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Series 45Open Circuit Piston PumpsSeminar CSS Praha Marec

Open circuit hydraulic system

Series 45 HistoryStrong CustomerDemand for OCProducts toCompliment CCProductsH-Frame islaunched intractor pumpapplication199057cc Kit e45CC pumpslaunched1995G-Frame 74CCis launchedwith externalcontrolF-Frame isLaunched200025,000 UnitsAnnualReachedJ-Frame islaunchedE-Frame isLaunched2005ElectronicProportional(EPC) Controlis Launched2010ElectronicOn/OffControl isLaunchedElectricTorqueLimiter2015K2-Frame islaunched2017 FutureElectronicPowerFDC controlManagement (Fan driveControl)

S45 - Product family K2 Frame F FrameJ FrameL/KFrame E Frame

Introduction - Product family Pressure ratings: 210 – 310 barCont. Pressure, bar6074FJ260 - C100382575400E14765L13035090K210 - D3003045Displacement, cc/revMax pressure, bar45 51310 - B

Product and system informationHydraulic Schematic – PC/LS Control PressureCompensator VariableOC PumpLoad Sensing

Technical Details –Globally Consistent Master Model Code

S45 Control optionsElectric solenoid Pressure relieve valve :- Proportional PRV (EPC)- On/Off PRVPressure compensator (PC)Load sense/Pressurecomp.(PC/LS)Fan Drive Control (FDC)- single spoolEle.torque Limitation(ETL)

Technical DetailsControl universalityFrame E One controls interface for all S45 :Frame JFrame K2Frame F

New Product DevelopmentSeries 45- K210 Medium Power Open Circuit2016 Technology Roadshow: New Products and Solutions from Danfoss

What is K2?Youngest member of S45 family with: Reduce size & weight New Control Options Maintain Sound Level Increase pressure and speed rating Lower installed costsCurrent L/K11 Department (slide master)K2 Final

Series 45 Product Family Frame K2 - serial production started by April 2017 !!!!Pressure ratings: 260 – 310 barCont. Pressure, barK2260 - C2530386074J100F45130E147657590Displacement, cc/rev400350Max pressure, bar45 51310 - B

K2 Servo Design Servo Piston ispackaged insidethe housing Allows for accessto servo throughplug Servo systempiston similar astoday’s K/Lframe13 Medium Power Open Circuit2016 Technology Roadshow: New Products and Solutions from Danfoss

K vers K2 design overlap14 Department (slide master)

Endcap ConceptBest Combination of Package and Weight (45cc) Servo piston and control mountingrelocated to pump housing Reduced Length up to 20% Better installation Package for tandeminstallation Total weight reduction of up to 30% Weight often an Customer concern15 Medium Power Open Circuit2016 Technology Roadshow: New Products and Solutions from Danfoss

L/K-Frame vs. K2Speed upgradeK2 pumpDisplacement25cc30cc38cc45ccK2 SpeedContinuous (RPM)345032002900290016 Department (slide master)

Increased Temperature RatingsOffers for K2 improved case temperature limits: Minimum - 40 C (intermittent, cold start) Continuous 104 C (previously 82 C) Maximum Intermittent 115 C17 Medium Power Open Circuit2016 Technology Roadshow: New Products and Solutions from Danfoss

K2 - Best Package SizeWeight : 16,27 kg axial , LS 17,14 kg Rad NTD LS19 Medium Power Open Circuit2016 Technology Roadshow: New Products and Solutions from Danfoss

Electronic Torque Limitation (ETL)System SolutionWork Function training20 Department (slide master)

How does it work?ETL TheoryTraditional Non-ETL & mechanicaltorque limiting (MTC) solutionsElectronic Torque Limiting solutionETL Active350350330330310310Torque, N-mTorque, N-mNo ETL & MTC290270250230210190150500100015002000Pump Torque - MTC (N-m)21 Department (slide master)250230210Engine StallsEliminated!1701502500Engine Speed, RPMQSF2.8 Engine Torque (N-m)270190Engine Stall!Engine Droop!170290Pump Torque - NO ETL (N-m)5001000150020002500Engine Speed, RPMQSF2.8 Engine Torque (N-m)Pump Torque - ETL (N-m)

How does it work?ETL TheoryTorque Required (ETL Active)Constant Speed, Maximum 0010203040506070System Pressure, barTorque, N-m35080Displacement, ccEngine Torque Available (N-m)Pump Torque - NO ETL (N-m)PC Setting (bar)LS Signal line margin (bar)22 Department (slide master)Pump Torque ETL Active - (N-m)

ETL - How does it work?Pump CornerTorque310 barStalling areaETL active!190 bar100 barRemember: Torque k x P [bar] x Displacement [cc]K constant, P pump pressure23 Department (slide master)

How does it work?System Components24 Department (slide master)

Real World Benefits1. increase productivitycan increase fuel efficiencyperformance is as good as a MTCcan help reduce sound dBA levelsprovides additional inherent advantages25 Department (slide master)

Key applicationsWorld-class technology that serves a range of different market segments:Backhoe LoadersRough Terrain/ Large TruckChassis CranesSpecialty Harvesters26 Department (slide ifts/ Telehandlers

NEW ETL InformationETL MicrositeNew Danfoss Micro-Site Links to Video Links to Data SheetsNew Danfoss ETL Video System AnimationNew Danfoss ETL Brochure Contains Value Prop statements System OverviewNew Danfoss ETL Poster System Overview graphic27 Department (slide master)

Service Tool FunctionalityIntroduction – System Overview28 Department (slide master)

Fan Drive

Why do we need Fan Drives for cooling?100%fuel energyWe need a fan drive system to cool down the engine by removing 35% heatexhaust pipethe waste heat with a fan drive system to . safe the engine for overheating. provide stable engine temperature. increase the engine performance.30%enginewasteheatThe required fan power to achieve maximum cooling power for the enginerequires approx. 10% (7-15%) of the installed Diesel engine power.35%mechanicalpower30 Department (slide master)

What makes up a Fan Drive System? Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Motor A Control Device Sensors31 Department (slide master)

Fan Drive Systems32 Department (slide master)

Fan Drive system with gear productsFan Drive SystemsGear Pump Gear Motor33 Department (slide master)

Fan Drive system with variable pumpFan Drive SystemsOpen Circuit Piston Pump Axial Piston Motor34 Department (slide master)

Fan Drive system with gear productsFan Drive Systems with reverse functionalityGear Pump Gear Motor HICandreversingoption35 Department (slide master)

Fan Drive Systems with reverse functionalityOpen Circuit Piston Pump Axial Piston Motor HIC36 Department (slide master)

Fan Drive Systems with reverse functionalityOpen Circuit Piston Pump RDM Motor37 Department (slide master)

Features and BenefitsFeatures0,4Benefits Reduces system complexityIntegrated Shift Valve38 Department (slide master) Less system components (hoses, valves,fittings, etc.) Lower assembly/installation and componentcosts

Fan Drive SolutionsMedium Power – Products &

Reverse Displacement Motor RDM 25cc, 30cc, 35cc (38cc, 45cc comingsoon) Dedicated open circuit motor Reversing functionality Integrated shift valve Using system pressure Robust fan drive options: Tapered shaft with dust seal High capacity bearings Anti-Cavitation and shock valve Cartridge mounting40 Department (slide master)

Today’s Fan Drive Control (EPC) Control of maximum pump outlet pressure electronically Vary pump pressure between PC and LS settings “Fail safe” – system goes to max pressure in case of electricalfailureNormally Closed41 Department (slide master)

Fan Drive SolutionsPLUS

Fan Drive SystemsFan Control PLUS 1 GUIDE Service Tool PLUS 1 Diagnostic File (P1D) Fan Drive Application File (LHX) CAN Gate CG 150 MC 012-14 for FD Application Temperature Sensors43 Department (slide master)

Fan Control Complete Fan Drive software solution with service screens 3 temperature inputs (water, charge air, oil) Easy to handle and change parameters. Easy to get overview of the function and system by schematicdrawings instead of source code like C etc.44 Department (slide master)

Fan Control Preconfigured complete reversing cycle Time trigger and manual trigger45 Department (slide master)

Benefits of Variable Fan Drives Fan power matches the specific cooling demand Increased productivity/performance - more power available forwork functions and/or propel Less fuel consumption, reduced CO2 production Reduced noise - easier to meet noise emission legislation Reversibility as an option to clean the fan and to maintain high fandrive efficiency Reduced fan tip clearance improves fan performance Higher operator comfort Reduced “Total Cost of Ownership” Increased lifetime of components Increased design/mounting flexibility Improved vehicle warm up phase46 Department (slide master)

SupportLiterature OverviewThe following documents areavailable via the .com11159962Technical InformationSeries 45 Axial Piston Open Circuit Pumps Tech.InformationSeries 45 Data SheetService ManualsSeries 45 FrameSeries 45 FrameSeries 45 FrameSeries 45 FrameSeries 45 FrameSeries 45 FrameE Service ManualF Service ManualG Service ManualH Service ManualJ Service ManualK and L Service 0607520L0532520L0611

Series 45 Axial Piston Open Circuit Pumps Tech. Information Series 45 Data Sheet 520L0519 11076184 Service Manuals Series 45 Frame E Service Manual Series 45 Frame F Service Manual Series 45 Frame G Service Manual Series 45 Frame H Service Manual Series 45 Frame J Service Manual Series 45 Frame K and L Service Manual 520L0606 11005158 520L0605 ...