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WHY BURLINGTONENGLISH?Welcome to the Burlington Family!As the Publisher that Cares, we offer easy-to-useonline solutions for your English language learningand career readiness needs. Our unmatchedcustomer service provides ongoingimplementation support, product training,and professional development by a teamof highly-trained specialists.The flexibility of the Burlington coursesallows for teaching in class, at the lab,and from a distance.Together, we make learning English easy!DYNAMIC & FLEXIBLE lended program can be usedBIn Class – At the Lab – From a Distance24/7 24/7 AccessT eacher-led instruction with the ICL (Projectable In-Class Lessons) tudents progress at theirSown pace and abilityPAGE 2CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGYTHAT’S EASY TO USESpeechTrainerMobile Vocabulary PracticePAGE 3PERSONALIZED, DATA-DRIVENINSTRUCTION & LEARNINGF or Administrators, Teachers, andStudents eal-time feedback and reporting toRtrack, monitor, and measure progressPAGE 4

UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SUPPORT IMPLEMENTATION MADE EASY!Burlington stays with youthroughout the whole processGENERAL ENGLISHCOURSESUsing Your Computer Personalized Customer ServiceBurlington BasicsEnglish in America24/7 Technical SupportEveryday English Onsite and Virtual TrainingOngoing Professional DevelopmentPAGE 59101213CAREER PATHWAYSCOURSESCareer Pathways Courses14NEW! C areer Exploration &Career Courses Series A & B151819EXAM PREPARATIONBurlington helps you meet thedemands of WIOAPAGE 6Prepare for CASAS20BURLINGTONENGLISHLIBRARYDigital Readers21A COMPREHENSIVEENGLISH PROGRAM idest available range of digitalWmaterials for General English,Careers, and EL CivicsCCRS8Advanced EnglishSoft SkillsCareer WordlistsWIOA SUCCESSENSUREWIOACOURSES orrelated to CCRS, ELPS, CASAS,Cand state standardsPAGE 7

ABOUT BURLINGTONBURLINGTONENGLISH – DynamicTHE BURLINGTON BLENDA Flexible State-of-the-Art Blended CurriculumBlended learning is the ideal instructional model for today’s adult student. It combines the support ofteacher-led classroom instruction with the flexibility of online learning.Burlington facilitates a blended learning methodology by combining projectable in-class lessons (ICL),downloadable worksheets, student-directed online lessons (Student’s Zone), and mobile practicefor a rich and flexible curriculum.s)ICL (In-Class LessonWorksheetsStudent’s ZoneMobile VocabularyPracticeThe Burlington Blend offers you the best options to reach your students –in class, at the lab, or from a distance.2

ABOUT BURLINGTON& FlexibleCUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGYSpeechTrainerIndividualized Pronunciation Feedback and InstructionAnimations illustratepronunciation mistakesand how to correct themAll BurlingtonEnglish courses feature the BurlingtonEnglishSpeechTrainer. This patented speech processing technologyhelps learners perfect their pronunciation and listening skills.The SpeechTrainer analyzes students’ spoken English, adaptsto a wide variety of accents to discern specific difficulties, andcorrects mispronunciations through individualized training. Thiswill help improve students’ pronunciation, comprehensibility,and confidence to successfully communicate in English.Students follow four stepsto improve and practicetheir pronunciationMobile Vocabulary PracticeVocabulary Practice Any Time, Anywhere!Mobile Vocabulary Practice allows students to get additionalvocabulary practice on the go! Using their mobile devices,students can access wordlists for their courses to reinforcetheir language learning whenever and wherever they are.A variety of activities,including fill in theblank, match thesound, and match thetranslation, provideextensive vocabularypracticeStudents canlisten to thepronunciation ofwords and phrasesthey are studyingin class, and seetranslations andexample sentences3

ABOUT BURLINGTONMake the Most of Your BURLINGTONPersonalized, Data-Driven Instruction & LearningA Dynamic Interface for Administrators, Teachers, and Students Control students’ access Monitor students’ progresscourses to meet your Cprograms’ ustomize needs Access detailed and varied reportsFor Administrators Data Analysis Performance Overviewstudent / Teacher / Class SManagementToolsFor Teachers Curriculum Guides Worksheetseacher’s Notes and TAnswerKeys Student Progress Reporting Student Management Tools Video Tutorials4For Studentsto Learning 2via4/7theAccessinternet Video Tutorials Flexible Pacing

ABOUT BURLINGTONExperienceOngoing Support for Implementation and TrainingUnmatched Customer Service and Continuous SupportEvery Step of the Way – Before, During, and After ImplementationOur highly trained specialists will show you how to best implement theBurlington program to ensure success. They will guide you, step by step,through each of the courses, help you select the most appropriate material, anddemonstrate the best ways to use it, based on your personal teaching situation.Our dedicated customer support team provides you with 24/7 technical supportand program updates, as well as onsite and virtual implementation and trainingsupport for staff and administration. With our ongoing teacher training webinarsand professional development opportunities, you can feel confident that bothyou and your students are making the most of the Burlington experience, eachand every day.Needs tionEngagementOngoing trainingand professionaldevelopmentAssessmentand Results5

ABOUT BURLINGTONBURLINGTONENGLISH Meets All YourBURLINGTON Ensures WIOA SuccessBURLINGTONENGLISH Responds to the Demands of WIOATo be eligible for WIOA funding, adult education programs must provide services and training activitiesto help students acquire a combination of English language and civics, as well as digital literacy andemployability skills – the skills necessary to successfully transition into postsecondary education oremployment.The BurlingtonEnglish suite of online interactive courses helps adult education programs meet thedemands of WIOA with a focus on rigorous academic preparation, civics knowledge, career readiness,and technology integration at all levels and areas of instruction. Burlington will also help teachers andadministrators plan instruction, customize their lessons, and monitor student performance, while theirstudents become empowered, independent learners working towards their personal career goals.Ensure WIOA Success1 Preparation forFinding theRight CareerBurlingtonEnglish CoursesJOB23 4 5 Job Placement:Applications,Resumes,InterviewsJ ob Retentionand Soft SkillsT ransitions toPostsecondaryEducation &Training Integration ofEnglish Literacyand Civics 6 Digital Literacy6

ABOUT BURLINGTONNeedsA COMPREHENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAMBURLINGTONENGLISH is a unique blended English language program for adults, offering comprehensiveGeneral English courses together with a wide range of career courses and other supplementary products.The Burlington General English courses include Burlington Basics, English in America, Everyday English,and Advanced English. With hundreds of hours of learning, these courses provide students with a strongfoundation in all four language skills and civics. The Burlington Career Pathways courses include CareerExploration & Soft Skills, Career Wordlists, and Career Courses Series A and B. Students can explore careeroptions and gain the essential language and skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.Other products include Using Your Computer, a mini-course which helps students develop their digitalliteracy skills. Students use Prepare for CASAS, an exam preparation course that is closely aligned andcorrelated to CASAS to ensure that they maximize their test scores. The BurlingtonEnglish Library offersmultilevel graded digital readers for students to read for pleasure and improve their fluency.BurlingtonEnglishBURLINGTONENGLISHGENERAL ENGLISH COURSESWatch a TutorialMy PortfolioUsing YourComputerCAREER PATHWAYS COURSESEXPLORATION& SOFT SKILLSCAREER COURSESCAREERWORDLISTSSeries ASeries BBARTENDERSADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTSACCOUNTING ENGLISHBASEBALL PLAYERSAUTO MECHANICSAIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERSCONSTRUCTION WORKERSBOOKKEEPERSBANKING ENGLISHDAIRY WORKERSCHILDCARE WORKERSBUSINESS ENGLISHFARM WORKERSCOOKSCAREGIVERS ENGLISHHOUSEKEEPERSCOSMETOLOGISTSDOCTORS ENGLISHMEAT PROCESSING WORKERSDENTAL ASSISTANTSENGINEERING ENGLISHMILITARYELECTRICIANSFINANCE ENGLISHOIL WORKERSFLIGHT ATTENDANTSHI-TECH ENGLISHPLANT / FACTORY WORKERSHVAC/R TECHNICIANSHOTEL ENGLISHRESTAURANT MANAGERSNETWORK SUPPORT PERSONNELLEGAL ENGLISHWELDERSNURSING ASSISTANTSNURSES ENGLISHORTHOPEDIC TECHNOLOGISTSOFFICE ENGLISHPHARMACY TECHNICIANSRELOCATION ENGLISHPLUMBERSTEACHERS ENGLISHRETAIL SALESPEOPLETRAVEL ENGLISHEXAMPREPARATIONPREPARE FOR CASASBURLINGTONENGLISHLIBRARYREADERSSERVERS / WAITERSWEB DEVELOPERS7

GENER AL ENGLISH COURSESUsing YourComputerUSING YOUR COMPUTERYour Students’ First Step to Digital LiteracyThrough a series of short animated videos, students develop basic digitalliteracy skills such as maneuvering the mouse and using the keyboard,as well as gain a basic understanding of a computer. The easy-to-followvideos also familiarize students with the functionality and features of theBurlingtonEnglish program to enhance their learning experience.esigned for learners with limited English proficiency, using Deasy-to-followvisual demonstrations. Suits all students, including those with limited to no digital literacy skills. Ideal for both self-directed learning and teacher-led instruction. Also available on mobile devices for any time, anywhere learning.Learn how to holdthe mouse andmove the cursorLearn how to scroll8Available onmobile devices

GENER AL ENGLISH COURSESBURLINGTON BASICSWIOAOur Solution for Your Low Literacy StudentsNRS ESL Level 1CASAS ESL Level ADesigned to help students gain basic language skills, develop digital literacy,and learn essential vocabulary to communicate in their everyday lives,Burlington Basics integrates language acquisition and civics education withlevel-appropriate workforce preparation activities.tudents are exposed to the language and structures needed to function in Severydaysituations at work, in school, and in the community.mix of language skills and civics education is a perfect starting point Tforhestudentson their path to postsecondary education and training, andemployment.he teacher-led ICL (In-Class Lessons) combined with worksheets and TStudent’sZone lessons build a blended learning curriculum. Students can practice vocabulary on their mobile devices any time, anywhere.tudent management and detailed progress tracking and reporting are Savailablefor both teacher and administrator.Students see a picture ofevery new word as they hear,read, and say itVocabularyPracticeavailableon mobiledevicesTeacher-led ICLlessons can bedigitally projectedfor presentation andpracticeMultilevel worksheets providedifferentiated instruction9

GENER AL ENGLISH COURSESENGLISH IN AMERICACCRSDesigned with a Strong EL Civics FocusELPSStudents living and working in the United States will improve their languageskills and gain important life skills using English in America. This multilevel courseincludes a wide range of topic-based modules with a strong EL Civics focus. The flexible curriculum allows teachers to select the situations that are mostrelevant for their students, in any order they choose.to CASAS and national and state standards, the course prepares Alignedstudents for relevant assessments.he projectable ICL lessons will get students speaking and participating in Tactivitiesthat include exciting visuals, discussion starters, and games.omprehensive support for teachers includes Assessments and Rubrics, CPlanningand Pacing Guides, Portfolio and Community Involvement Activities,and Ideas for Enhancing Students’ Online Experience.NRS ESL Levels 2-6 Students can practice vocabulary on their mobile devices any time, anywhere.tudent management and detailed progress tracking and reporting are Savailablefor both teacher and administrator.CCRS Levels A-DELPS Levels 1-5Student’s ZoneWorkplace reading and writingactivities include preparing forjob interviews, applications,time sheets, and safety signsCASAS ESL Levels A-CReal-life texts teach studentsvaluable life skills10WIOA

The ICL (In-Class Lessons), Worksheets, Student’s Zone, and Mobile Vocabulary PracticeCreate a Fully Blended CurriculumICL (In-Class Lessons)WorksheetsWorksheetsconsolidatelanguage andvocabulary fromthe lessonsThe ICL provides teachers withinteractive lessons designed forclass instructionStudent’s ZoneMobileVocabulary PracticeVocabulary Practice availableon mobile devicesThe online lessons can be usedby students for independentwork in computer labs or athome11

GENER AL ENGLISH COURSESEVERYDAY ENGLISHDeveloped to Help Students Function in Englishin Their Everyday LivesELPSStudents acquire essential language and digital literacy skills with the topic-basedmodules in Everyday English. This three-level general English course can be usedas a stand-alone online course or enhanced with the Worksheets inface-to-face lessons. Provides a progressive grammar syllabus for all three levels.lessons give students additional opportunities to practice and improve Rtheeviewfour language skills.ligned to CASAS and national and state standards, the course prepares Astudentsfor relevant assessments. Students can practice vocabulary on their mobile devices any time, anywhere.tudent management and detailed progress tracking and reporting are Savailablefor both teacher and administrator.NRS ESL Levels 2-5Student’s ZoneWorksheetsCCRS Levels A-CELPS Levels 1-4CASAS ESL Levels A-BMobileVocabulary Practice12CCRS

GENER AL ENGLISH COURSESADVANCED ENGLISHDynamic Topic-based Course for Advanced StudentsNRS ESL Level 6CCRS Level DELPS Level 5CASAS ESL Level CCCRSELPSAimed at adult learners at the advanced level, Advanced Englishteaches rich useful vocabulary and important skills and strategies to helpprepare students for their careers or for continued education. Students areexposed to functional language and social skills throughout the course and canapply what they have learned to new tasks and contexts.he Student’s Zone can be used as a stand-alone online course or enhanced Twiththe Communication, Reading, Writing, and Grammar Worksheets inface-to-face lessons.ligned to CASAS and national and state standards, the course prepares Astudentsfor relevant assessments. Students can practice vocabulary on their mobile devices any time, anywhere.tudent management and detailed progress tracking and reporting are Savailablefor both teacher and administrator.Students improve theirlanguage skills with extensivereading, listening, speaking,grammar, and guided writingpracticeSkills-based lessons includevaluable learning strategiesthat students can apply in avariety of settingsA variety ofski

ENGLISH® THE PUBLISHER THAT CARES. PAGE 4 WHY BURLINGTONENGLISH? DYNAMIC & FLEXIBLE PAGE 2 Blended program can be used In Class – At the Lab – From a Distance 24/7 cce s7 s/42 Teacher-led instruction with the ICL® (Projectable In-Class Lessons) ... Provides a progressive grammar syllabus for all three levels. ...