P, A/R and EBSÎThe In House Bank covers all aspects of Treasury within the GroupÎ68 Roche subsidiaries do not require an own bank account anymore (“100% IHB”)

InHouse Bank Landscape @ RocheCentral Global Interface with banksCentral Treasury SystemIdocPAYEXTDIRDEBCMIntercompany settlementRoutingIdoc: MT94x/FINSTAOn Behalf/Local paymentsFileAct: Idoc/Pain.001/2/8Treasury transactions/paymentsFIN: MT1xx/3xx/5xx/6xxCentral Elect. Bank StatementFileAct: MT94x/CAMT.05xOther file services*FileAct*Other file services (different file formats) Check payment confirmation (US) Credit Card statements Direct Debit Authorizations, DDA (Brazil) Bank billing (CAMT.086) Japan Intraday EBS ZENGINKYOU (Dia)

Swift GPI in der PraxisWhy GPI for Corporates (GPI g4c)?Bank-specific tracker (accessible via 3rd party bank)APIAPIAPIAPIMT199 /Pain.002MT101 /Pain.001incl. iaryBankPayment flowTracking information flowBeneficiaryBank

Swift GPI in der PraxisRoche’s approach2018:¾ Enhance TWS Payment Monitor to capture gpi messages¾ Enable TWS to create and deliver UETR¾ Pilot MT101 with one core bank¾ Pilot XML with one core bank2019 onwards:¾ Rollout MT101 with all core banks¾ Rollout XML for all banks with cross-border flows¾ Contribute to futher GPI-enhancements (eg beneficiary services etc.)

Swift before GPI

Transparency in Cash ManagementTransparency trough SWIFT GPI shows lots of potential

Transparency in Cash ManagementTransparency trough SWIFT GPI shows lots of potential

Transparency in Cash ManagementTransparency trough SWIFT GPI shows lots of potential

Transparency in Cash ManagementTransparency trough SWIFT GPI shows lots of potential

Swift GPI in der PraxisIn a nutshell¾ Global availability via one communication channel¾ Payments already faster¾ Full transparency achieved¾ basis for potentially lower fees¾ great combination with camt.086¾ Attention: bank vs. bank standard bank vs. corporate standard !¾ need for corporate pressure on banks (eg RfP)¾ Additional benefits in the pipeline¾ Beneficiary services (eg visibility on incoming payments)¾ Pre-validation of payments

Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit!Kontaktdaten:Martin Schlageter Head of Treasury Operations RocheE-Mail: [email protected] Windisch Senior Cash Manager - Treasury Operations RocheE-Mail: [email protected] Hofmann Global Head of Payments & Collection Products Deutsche Bank AGE-Mail: [email protected] FRANKFURT BUSINESS MEDIA GmbH 2019

2 Deutsche Bank creates MT103 including UETR generated by the corporate client 4 Deutsche Bank pulls transaction status from the gpi tracker via API 5 Deutsche Bank reports payment status and information on deducts to ordering corporate via MT199 or pain.002 3 Tracker is updated for each status change in the transaction process 2. 5