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ENGLISHUSER GUIDELM-V405TACopyright 2018 LG Electronics Inc. All rights reserved.MFL71180501 (1.0)

About this user guideThank you for choosing this LG product. Please carefully read this userguide before using the device for the first time to ensure safe and properuse. Always use genuine LG accessories. The supplied items are designedonly for this device and may not be compatible with other devices. Descriptions are based on the device default settings. Default apps on the device are subject to updates, and support forthese apps may be withdrawn without prior notice. If you have anyquestions about an app provided with the device, please contact anLG Service Center. For user-installed apps, please contact the relevantservice provider. Modifying the device’s operating system or installing software fromunofficial sources may damage the device and lead to data corruptionor data loss. Such actions will violate your LG license agreement andvoid your warranty. Some content and illustrations may differ from your device, dependingon the area, service provider, software version, or OS version, and aresubject to change without prior notice. Software, audio, wallpaper, images, and other media supplied withyour device are licensed for limited use. If you extract and use thesematerials for commercial or other purposes, you may be infringingcopyright laws. As a user, you are fully responsible for the illegal use ofmedia. Additional charges may incur for data services, such as messaging,uploading,downloading, auto-syncing and location services. To avoidadditional charges, select a data plan suitable to your needs. Contactyour service provider to obtain additional details.1

Instructional noticesWARNING: Situations that could cause injury to the user and third parties.CAUTION: Situations that may cause minor injury or damage to the device.NOTE: Notices or additional information.About this user guide2

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Camera featuresGoogle LensYou can get more information or take desired actions on items aroundyou using Google Lens, like landmarks, posters, restaurant menus, animals,flowers, or barcodes, directly in the Camera app.For example, when you use Google Lens on a: Business card: You can save the phone number or address to acontact. Book: You can get reviews and other details about it. Landmark or building: You can get more details about it. Painting in a museum: You can get details about it. Plant or animal: You can learn more about it. Flyer or event billboard: You can add that event to your calendar. Google Lens is available only when your device is connected to theinternet. If you use mobile data, you may be charged for data usage,depending on your pricing plan.Use Google Lens, and tap Google Lens.1 Tap2 Point your camera at an item.3 To get details or take action: Tap the item on your screen. To select text: Tap a word, and select a desired option. If the result isnot shown, tap it again and drag the blue dots, if needed, and takedesired actions.Tap Speak. Ask a question or say a command, like: What is this? Call this Add this to Google KeepCustom-designed Features6

PortraitYou can create an artistic portrait photo, whereby the subject is in focusand the background is blurred. You can also edit the image by applyinglighting or color effect to the background., and tap Portrait.1 TapDragtheslidebar to the left or right to adjust the blur strength.2 You can take photos with clear subject and blurred background.Adjust blur strength.Select color effect.Select 3D Lighting Effect. 3D Lighting Effect: TapCustom-designed Featuresto select a lighting effect.7

Color effect: Tap3 Tapto select a background take a photo. While taking a photo with rear camera, keep the distance to yoursubject to 1.3 5 feet. This feature is not available if the surroundings are too dark.Custom-designed Features8

Triple shotThe triple cameras located on the back of the device take a series ofphotos with different angles of view and save as a video with slide effect.1 Tap2 Tap, and tap Triple take a photo. The triple cameras take photos automatically in sequence. A triple shot video is automatically saved in Gallery. While taking a photo, hold the device steady until all 3 photos havebeen taken.Custom-designed Features9

AI CAMYou can use the AI Cam feature to automatically recognize the objectwhen taking a photo or recording a video for an optimal quality., then tap AI CAM.1 Tap2 When the object is recognized, the best effect for the scene is applied. To apply other effects, tap the scene icon. A total of 19 categories, such as portrait, pets, food, sunrise, sunset,scenery, city view, flowers, babies, sky, beach, etc, can be recognizedautomatically.PortraitSunsetFlower The result of the scene recognition may differ depending on theillumination or the location of the subject while taking photos. Keywordsdo not appear on the actual photos or videos. This feature is available only when the front and rear cameras are in theAuto mode.Custom-designed Features10

Cine shotYou can record a moment and make a GIF with only a part of the scene inmotion.While recording a video, hold the device steady. After recorded, rub an areain the video you want in motion. The selected area starts moving and therest of the video remains still.1 Tap2 Tap, then tap record a 3 second video. Hold the device steady while recording the video.3 Tap Tapand rub the area you want in motion with the Cine shot erase the selected area.UndoRedoPlay forward and backwardrepeatedly.Play forward repeatedly.Select the area to move.Erase the selected area.4 Tap SAVE. The selected area becomes GIF. Cine shot is recorded in the FHD 16:9 aspect ratio.Custom-designed Features11

Makeup ProWhile taking selfies, you can apply various makeup techniques.When using the front camera, adjust the skin tone and apply eye and lipmakeups., switch to the front camera, then tap .1 Tap2 Select a desired makeup option, then drag the slide bar to the left orright to adjust the effect. When you select None, the slide bar disappears.3 Tapto take a photo.Custom-designed Features12

PreviewYou can preview images of different angles taken by the triple cameraslocated on the back of the device and select a desired angle to take aphoto or record a video.Before taking a photo, touch and hold a camera view icon to displaypreview icons of three angles on the right. The screen displays the preview image of the selected angle of view. After selecting a desired angle, tap or to take a photo or recorda video.Selectpreviewicon.Telephoto camera viewStandard angle cameraviewWide-angle cameraview This feature is available only in the Auto mode and AI Cam.Custom-designed Features13

Cine VideoYou can record a movie-like video.1 Tap2 Tap, then tap MODE Cine record a video.: Record a video by selecting the point zoom feature to zoom in/ out around a specific desired area.: Select an effect to apply to the recording. You can also adjust the vignette and strength for each Cine effect. This feature cannotbe changed after you have started recording. The Point Zoom feature supports a zoom speed of up to 3x. This feature only supports video recordings in standard angle.Custom-designed Features14

Gallery featuresRelated contentYou can edit and customize related content in Gallery.1 While viewing a picture preview, tap .2 When the icon related with the date or location where you took thephoto appears, touch the screen. You can view photos taken on the same day or at the same location.Custom-designed Features15

Tapto access additional options.Making a GIFYou can create a GIF file from Gallery.1 While viewing an album, tap Create GIF.2 Select the desired photos and videos to create a GIF file and then tapNEXT. You can add more images and adjust the GIF speed, screen ratio,and file order.3 Tap SAVE. A maximum of 100 images can be used to create a GIF file.Custom-designed Features16

Making a collageYou can make a collage from the associated content.1 While viewing an album, tap Make collage.2 Select the desired images to add to the a collage and then tap NEXT. Select the desired layout from the bottom of the screen.3 Tap MAKE. A maximum of 9 images can be used to create a collage.Making a video from the related contentYou can gather related content to make a video clip by tapping on thevideo displaying the date or location.Select the theme and background music, adjust caption effects and orderor add date and your signature and then tap SAVE.: Select the video theme. -- To download the theme, tap .Custom-designed Features17

: Add background music or adjust the playback time.-- To select a file for the background music, tap .-- To download a file for the background music, tap .-- To adjust the volume of background music and original video, tap: Select a font face. -- To download a font, tap .: Change the order of files to play as a video. -- To add files, tap . Download the VASSET app from the Play Store to add video themes,background music or font faces.If you use mobile data without Wi-Fi connection, you may be chargedfor data usage.Custom-designed Features18

Creating a movieYou can create a new movie by putting images and videos together.1 TapPhotos tab, then tapCreate movie.You can also tapPlay tab, then tap Create movie.2 Select images or videos for your movie and tap NEXT.3 Edit the selected images and videos and then tap SAVE.Custom-designed Features19

Deleting filesYou can select images or videos to delete from your video by tappingat the top right corner of its thumbnail.Adding filesYou can select images or videos to add after tapping at the bottom ofthe screen. You can also select the images or videos you have previouslyadded. Touch and hold a file, and then tap another file for multiple selection.Rearranging filesTo rearrange the images and videos, touch and hold the file you want tomove, then dragging it to the desired location.Adding file effectsTapto add a theme or background music, change the font.Resetting the movie editsYou can reset the edits made to the movie (e.g. play time) by tapping .Previewing a fileCheck your new video before saving it by tappingtime elapses, the next file is played automatically. After the playback A maximum of 50 images and videos can be used to create a video. The playback time for an image is 3 seconds by default and it cannot bechanged. Videos can be trimmed down to a minimum of 1 second. This feature may not support some image or video formats.Custom-designed Features20

Making a GIFYou can easily make a GIF file using recorded videos or photos.Making a GIF by using recorded videos1 At the desired starting point while watching a video, tap2 Select the length of the GIF you want to create. GIF is generated for the time selected from the current time. For videos less than 5 seconds, GIF images are automaticallygenerated for the remaining time.Making a GIF by using photos1 While viewing an album, tap Create GIF.You can also tapin the Play tab of the Gallery app.2 Select the desired photos to create a GIF file and then tap NEXT. You can add more images and adjust the GIF speed, screen ratio,and file order. You may use this feature solely for creative purposes. The use of thisfeature involving infringement of any other person’s rights, such ascopyright or defamatory or offensive statements, may be subject to civil,criminal, or administrative liabilities and/or penalties under applicablelaws. You shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise make illegaluse of any copyrighted materials without permission of the rightfulowner or copyright holder. To the fullest extent permitted by applicablelaw, LG Electronics disclaims all expressed and implied warranties as wellas liabilities associated thereto. A maximum of 100 images can be used to create a GIF file.Custom-designed Features21

Sound quality and effectsDTS:X 3D SurroundYou can play a song or video in three-dimensional, immersive and vividsound. To use this feature, connect earphones, speaker or other externalaudio devices to your device.Settings Sound Sound quality and effects DTS:X 3DTapto activate this feature.Surround, then tapAdjusting the sound directionYou can adjust the sound direction as desired.1 TapSettings Sound Sound quality and effects DTS:X 3DSurround, then tap .2 Select the desired sound direction.Custom-designed Features22

Floating BarFloating Bar overviewYou can access frequently used features, including shortcuts, screenshots,music player, and quick contacts, by touching and swiping Floating Bar onthe screen.Settings GeneralTo enable the Floating Bar feature, tap.Floating BarOpening and closing the Floating Bar To open Floating Bar: Tap To close Floating Bar: Tapor .or .Floating BarCustom-designed Features23

Moving the Floating Bar position Floating bar open: Touch and hold Floating Bar, then drag it to thedesired location. Floating bar closed: Touch and hold Floating Bar, then drag it to thedesired location along the edge of the screen.Changing the position of Floating BarYou can set the area in which the Floating Bar can move or be pinned.Settings General Floating Bar Position.1 Tap2 Tap the desired option and tap OK. Floating Bar can only be moved within the area between the Status barand Quick access bar. See Home screen layout for details.Custom-designed Features24

Disabling Floating BarYou can disable Floating Bar by using one of the following methods: With Floating Bar closed, touch and hold or and then drag it toRemove at the top of the the top of the

Portrait You can create an artistic portrait photo, whereby the subject is in focus and the background is blurred. You can also edit the image by applying lighting or color effect to the background. 1 Tap , and tap Portrait. 2 Drag the slide bar to the left or right to adjust the blur strength.