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ICC Preferred Provider Program ManualTable of ContentsIntroduction and Historical Perspective . 11.0General Program Information. 21.1Goals of the Preferred Provider Program . 21.2Purpose of the Preferred Provider Program . 21.3Description of a Preferred Provider . 21.4Benefits of Becoming a Preferred Provider . 31.5Benefits to Users of the Preferred Provider Program . 41.6Categories of Preferred Providers. 41.7Acceptable Types of Preferred Provider Content . 52.0Provider Requirements . 62.1Registration as a Preferred Provider . 62.2Registration of Individual Education Courses. 72.3On-site: In-person Presentation of an On-site Preferred Provider Course. 82.4Online Live Webinar: Presentation of a PreferredProvider Live Webinar . 92.5Online On-demand: Presentation of a PreferredProvider Online On-demand Course . 92.6Presentation Guidelines . 102.7Additional Provider Requirements. 113.0Responsibilities of the International Code Council. 123.1Application and Course Review . 123.2Directory of Providers . 123.3Schedule of Courses . 123.4Provider Information Site . 123.5Program Monitoring. 123.6PP Wall Certificate and Tabletop Plaque . 124.0Audits and Appeals . 134.1Audits of Training and Providers . 134.2Results of Audits . 134.3Allowance to Appeal . 134.4Appeal Process . 135.0Definitions and Acronyms . 14i

Appendix AAppendix BAppendix CAppendix DAppendix EAppendix FAppendix GAppendix HAppendix IPreferred Provider Resources . 15Annual Fee Schedule . 21Overview of ICC Certification Renewal Program . 22ICC Chapter Education Benefit (CEB) Program . 26Preferred Provider Program Contact Information . 28Frequently Asked Questions . 29ICC Preferred Provider Logo License . 35Preferred Provider Application and Approval Process and Flow . 37Roster Upload Flow Chart . 40ii

Introduction and Historical PerspectiveThe International Code Council (ICC) is a member-focused association dedicated to helping thebuilding safety community, fire service and construction industry provide safe, sustainable andaffordable construction through the development and support of codes and standards used in thedesign, build and compliance process. Most US communities and many global markets choose theInternational Codes and ICC standards. ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), a subsidiary of the ICC, hasbeen the industry leader in performing technical evaluations for code compliance, fostering safe andsustainable design and construction. The ICC Family of Companies consists of the International CodeCouncil, ICC Evaluation Service, International Accreditation Service and the Solar Rating andCertification Corporation.The ICC (and its predecessor legacy organizations) has been providing quality education in supportof building safety, fire prevention and code administration for several decades. The ever-increasingpace of change in technology, sciences and building construction methodology, along with thecontinuous introduction of innovative products, has made it impractical for any single organizationor entity to provide the necessary education and training demanded by various segments of thebuilding construction industry and fire service. ICC intends to sharpen its focus on training in its coreareas of expertise and establish new partnerships with other organizations, educators andmanufacturers to broaden educational opportunities in the extensive areas of construction, codeand standard administration where quality training is needed. These partnerships are the basis ofthe ICC Preferred Provider Program (PPP).1

1.0General Program Information1.1Goals of the Preferred Provider ProgramThe Preferred Provider Program (PPP) focuses on training opportunities offered by variouscategories of ICC-approved education Providers, as identified in Section 1.6, whichcollectively form the ICC Preferred Provider Network (PPN). The Program recognizes andpromotes ICC-approved educational offerings by a variety of Providers as they relate tocodes, standards and guidelines, as well as building construction materials, products andmethods.1.2Purpose of the Preferred Provider ProgramThe ICC Preferred Provider Program is designed to accomplish several goals: an easily accessible network of extensive training opportunities from a varietyof educational resources;1.2.2Provide access to quality training on specialty topics and building products that arebeyond the ICC core training programs;1.2.3Provide increased quality and support for educational renewal requirements of theICC Certification Program;1.2.4Enhance the relationship between ICC and educational Providers in support ofbuilding safety and innovation in building products and construction practices; and1.2.5Expand opportunities for maintaining a high level of professional achievementdemonstrated through obtaining ICC certification.Description of a Preferred ProviderUpon application and approval, education Providers will achieve ICC Preferred Provider (PP)status and become a part of the Preferred Provider Network (PPN). A wide range ofeducation Providers make up the Network and include any ICC Chapter, individual, group,organization, association, jurisdiction, institution, company or corporation that provideseducational opportunities through one or more methods in the areas of code administrationand compliance, building design and construction, materials and methods of construction, orsimilar areas through on-site presentations or online programs. More information can befound in Section 1.6.2

1.4Benefits of Becoming a Preferred ProviderThere are many important reasons that ICC Preferred Provider status benefits educationProviders, including: Preferred Providers to ICC members to create a vast network ofeducational opportunities. The International Code Council has over 65,000members who rely on educational and informational opportunities to stay currenton varied aspects of building construction and use. The Program brings educationProviders together with these members, as well as over 360 ICC Chapters and53,000 ICC-certified individuals, to greatly expand the amount and quality ofavailable training needed to serve the significant needs. With a subscription base ofmore than 220,000 and database of over 450,000, significant exposureopportunities are possible. ICC’s periodic communication with its members andcustomer bases regarding the PPP and links to the PP website will facilitate theconnection between ICC members and customers with Preferred Providers.Leveraging a partnership between the Provider and ICC. The Program exposes theservices and products of education Providers to ICC’s broad audience through aProvider directory, listing of Provider educational offerings and links to Providerwebsites. In addition, the Provider can use the ICC Preferred Provider logo and brandfor marketing purposes. See Appendix G for ICC Preferred Provider logo usagerequirements.1.4.3Support of ICC Certification Renewal Program. The ICC certification programcertifies over 14,000 code officials, inspectors, plan reviewers, permit technicians,special inspectors and students every year in over 40 national examinationcategories. Such certifications must be renewed every three years, with renewalbased primarily on participation in educational programs. Every year more than12,000 individuals renew one or more of their certifications. To maintain a level ofquality assurance for the credibility of the ICC certification renewal program, theuse of ICC or Preferred Provider training is now required as a condition of allcertification renewals. More information is available in Appendix C. Beginning July1, 2016, a minimum of 50 percent of ICC Certification renewal credits (ContinuingEducation Units or CEU) shall be from a Preferred Provider or ICC training.1.4.4Participation in ICC Chapter Education Benefit Program (CEB). Eligible ICC Chaptersare awarded chapter education benefits (CEB) that have historically been limited toICC-provided training. The benefit has now been expanded so that Chapters canchoose to obtain educational services from a Preferred Provider as the Chapterbenefit with a significant reimbursement from ICC. More information on the CEBProgram can be found in Appendix D.3 ICC Chapter discounted prices for ICC publications. Preferred Providers thatchoose to offer ICC publications as an integral part of their training offerings will beable to purchase such publications from ICC at ICC Chapter seminar prices. ICCChapter seminar prices are generally 20 percent lower than ICC Member prices;however, actual pricing may vary based on the individual publication. A minimumnumber of 5 books from each publication must be ordered for this discount to apply.1.4.6Wall certificate/tabletop plaque. Preferred Providers will receive a wall certificatefrom ICC in recognition of their initial approval as an ICC Preferred Provider. Atabletop plaque will also be provided for use at various exhibits and events.Benefits to Users of the Preferred Provider ProgramUsers of the Preferred Provider Program are able to benefit in a number of ways, including:1.5.1Provided with a comprehensive listing of available and relevant educationalprograms. Expanded topics and access to educational offerings will be available, bothon-site and online, and are identified through a live training schedule located on theICC Preferred Provider website. See Section 5.0 for definitions of “on-site training”and “online training.”1.5.2Opportunity to learn about products and services of PP. Users will have access toinformation about products, educational offerings and other services of PreferredProviders, and will be able to develop new relationships and networkingopportunities.1.5.3Utilize the Provider educational programs to renew ICC certifications. ICCcertificate holders are required to obtain a specified number of CEUs every threeyears in order to maintain their certifications. Half (50%) of these CEUs must beobtained through Preferred Provider or ICC training, or both Preferred Provider andICC. Increased opportunities to gain the necessary CEUs are available to ICCcertificate holders.1.5.4Guaranteed compliance of training for certification renewal. Those using thePreferred Provider Network for training are conveniently assured without anyfurther research that the training they participated in qualifies for ICC certificationrenewal.Categories of Preferred ProvidersEducation Providers become part of the Network upon application to, and approval from,ICC. To become a Preferred Provider, applicants must apply for Provider status in one of thefollowing categories:4

1.6.1ICC Chapters. ICC Chapters include all Chapters of the International Code Councilthat have obtained and maintain ICC Chapter eligibility.1.6.2Governmental and Nonprofit. Governmental units include municipalities, county,state and other jurisdictional units or agencies; nonprofit Providers includeassociations, public education institutions and similar nonprofit organizations.1.6.3Educator. Private for-profit education Providers include individuals, companies andprivate educational institutions and are classified as one of the following: Educator, Individual. Includes those for-profit education Providers whosenumber of staff dedicated to education-related activities is limited to oneindividual, and instruction is limited to 30 or fewer seminar days annually.This category provides on-site education only. See Section 5.0 for definitionsof “on-site training” and “online training.” Educator, General. Includes those for-profit education Providers whosenumber of staff or number of instruction days exceeds the limits listed in theIndividual Educator category. Providers from

Education offered by a Preferred Provider can be on-site, online, or both. See Section 5.0 for definitions of “on-site training” and “online training.” The training, both on-site and online, is limited to the following topic areas: 1.7.1 Building construction. Training on subjects related to construction of buildings.