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Approved Statistics Courses by Country or U.S. State/TerritoryUniversity of Washington School of NursingBelow are approved statistics courses from colleges and universities around the world. If the course you completed does not appearon this list, it may not yet have been reviewed by the School of Nursing. If you would like us to review your statistics course, submitthe following information with your application:‐Name, number, number of credits, and title of the course‐Name of institution where course was taken‐Full description of the course; you may be asked to provide a copy of the syllabusCourses followed by a '*' are no longer actively offered at that college/university. If you see courses marked as active on this list thatyou know are no longer offered, please email [email protected] so we may update this list.AlabamaAuburn University at MontgomeryBUSI 7126: Quantitative Methods in Health Care Quality (3)MATH 267: Elementary Statistics ()Mobile State Junior College (formerly Bishop State Junior College)MATH 261: Elementary Statistics (1.5)Troy State UniversityQM 2251: Business Statistics (3)University of Alabama at BirminghamEPR 508: Statistical Methods of Research ()PSYCH 231: Applied Statistics for Social & Behavioral Science (3)University of Alabama at HuntsvilleST 287: Applied Statistics (3)University of Southern Alabama at MobileSTAT 175: Basic Statistics (4)AlaskaAnchorage Community CollegePSY 271: Introductory Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (3)University of Alaska at AnchorageAS 300: Elementary Statistics (3)AS A252: Elementary Statistics (3)HS 379: Health Data Analysis (4)PSY 250: Introduction for Behavioral Science (3)University of Alaska at FairbanksAPSTAT 301: Elementary Probability and Statistics (3)PSY F250: Introductory Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (3)STAT 301: Elementary Probability & Statistics (3)STAT F200X F01: Elementary Probability & Statistics ()University of Alaska Southeast: Quantitative Methods in Management ()Last Updated 11/19/2020 10:07:58 AMPage 1 of 53

ArizonaArizona State UniversityEDP 454: Introduction to Measurement & Descriptive Data Analysis (3)EDP 552: Multiple Regression and Correlation Methods (3)EDPSY 552: Basic Statistical Analysis in Education (3)MAT 226: Elementary Statistics (3)MATH 226: Elementary Statistics (3)PSY 230: Introduction to Statistics (3)QBA 221: Statistical Analysis (3)STP 420: Introductory Applied Statistics (3)Chandler‐Gilbert Community CollegePSY 230: Introduction to Statistics (3)Coconino County Community CollegeMAT 160: Elementary Statistics (3)PSY 230: Introduction to Statistics (3)Dine CollegeMTH 213: Statistics (cross‐listed with PSY 213) (4)Glendale Community CollegePSY 230: Introduction to Statistics ()Grand Canyon UniversityHLT‐362V: Applied Statistics for Health Care Professionals (3)Mesa Community CollegePSY 230: Introduction to Statistics (3)Northern Arizona UniversityPSY 201: Introduction to Research & Statistics (4)PSY 230: Introductory Statistics (4)STA 270: Applied Statistics (3)Park College at Luke Air Force BaseMAT 170: Probability and Statistics (3)Phoenix Community CollegePSY 230: Introduction to Statistics (3)Pima Community CollegeMTH 210: Introductory Statistics (3)PSY 230: Psychological Measurements and Statistics (3)University of ArizonaAS 300: Elementary Statistics (3)EDPSY 541: Statistical Methods in Education (3)MATH 263: Statistical Methods in Biological Sciences (3)MATH 63: Introduction to Statistics (3)MGMT 352: Statistics Decision Making ()NURS 629: Statistical Inference for Evidence‐Based Practice (3)PSY 095: Introduction to Psych Measurement & Statistics (3)PSY 245: Psychological Measurement & Statistics (3)PSYC 230: Psychological Measurements and Statistics (3)STAT 160: Introduction to Statistics (3)Last Updated 11/19/2020 10:08:00 AMPage 2 of 53

University of PhoenixBSHS 382: Research and Statistics for the Social Sciences (3)HCS 438: Statistical Applications (3)HCS 465: Healthcare Research Utilization (3)MTH 217: Statistics I (3)MTH 230: Statistics (3)MTH 231: Statistics for Life Sciences (3)MTH 233: Statistics (3)MTH 540: Statistics (3)QNT 321: Statistics in Business (3)QNT 435: Nursing Statistics (3)QNT 436: Statistics in Health Care (3)Yavapai CollegeMTH 246: Introduction to Statistics (3)ArkansasArkansas State UniversityPSY 3103: Quantitative Methods for Behavioral Sciences (3)PSYCH 32573: Quantitative Methods in Behavioral Science (1)AustraliaUniversity of Sydney1‐6849: Introductory Statistics (4)CaliforniaAlamo Colleges ‐ Northwest Vista CollegeMATH1442: Elementary Statistical Methods (4)American River CollegeSTAT 301: Introduction to Probability & Statistics (3)Azusa Pacific CollegePSYC 299: Applied Statistics (3)PSYCH 402: Applied Statistics (3)SOCSCI 405: Statistics (3)Barstow Community CollegeMATH 2: Introduction to Statistics (4)Biola CollegeMATH 210: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3)STAT 206: Statistics (3)Butte Community CollegeSTAT 18: Introduction to Statistics (3)California Polytechnic State UniversitySTAT 211: Elementary Probability & Statistics (3)California Sate University at San JoseSTAT 115A: Elementary Statistics (3)California State University at BakersfieldMATH 0140: Statistics for the Health Sciences (5)California State University at ChicoMATH 5A: Statistics (3)Last Updated 11/19/2020 10:08:00 AMPage 3 of 53

California State University at Consortium @ Dominguez HillsBSN 4051: Statistics (1)BSN 4052: Statistics (1)BSN 4053: Statistics (1)MATH 3011, 3012, 3013: Statistics (3)California State University at FresnoHS 102: Public Health Statistics (3)MATH 011: Elementary Statistics (3)MATH 040: Elementary Statistics (3)California State University at FullertonPSYCH 161: Elementary Statistics (1977‐79) (3)PSYCH 203: Elementary Statistics (1979‐81) (3)SOC 303: Statistics for the Social Sciences (3)California State University at HaywardSTAT 1000: Elements of Probability & Statistics (5)STAT 1100: Elements of Descriptive & Inferential Statistics (4)California State University at Long Beach005: Introduction to Psychological Measurements (5)EDFN 452: Statistics on Education (4)EDP 419: Educational Statistics (3)PSYC 210: Introductory Statistics (4)California State University at Los AngelesEDR 319: Educational Statistics ()STATEd 452: Statistics in Education (16)California State University at NorthridgeMATH 140: Introduction to Statistics (4)PSY 525A: Research & Statistical Concepts in Psychological Services (4)California State University at Sacramento: Introduction to Statistics (3)SWRK 110: Introduction to Statistics for Social Workers (3)California State University at San BernardinoMATH 350: Statistics: Hypothesis Testing & Estimation (5)PSYC 210: Psychological Statistics (5)Canada CollegeMATH 200: Elementary Probability & Statistics ()Chabot CollegeMATH 5A: Introduction to Probability & Statistics (5)Chaffey College (Rancho Cucamonga)10: Elementary Statistics (formerly Statistics 101; 1994‐95) (4)Chapman CollegeMATH 303: Introduction to Statistics (3)MGSC 309: Introductory Business Statistics (3)SOC 303: Introduction to Statistics (3)Citrus CollegeSTAT 101: Elementary Statistics (3)Last Updated 11/19/2020 10:08:00 AMPage 4 of 53

City College of San FranciscoMATH 80: Probability and Statistics (4)MATH 85: Probability and Statistics (formerly MATH 32) (4)PSY 5: Introduction to Psychological Measurements ()Coastline Community College (Fountain Valley)MATH 160: Intro to Statistics (3)College of AlamedaMATH 025: Introduction to Statistics (5)College of MarinSTAT 115: Introduction to Statistics (3)College of Notre Dame at BelmontSTAT 102: Statistics (3)College of San MateoMATH 200: Elementary Probability and Statistics (4)PSYCH 121: Basic Statistical Concepts (3)College of the Canyons Community CollegeMATH 140: Introductory Statistics (4)College of the RedwoodsMATH 15: Elementary Statistics (3)Contra Costa CollegeMATH 164: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3)Copper Mountain CollegeMATH 014: Statistical Methods (4)Cosumnes River CollegeSTAT 001: Introduction to Probability & Statistics (3)Crafton Hills Community CollegeSTATISTICS 108: Statistics (4)Cuesta CollegeMath 236: Introduction to Applied StatisticsMath 247: Introduction to Statistics (4)Cuyamaca CollegeMATH 160: Elementary Statistics (4)De Anza CollegeMath 10: Elementary Statistics and Probability (5)Diablo Valley College (La Mirada)MATH 142: Elementary Prob & Statistics (3)El Camino CollegeMathematics 150: (4)Foothill CollegeMATH 10: Elementary Statistics (5)Fresno City CollegeMATH 11: Elementary Statistics (3)Fullerton CollegeMATH 120: Introductory Probability & Statistics (3)Golden Gate University at Travis Air Force BaseMATH 40: Statistics ()Last Updated 11/19/2020 10:08:00 AMPage 5 of 53

Hartnell CollegeMATH 013: Elementary Statistics (3)Holy Names UniversityECON 15: Statistical Methods ()PSYC 63: Statistical Methods ()SOCI 105: Statistical Methods (3)SOCI 63: Statistical Methods ()Humbolt State University at ArcataMATH 106: Introduction to Statistics in Health Science (3)MATH 25: Elementary Statistics (5)PSYCH 340: Introduction to Psychological Statistics (4)PSYCH 42: Introduction Psychological Statistics (4)Soc 80: Sociological Statistics (4)STAT 108: Elementary Statistics (4)Imperial Valley CollegeMATH 119: Elementary Statistics (4) (4)Indian Valley CollegeSTAT 101: Introduction to Statistics (3)Irvine Valley CollegeMATH 10: Intro to Statistics (3)Loma Linda UniversitySTAT 414: Statistics and Computer Applications (4)STAT 508: Statistics and Computer Applications (4)Los Angeles Pierce CollegeMathematics 227: Statistics (4)STAT 1: Elementary Statistics I (3)Merrit CollegeMATH 13: Introduction to Statistics (5)Mesa College at San DiegoMATH 119: Elementary Statistics (3)Monterey Peninsula CollegeMATH 116: Elementary Statistics (3)MATH 16: Elementary Statistics (3)Mount St. Mary's CollegePSY 40: Statistics (3)National UniversityBST 322: Introduction to Biomedical Statistics (4.5)MATH 409: Introduction to Probability & Statistics (5)MS 507: Descriptive Statistics (5)MS 601: Statistics and Business Research Methodology (5)MTH 210: Introduction to Probability & Statistics (5)Orange Coast College: ()A160: Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (3)Palm Beach Jr. College NorthSTA 2014: Statistics (3)Last Updated 11/19/2020 10:08:00 AMPage 6 of 53

Palomar CollegeMATH 120: Elementary Statistics (3)Park CollegeMA 120: Elementary Statistics (3)Peralta Community CollegesMATH 013: Introducation to Statistics (4)MATH 25: Introduction to Statistics (5)Point Loma College at San Diego45‐307: Introduction to Statistics (4)MATH 400: Introduction to Statistics (4)Point Loma Nazarene UniversityMTH 203: Introduction to Statistics (3)Sacramento City CollegeSTAT 001: Introduction to Prob & Stats (3)Saddleback CollegeMATH 10: Introduction to Statistics (3)San Diego City CollegeMATH 119: Elementary Statistics (3)San Diego Community CollegeMATH 119: Basic Statistics ()PSYC 258: Behavioral Science Statistics (3)San Diego State UniversityCOM 520: Statistical Methods in Communication (5)ECON 321: Introduction to Statistics (3)PSY 270: Statistical Methods in Psychology (3)San Francisco State UniversityMATH 124: Elementary Statistics (3)MATH 32: Elementary Statistics (3)PSY 371: Introduction to Psychological Statistics (3)San Joaquin Delta CollegeMATH 12: Introduction to Statistics and Probability Theory (3)San Jose City CollegeMATH 63: Elementary Statistics (3)San Jose State UniversitySTAT 095: Elementary Statistics (3)STAT 115a: Elementary Statistics (3)STAT 115B: Intermediate Statistics (3)Santa Barbara City CollegeMATH 117: Elementary Statistics (4)PSY 150: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (4)Santa Clara UniversityMath 8: Introduction to Statistics (4)Santa Monica CollegeMATH 52: Statistics (3)MATH 54: Elementary Statistics (4)Last Updated 11/19/2020 10:08:00 AMPage 7 of 53

Santa Rose Junior College#13: Elementary Statistics (3)Scripps CollegeBiostatistics 175: Applied Biostatistics ()Psychology 103: Psychological Statistics ()Shasta CollegeMath 14: Introduction to Statistics (3)Skyline CollegeMATH 200: Probability and Statistics (4)Solano Community College (Suisun)#10: Elementary Statistics (3)Sonoma State CollegeSonoma State CollegeMATH 165: Elementary Statistics (4)MGMT 315: Statistics for the Social Sciences (4)Stanford UniversityPSYCH 060: Statistical Methods (5)Trident University InternationalMAT201: Basic Statistics (4)University of California at Berkeley005: Introduction to Psychological Mesasurements (5)EDUCS 114: Educational Statistics (3)STAT 131A: Statistical Inferences for Social and Life Scientists (4)STAT 1XB: Introduction to Statistics (4)STAT 2: Introduction to Statistics (5)XB2: Introduction to Statistics (4)University of California at Berkeley, ExtensionSTAT X10: Introduction to Statistics (4)University of California at Davis: Introductionto Probabiility & Statistical Inference (4)MATH 013: Elementary Statistics ()PSY 3: Quantitative Description of Behavior (4)STAT 013: Elementary Statistics (4)XB2: Introduction to Statistics (4)University of California at Independent Study/ExtensionSTAT 013/XDC13: Elementary Statistics (4)XB2: Introduction to Statistics (5)University of California at San DiegoCSE‐4V069: Introduction to Statistics (3)EDP N2074: Introduction to Statistics (3)NURSX 443: Introduction to Biomedical Statistics ()PSYCH 60: Introduction to Statistics (4)SOSC 60: Elementary Statistics for the Social Sciences (no longer taught) (4)Last Updated 11/19/2020 10:08:00 AMPage 8 of 53

University of California at Santa BarbaraCOMM 87: Statistical Analysis for Communication (5)ED 114: Introduction to Educational Statistics (4)ED 214A: Advanced Educational Statistics (4)MATH 017: Elementary Statistics (4)PSYCH 005: Analysis of Data in Psychology (5)SOC 044: Introduction to Quantitative Analysis in Sociology (4)SOC 104A‐B: Intermediate Statistics (4)STATISTICS 5A: Statistics and Applied Probability (5)University of California, IrvineSTATS 7: Basic Statistics (4)University of California, Los Angeles452: Statistics and Education (4)BIOSTATS 100A: Introduction to Biostatistics (4)BIOSTATS 100B: Introduction to Biostatistics (4)Economics 40: Introduction to Statistical Methods (3)PSYCH 100A: Psychological Statistics (4)PUB HLTH 160A: Introduction to Biostatistics ()STAT 50: Women's Studies Elementary Statistics (4)Statistics 10: Introduction to Statistical Methods (5)STATS‐X 402: Introduction to Statistics and Quantitative Methods (4)University of California, Santa CruzAMS 7: Statistical Methods For The Biological, Environmental, And Health Sciences (5)ENGR 5: Statistics (5)MATH 005: Elementary Basic Statistics (5)MATH 007: Introduction to Biostatistics (5)University of Phoenix/Costa MesaHSR 462: Health Care Statistics (3)University of RedlandsMATH 336: Statistics and Probability (3)University of San DiegoECON 216: Quantitative Business Analysis (4)University of San FranciscoBSAD 7: Qu

San Joaquin Delta College MATH 12: Introduction to Statistics and Probability Theory (3) San Jose City College MATH 63: Elementary Statistics (3) San Jose State University STAT 095: Elementary Statistics (3) STAT 115a: Elementary Statistics (3) STAT 115B: Intermediate Statistics (3) Santa Barbara City College