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Chapter OneINTRODUCTION1.01THE DESIGNERS' MANUALA.Purpose and intent: The State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management (STREAM) Designers'Manual augments but does not replace the provisions of the SBC-6 Standard Form of AgreementBetween Owner and Designer. The SBC-6, SBC-6a and Designers’ Manual are analogous toConstruction Agreement, Conditions & Specifications. Repetition of provisions of the SBC-6 and SBC-6ahas been avoided as much as possible and the Designer should not overlook the rights, obligations, andprocedures contained in them.B.The manual is organized as follows:1.Administrative Procedures - eight chapters: provides guidance as to the procedures theDesigner is expected to follow in administration of projects. The Chapters are: (1) Introduction;(2) Designer Agreement and Payments; (3) Project Design; (4) Project Manual Guide; (5)Procurement / Bidding; (6) Project Construction; (7) Project Close-Out; and (8) Warranty Period.2.Administrative Forms (Appendix 1): provides several forms for information and use by theDesigner during the project based on instructions in the Administrative Procedures.3.Procurement Documents (Appendix 2): provides standardized documents used in compilingProcurement / Bidding Requirements, Contract Forms, Conditions, and Division 1 specifications ofa Project Manual. Some require editing; most can be used as is. Options to consider areexplained in Chapter 4 - Project Manual Guide.C.Revisions to the Designers’ Manual are suitable for incorporation in current projects as soon as theyare issued. Generally, projects already in the Construction Documents Phase before an issue are notrequired to adopt changes; however, Designers are encouraged to convert, and may be required toconvert on specific projects.D.Other similar Designers’ Manual versions for use on State Building Commission projects are publishedby:1. Tennessee Board of Regents, Office of Facilities Development, and2. University of Tennessee, Office of Facilities Planning.Each version is written to conform to that State Procurement Agency’s (SPA’s) specific internalmanagement system; and is for use only on projects under their administration.1.01STREAM December 2014 Designers’ ManualIntroduction1.01

1.02A.B.THE STATE AS OWNEREntities identified as the “Owner”, as used throughout this Designers’ Manual and associateddocuments, are defined as follows:1.OWNER is the State of Tennessee operating through the ‘Contracting Agency’ identified in theOwner / Designer Agreement. When the term “Owner” is used in this Designers’ Manual, it refersto the ‘Contracting Agency’.2.STATE PROCUREMENT AGENCY is the agency responsible for administration of the project onbehalf of the State Building Commission.3.USER AGENCY is the agency that will be owner of the finished Work.Owner project administration duties for many projects using this Designers’ Manual are consolidatedunder the Department of General Services (DGS), State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management(STREAM) as the Contracting Agency. This internal process for consolidation of project administration istermed ‘Centralization’. The following chart summarizes both types of Owner roles, and STREAM’sresponsibilities with regard to each:“OWNER” is DGS/STREAMif CENTRALIZED Project:“OWNER” is User Agencyif NON-Centralized Project:CONTRACTING AGENCYis DGS, of which STREAM is a the User Agency.STREAMhas primary responsibility and authority over theproject and the approval of Design Phases,construction completion, contracts, contractmodifications, and payments.provides technical and managerial assistanceand oversight in carrying out the project, is copiedon all correspondence, and is included in allsubstantive discussions and meetings.USER AGENCYis a client of STREAM, and the eventualowner of the finished product.1.02STREAM December 2014 Designers’ Manualshall have concurrence by STREAM in approvingdesign phases, contracts, modifications,construction completion, and payments.Introduction1.02

1.03OWNER TEAM LISTA.User Agency (or agencies) will be represented by an individual or team assigned to the project.Information about the agency, its function in the particular project, and its representatives, will be providedin the Pre-Design Conference.B.Office of the State Architect (OSA)Tel: (615) 741-2388William R. Snodgrass Tennessee TowerSuite 1800, 312 Rosa L. Parks AvenueNashville, Tennessee 37243-1102Website Address (URL): of Tennessee Real Estate Asset ManagementTel: (615) 741-2315William R. Snodgrass Tennessee TowerSuite 2400, 312 Rosa L. Parks AvenueNashville, Tennessee 37243-1102Website Address (URL): .STREAM is responsible for the direct oversight and implementation of the State's capital buildingprogram, and assists in other projects in accordance with legislative and executive policies, andjudicial and federal mandates under authority of the Commissioner of General Services and theState Building Commission.2.An individual or team will be assigned to each project, and more information about STREAM, itsfunction in the particular project, and its staff, will be provided in the Pre-Design Conference (Seepage 3.02) and the Pre-Construction Conference (See page 6.03). For all project deliverymethods, the STREAM Bidding and Contract Officer will be involved.3.The STREAM Bidding and Contract Officer (Tel: (615) 741-6111) oversees the bidding andaward of all projects under the administration and oversight of STREAM. The Bidding andContract Officer gives final approval to bid a project and assigns the bid date and assures thatSBC policies and procedures are followed throughout the bidding and award process.4.Other DGS entities may be involved with the project team, as determined by STREAM,depending on the project scope. Primary entities, including each website address (URL), includethe following:a.b.c.d.D.Real Estate lus-real-estateEnergy Management dashboardEnvironmental Management and Safety Program nterior Design (Space l-estateDepartment of Finance and Administration, Office of Business and Finance (OBF)Tel: (615) 741-2590William R. Snodgrass Tennessee TowerSuite 2000, 312 Rosa L. Parks AvenueNashville, Tennessee 37243-1102Website Address (URL): provides financial management of the State's capital building program by authority of theCommissioner of Finance & Administration and State Building Commission.E.Department of Finance and Administration, TelecommunicationsTel: (615) 741-7395William R. Snodgrass Tennessee TowerSuite 1600, 312 Rosa L. Parks AvenueNashville, Tennessee 37243-1102Website Address (URL): -solutions1.03aSTREAM December 2014 Designers’ ManualIntroduction1.03a

F.Department of Treasury, Division of Risk ManagementTel: (615) 741-2314E-Mail: [email protected] Jackson Office Bldg.15th Floor, 502 Deaderick StreetNashville, Tennessee 37243-0248Website Address (URL): of Treasury, Division of Risk Management, manages insurance claims of the State'scapital building program by authority of the State Treasurer and State Building Commission.G.State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFM)Tel: (615) 741-7190E-Mail: [email protected] Crockett Tower500 James Robertson ParkwayNashville, Tennessee 37243-1162Website Address (URL):, of the Dept. of Commerce & Insurance, will be involved in the design review for all projectsthat involve the construction, renovation, or remodeling of public space.H.Jurisdictional Codes Administration Offices1.Chattanooga (Hamilton County)Tel: (423) 209-78601250 Market Street1020 Development Resource CenterChattanooga, Tennessee 37402-2713Website Address (URL): (Knox County)Tel: (865) 215-2325City County Building, Suite 547400 Main StreetKnoxville, Tennessee 37902Website Address (URL): (Shelby County)Tel: (901) 222-83006465 Mullins Station RoadMemphis, Tennessee 38134Website Address (URL): 3904.Nashville (Davidson County)Tel: (615) 862-6500800 Second Avenue SouthNashville, Tennessee 37210Mailing: P.O. Box 196300 (37219)Website Address (URL): The information provided herein is for the major cities within Tennessee. However, it is the Designer’sresponsibility to verify all local code requirements for the project being designed.For jurisdictional information TREAM December 2014 Designers’ ManualIntroduction1.03b

1.04TYPICAL DESIGN/BID/BUILD PROJECT FLOWCHARTThis flowchart provides an overview of the entire project creation-to-completion process:1.04STREAM December 2014 Designers’ ManualIntroduction1.04

Introduction 1.01 Chapter One . INTRODUCTION . 1.01 THE DESIGNERS' MANUAL A. Purpose and intent: The State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management (STREAM) Designers' Manual augments but does not replace the provisions of the . SBC-6 . Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Designer. The SBC-6, SBC-6a and Designers’ Manual are ...