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2014ISATScience Sample BookGRADE7Sample Items for ScienceILLINOIS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION

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2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample BookTable of ContentsIntroduction .5SCIENCEStructure of the Grade 7 Science ISAT .7Item Formats.7Science Sessions .7Cumulative Knowledge .7Multiple-Choice Sample Items .8Answer Key with Assessment Objectives Identified .333

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2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample BookIntroductionThis sample book contains sample ISAT science items classified with an assessment objective fromthe Illinois Assessment Frameworks. These 2014 samples are meant to give educators and students ageneral sense of how items are formatted for ISAT. All 2014 ISAT test booklets will be printed incolor. This sample book does not cover the entire content of what may be assessed. Please refer tothe Illinois Assessment Frameworks for complete descriptions of the content to be assessed at eachgrade level and subject area. The Illinois Assessment Frameworks are available online The Student Assessment Web site contains additionalinformation about state testing (

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2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample BookStructure of the Grade 7 Science ISATISAT Science testing in spring 2014 will consist of 82 criterion-referenced items written by Illinoiseducators.Item FormatsAll 82 items will be in multiple-choice format. All items are aligned to the Illinois Science AssessmentFramework, which defines the elements of the Illinois Learning Standards that are suitable for statetesting.Science SessionsAll standard time administration test sessions are a minimum of 45 minutes in length. Any studentwho is still actively engaged in testing when the 45 minutes have elapsed will be allowed up to anadditional 10 minutes to complete that test session. More details about how to administer this extratime will appear in the ISAT Test Administration Manual. This policy does not affect students whoalready receive extended time as determined by their IEP.Science ISAT Grade 7Session 145 minutes41 multiple-choice itemsSession 245 minutes41 multiple-choice items(Some items will be pilot items.)Cumulative KnowledgeISAT tests students on the knowledge and skills that they should have acquired by grade 4 andgrade 7. Proper curriculum alignment can establish which assessment objectives are covered at eachgrade level so that by the spring of any given year, all objectives have been presented. It is not thesole responsibility of a 4th grade teacher or a 7th grade teacher to teach all of the assessmentobjectives contained within the framework.The grade 4 ISAT will assess the grade 4 assessment objectives. The grade 7 ISAT will assess thegrade 7 assessment objectives but may also include the assessment objectives from grade 4. Thesample items within this booklet provide the reader with an opportunity to see the ISAT format andhow the items align to the assessment framework.7

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book12Ramon sat two glasses of wateroutside next to each other for 15minutes. Each glass had the sameamount of water. One glass wascovered with black paper and onewas covered with white paper. Hetook the following temperatures.TemperatureTimeof Water(Minutes) With BlackPaper ( C)A manufacturer is conductingresearch using a hammock they wantto sell to consumers. Themanufacturer places differentamounts of mass on the hammockand observes what happens to thehammock.Temperatureof WaterWith WhitePaper ( C)1222252423102725152827Which feature of the hammockis the manufacturer most likelytesting?What is the variable beingtested in this experiment?ABCDA The force required to break theropesB The force required to swing thehammockC The color and style preference ofconsumersD The damage to the hammockcaused by the sunThe color of paperThe size of glassThe amount of waterThe location of the glass8GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book34Tim rolled marbles down a ramp todiscover how far a cup would moveas more marbles were added.Miguel wants his toy car toreach the bottom of a ramp asfast as possible. Which rampwill result in the fastest speed?Marble MotionNumber ofMarblesDistance theCup Slides12 cm23 cm34 cm45 cmABCDA carpeted rampA wood rampA sandpaper rampA cork rampWhich conclusion is bestsupported by the data?A Using more marbles made thecup move farther.B Using fewer marbles made thecup move faster.C Gravity moved the cup nomatter how many marbles wereused.D Friction stopped the cup whenno marbles were used.9GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book5SOLID WASTE IN THE UNITED STATESType of WasteMillionsof Tons Percent2,340Crop1,620Mineral IndustriesIndustrial (NOT hazardous) 225Household180Paper72Yard waste32Rubber, cloth, wood 21Metals1514Plastics13Food waste13Glass90Power s produce the greatestamount of waste, mainly fromplant parts not harvested asfood. Why are most people lessconcerned about crop wastethan other types of waste?A Farmers burn the waste insteadof sending it to landfills.B Crop waste is returned to thesoil to decompose and enrichthe soil.C Most crop waste is used to makenew products.D Crop waste only accounts for asmall percent of all waste.10GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book348480563484805 AR1An experiment was conducted to determine the feeding rate at which two different waterbeetles eat frog eggs. The data are shown in the following graph.Total Number of Frog Eggs Eaten50 40 3020100Beetle A Beetle B 123456Time (minutes)How many frog eggs did Beetle B eat in the first 4 minutes? ABCD2030609011GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book34848067Compound,Simple,many leafletsone leaf[Honey Locust] [White Oak]3484806 AR1Compound,Simple,many leafletsone leaf[Horse Chestnut] [Silver Maple]ALTERNATELong,in bunches of 5[White Pine]onstemonstemOPPOSITEShort,in bunches of 3[Yellow Pine]BROAD AND FLATWITH NEEDLESLEAVES OF TREESWhat is the name of this plant? AWhite PineB Honey LocustC Silver MapleD White Oak12GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book334631683346316 AR133483649A Euglena contains a structure calleda flagellum.An amoeba divides into twoidentical daughter cells. Theyhave exactly the samecharacteristics as the parentamoeba. Which best describesthe amoeba’s division?Flagellum ABCDDiffusionMeiosisMitosisOsmosis348478610What is the function of theflagellum? ABCDReproductionMovementProtectionFood gatheringBbBBBBbbBbbb3484786 AR1This is a diagram of a geneticcross. In guinea pigs, blackhair color is dominant (B) andwhite hair color is recessive (b).What hair color are the guineapigs’ offspring? 13ABCDAll blackAll whiteMostly black with some whiteMostly white with some blackGO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book348478811348480413In a food chain, which arethe most efficient users ofsolar energy? AHerbivoresB CarnivoresC OmnivoresD Parasites3484804 AR1Group AGroup BGrasshopperOwlDeerOpossumRobinMothBeaverBatWhy were these animals placedinto these groups?346179612 AOne group is active duringthe day; the other group isactive at night.B One group lives nearprairies; the other grouplives near forests.C One group benefits people; theother group is a pest to people.D One group eats only plants; theother group eats only meat.In Illinois, the constellationOrion can be seen in the nightsky in winter. Why can thisconstellation not be seen in thesummer? A Earth is tilted away from theconstellation.B Earth orbits to the other side ofthe sun.C Brighter constellations blockOrion from view in theNorthern Hemisphere.D The orbit of the moon blocksOrion from view in theNorthern Hemisphere.348478714Green plants are important toanimals because the plants — 14A consume food and giveoff oxygenB consume food and giveoff carbon dioxideC produce food and giveoff oxygenD produce food and giveoff carbon dioxideGO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book3484789153484801173484801 AR1Snakes feed on mice. The miceeat grain crops. When the cropsare plentiful, what will happen? A The mouse populationwill decrease.B The snake populationwill increase.C The snake populationwill decrease.D The mouse populationwill not change.348480016You need to put a metal rodinto a hole in a metal cylinder.It is too tight. Which wouldbe the best strategy to makethe rod fit?3484800 AR1SnakeHawkBirdSquirrel Level IIIFoxRabbitMoleInsectLevel IIPlantsA Heat the rod and cylinder.B Cool the rod and cylinder.C Heat the rod and coolthe cylinder.D Cool the rod and heatthe cylinder.Level IIf foxes and hawks areremoved from this food web,one result will be — ABCDa decrease in snakesan increase in rabbitsan increase in insectsa decrease in moles15GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book348479718334549720Which is the best method fora student to identify a solutionas an acid or a base?What property of light wavescan be observed as light wavespass from one medium toanother and change speed? AUse litmus paper.B Taste the solution.C Dilute in water.D Heat the solution. 9019Most of the chemical energy ofthe gasoline burned in a car isnot used to move the car but ischanged into — 1Applying the brakes on thisbicycle causes it to slow downbecause the brakes — Aproduce frictionB use gravity to slow down thebicycleC add energy to the bicycleD help cool the bicycle’s tires16GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book221234If these four identical balls are dropped at the same time and from the same height,which ball will land first?ABCDBall 1Ball 2Ball 3Ball 417GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample BookYNF15623334842225What type of rock is formed inlayers?Which of these parts of ananimal would be most likely toform a fossil? ABCD ASedimentaryB IgneousC GraniteD 3484802 AR1Rock Cycle4Weathering423484802263484793 AR16MetamorphicRock5Cooling(or crystallization)Which rock layer is probablythe oldest? ABCDMagma1MeltingErosion occurs at —1346 18ABCDposition 1position 2position 3position 4GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book334482927348479529Wind occurs when air massesmove from one place toanother. What causes themovement of air masses? ABCD3484795 AR1Position 2Position 4The position of the moonThe heating of the airThe rotation of EarthThe condensation of airPosition 1SunJune21stPosition 3346181928Earth OrbitWhat does the color of a starindicate? ABCDAt which position in Earth’sorbit are daytime andnighttime equal?AgeSizeDistanceTemperature A1B 2C 3D 419GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book348479830346182431When moderndisease-controllingmedicines and practicesare introduced in developingcountries, the first majorchange is that —Karen just bought a new batteryfor her car. What should she dowith the old battery? Alife spans increaseB birthrates decreaseC the population decreasesD the water supply increases 20A Wrap the battery in abiodegradable bag and bury it.B Put it in the garbage to be takento a landfill.C Dispose of it in the empty fieldbehind her house.D Leave it with the dealer torecycle.GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book3547798323547798 AR1 to AR4Which pole arrangement of the four magnets will hold the cabinet door shut mosttightly when it is closed?SNNSNSSNNS ANSSNCNSNSSNNSNSSNSNSNBSND21GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book346180633346182335New studies on a drug thatregulates blood pressure showthat it can cause harmfulside effects if used for manyyears. What should themanufacturer do?Why are different constellationsof stars seen during differentseasons? AEarth is on a different side of thesun during each season.B Seasonal changes in themagnetic poles create thenorthern lights, which blockthe view.C The Milky Way revolves to adifferent position with eachseason.D Constellations move around thesun during different seasons. AInform the public and removethe drug from the marketimmediately.B Ignore the new studies becauseall drugs have harmful long-termside effects.C Market the drug under a newname to avoid bad publicity.D Destroy the new results.354790434DNA testing is important in — programming.banking.22GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book3547907363547907 AR1GFHEarthSunlightEADBCAs seen from Earth, at which position would the moon appear to be full? APosition AB Position BC Position CD Position D23GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book3533604 3533604 AR1373531254 3531254 AR138A Soil Profile1234Which best describes thecharacteristics of this leaf? ABCD5Simple, pinnateSimple, palmateCompound, pinnateCompound, palmateAccording to the soil profile,in which layer are most of thesoil’s nutrients most likelyfound? A1B 2C 3D 524GO ON

Science2014 ISAT Grade 7 Sample Book346179339346965541Percentage Home Use of Water (U.S.)After a recent experiment, ascientist noticed that thecomputer simulation variedfrom the actual experiment.What should the scientist do?Household Cleaning3%LaundryDrinking ARepeat the experiment severaltimes in order to verify theresults.B Adjust the computer’s programso it matches the actual results.C Ignore the actual results asinaccurate because computersare very precise.D Ignore the simulation asinaccurate because of a possiblecomputer virus.KitchenUse Flush Toilets40%Bathing37%The percentages show howwater is used in homes in theUnited States. Which is mostlikely to conserve the mostwater?Which structure makes a plantcell rigid?ABCDGarden/Lawn3%Car Washing1%4%5%7%3344862403469655 AR1 AReducing the water used toflush toiletsB Putting suds savers onwashing machinesC Prohibiting the use of treatedwater for lawns and gardensD Reducing the amount of waterused per load in a dishwasherChromosomeChloroplastCell wallCell membrane25GO ON


The grade 4 ISAT will assess the grade 4 assessment objectives. The grade 7 ISAT will assess the grade 7 assessment objectives but may also include the assessment objectives from grade 4. The sample items within this booklet provide the reader with an opportunity to see the ISAT format and how the items align to the assessment framework.