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TABLE OF CONTENTSPage No.DESCRIPTIONSchedule for Tender3Eligibility Criteria4Bid Submission5-6General Terms & Conditions of the Bid7–9Annexure I - Items to be Supplied and Installed10-51Annexure II - Details of the Tenderer52Annexure III - Price Schedule53Annexure IV - Self Declaration for not black listed542

SCHEDULE OF TENDERTender No.KAC/2019-20/OHEPEE/002Name of the tender issuerPrincipal, Kendrapara Autonomous College, KendraparaSupply of CBCS booksScope of WorkQuantity to be suppliedCost /fee of Tender DocumentsEarnest Money Deposit (EMD)(Two Different EMDs to be submitted ifone bidder is applying for both parts ofthe tender)Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG)Date of issue of tender documentDate & Time of Pre Bid clarificationLast Date & Time for Submission ofBidsDate & Time of Opening of TechnicalBidsDate & Time of Price Bid OpeningDetails as per Annexure IAs per Annexure IRs. 500/- in form of a DD drawn in favour ofKendrapara Autonomous College, KendraparaPayble at KendraparaEMD - Rs. 8000/-Rs. 20000/31th January, 20207th February, 2020, 10.00 AM27th February, 2020, 5.00 PM5th March, 2020, 11.00 AM13th March, 2020, 11.00 AMName of the contact person forCommunicationDr. Pravakar MallickContact Number of the concern person9437673108Address for CommunicationPrincipal, Kendrapara Autonomous College, Kendrapara,At/Po: Kendrapara, Odisha- 742113

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIAThe bidders who are desirous for above work require fulfilling the following conditions:1) Must be registered under GST Act.2) Must have average annual turnover for the last three years i.e. 2016-17,17-18, & 18-19should not be less than Rs 2 Lakhs. The bidder must submit copy of audited balancesheet and profit & loss account certified by the Chartered Accountant along with theacknowledgement of Income tax return as a proof in the Technical bid.3) Should not have been blacklisted by any State Govt. / Central Govt. / PSU in India.A self declaration is required as per Annexure IV.4) Must have a valid PAN.4

BID SUBMISSIONSteps to be followed for submission of bid:1.The bid shall be submitted in three parts, the EMD, Technical Bid & the Price Bid.i)Earnest money Deposit (EMD): Bidder has to submit EMD of required amount inthe form of Demand draft drawn in favour of “OHEPEE, Principal Kendrapara AutonomousCollege, Kendrapara Payble at Kendrapara. The EMD should be sealed in one envelopemarked as “EMD”.Earnest Money Deposit will not carry any interest. The EMD of unsuccessful bidderswill be refunded on acceptance of the work order by the successful bidder. The EMDof successful bidder will be returned on submission of performance security.The bid not accompanying EMD is liable to be rejected.ii)The Technical bid sealed in another envelope marked as “Technical Bid” andshall contain The bidder should supply the items as per technical specification mentionedin Annexure I. The list of books that are available with the tenderer. The bidder should Details as per Annexure II, duly filled in, signed andcomplete in all respects. No alteration / modification in the format shall bepermitted. A self declaration that the tenderer has not been blacklisted by anyState Government/ / Central Govt. / PSU in India as per Annexure IV. Audited balance sheet and profit & loss account along with copy ofacknowledgement of Income Tax return of last three financial years i.e.2016-17,17-18,5&18-19.

(iii ) The Price bid shall be sealed in an envelope marked as “Price Bid” andshall contain the price bid as per Annexure III duly completed in all respects.Rate quoted should be inclusive of GST. No price increase on account ofchange in tax structure, duties, levies, charges etc shall be permitted.The three separate envelope containing EMD, technical bid and price bid should be sealed in oneenvelope and should be addressed as per tender schedule super-scribed as “Supply of CBCSBooks.”6

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE BIDNote: Bidders must read these conditions carefully and comply strictly while submitting theirbids.1) Bidder shall prepare the bid and submit it in a sealed envelope addressed to PrincipalKendrapara Autonomous College, Kendrapara, at/ p.o.: Kendrapara, Odisha - 754211 andsend it through Speed Post/ Registered Post/Courier only (no hand delivery will beentertained). Each envelope should bear the name of bidder, along with the tendernumber. However the authorities shall not be responsible for postal and other delays inreceipt of the bids.2) Bidders are requested to check for any notice /amendment/ clarification etc. to the TenderDocument through the website www. / Notice board of the office ofKendrapara Autonomous College. No separate notification will be issued for suchnotice / amendment /clarification etc. in the print media or individually.3) The Bidders should note that Prices should not be indicated in the Technical bid andshould be quoted only in the Price Bid as per Annexure III. In case the prices areindicated in the Technical bid, the bid shall stand rejected.4) "PRE–BID Meeting" with the intending bidders shall be held on 7th February, 2020from 10:00 A.M. at Kendrapara Autonomous College, Kendrapara. Any queries relatedto this tender shall be sent to the mail id: [email protected] 1 dayin advance. The clarifications if any will be uploaded in the in the department web site.All bidders are invited to attend the pre-bid meeting. No deviation to any of the termswill be permitted after freezing of the same at pre-bid meeting.On the date of pre bid meeting the bidders may make a site verification whereinstallations is to be made.5) OPENING OF TECHNICAL BIDThe Technical proposal will be opened on 5th March, 2020, at 11:00 A.M in thePresence of the tenderCommitteeandrepresentative ofthe bidders.No separate intimation will be given to the bidders in this regard.6) EVALUATION PROCESSTechnical proposals will be evaluated on the basis of compliance to eligibilitycriteria, technical specification, and other terms & conditions stipulated in the tenderdocument. Financial proposal will be opened only of those bidders who7

qualify in the technical evaluation. The Committee reserves the right to reject any or allthe tenders without assigning any reason thereof.7) Award of Contract: Financial bids with lowest price quotation for the assignment as perAnnexure-III will be considered for negotiations and award of contract. However wherethere is tie between bidders in lowest evaluated package price, the person having highestfinancial turnover in the preceding 3 financial year will be given preference.8) PERFORMANCE BANK GUARANTEE: The selected bidder shall depositperformance security of Rs. 20000.00 in the form of a demand draft/ fixed deposit receiptfrom a commercial bank / bank guarantee from a commercial bank within Fifteen (15)working days of the date of notice of award of the tender. The performance securitydeposit will be retained till completion of the warranty period.9) The bids not submitted in prescribed format or in prescribed manner, shall be rejected bythe Tender Committee at the risk and responsibility of the bidder.10) All the information as called for in the tender document should be submitted truly,clearly, legibly, transparently, unambiguously and without using abbreviations.11) In the financial bid the total figures should be written in figures followed bywords.12) Each page of the tender document should be signed by the bidder with seal, in token ofhaving understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the contract and seriallynumbered and page marked.13) A bid submitted cannot be withdrawn. The bidder or his authorized representative (oneperson only) will be allowed to be present at the time of opening of tenders.14) The Tendering Authority reserves the right to accept any bid, and to annul the bidprocess and reject all bids at any time prior to award of contract, without assigningreasons & without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders or anyobligation to inform the affected bidder or bidders of the grounds for the action.15) All the transit risks shall be the responsibility of the supplier.16)All the disputes shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Civil Courts situatedin Kendrapara.8

17)Any matter which has not been covered under these provisions shall be governedas per the provisions of Odisha State Government Rules.18)If the work is found un-satisfactory or, if the firm dishonors the contract, the PerformanceSecurity Deposit may be forfeited and the job may be entrusted to another firm. In this regard thedecision of the Committee is final and binding on the contractor.19)Any notice given by one party to the other pursuant to this contract shall be sent in writingto Principal, Kendrapara Autonomous College, At/Po: Kendrapara,, Odisha-754211.20)Payment Terms: All payments will be made within 30 days of submission of invoice,based on completion of respective terms & conditions. TDS will be deducted as per the rules. Theinvoice will be raised in favour of Principal Kendrapara Autonomous College, At/Po: Kendrapara,Odisha-754211.21)Completion Period: The work shall be completed in all respect within 30 days from thedate of issue of work order.9

BotanySlNo.Book NameAuthorPublisherQuantity1 Diversity of viruses bacteria& fungiSatish KumarPragati Prakasher52 BiodiversitySingh Pandeet JainRastogi53 Microbiology & PhycologyB.K.Mishra DashKalyani54 Text Book of AlgaeA.k. AswosthiVikash55 Text Book of AlgaeO.P.SharmaTmit56 Text Book of Algae7 Introductory PhycologyR.K.KarH.D.KumarKalyaniEast-west558 Microbiology9 Text books of Microbiology(4th Edn.)P.D.SharmaD.R.AroraRastogiCBS5510 Text book of MicrobiologyPelcuar ReidTmit511 Introduction to microbiology12 Text book of fungi bacteria& VirusesP.TauroH.C.DubeNew AgeAgrobio5513 Biomolecules & CellBiology14 Biomolecule & cell BiologyP.K.GuptaRastogi5A.K.SahuKalyani515 BiochemistryDavid E.SadavaCBS516 Genetics & Plant BreedingL.D. Vijendra DasNew Age517 Cell Biology18 Cell BiologyChannarayapaT.DevasenaUniversity PressOxford Ibit5519 Plant PathologyR.S.MeherotraTmit520 Mycology PhytopathologyB.K.MishraKalyani521 Mycology PhytopathologyP.D. SharmaRastagi522 BiochemistryP. K. GuptaRastagi523 Text book of fungi24 Plant Disease (4th Edn.)R.K. KarR.S. SinghKalyani5525 Fundamentals of PlantPalholingyN.G. Ravichardra26 ArchegoniatesSingh Pandeet JainRastagi527 Archegoniates28 GymnospermsB.C. AcharyaS.P.BhatnagarKalyaniNew Age5529 Text book of BryophytePteridophyte Gymnosperer &Palalo BotanyA. V. S. S.Sambamurty530 Text Book of BryophytaAfro & Alam5105

31 Bryophytes Biology (2ndEdn.)L.SheffieldMCBI532 Introduction to Bryophyta33 Bryophyta & PteridophytaA.RashidS.K. SoodVikash5534 Plant anatomy EmbyologySingh Pandeet JainRastagi535 Anatomy & AngiospermsB.K. MishraKalyani536 Plant PhysiologyH.S.SrivastabKalyani537 Economic Botany of TropicsS.L.KochharM.C. Millon538 Experiments in PlantPhysiologysD.BajrachayaNoroda539 Plant PhysiologyA.C. SahuKalyani540 Plant Physiology &MetabolismA.C. SahuKalyani541 Essentials of molecularBiologyA.C. SahuKalyani542 Molecular BiologyP.K.GuptaRastagi543 Text books of BiotechnologyR.C. DubeyS.Chand544 Reproductive biology ofAngiospersB.K. MishraKalyani545 Plant tissue CultureJha. & GhoseUniversity Press546 Plant SystematicsC.MohantyKalyani547 Taxonomy & Utilization ofPlantsA.K. Sharma &R.SharmaPagati548 Fundamental of GeneticsB.D. SinghKalyani549 Introductory Instrumentation& methodology in Plants50 EcologyBajpayeeS.Chand5H.D. KumarVikash551 Modern text book of PlanttaxonomyA.K. MandalCBS552 Fundamentals of BiostasticsPranab Kumar553 Biophysics & Molecularbiology ( Fundamentaltechniqus)54 Plant Anatomy & MicroTechniquesPranab Kumar5Anne ReglandSaras Publication555 Systematic BotanyS.C. DubeyNew Age511

56 Plant breedingP.SatyaNew Age5ChemistrySlNo.PublisherQuantityKalyani Publishers51 Modern College Chemistry(Semester-1)Kalyani Publishers52 Modern College Chemistry(Semester-2)Kalyani Publishers53 Modern College Chemistry(Semester-3)Kalyani Publishers5Modern College Chemistry(Semester-4)Kalyani Publishers55 Modern College Chemistry(Semester-5)6 Modern College Chemistry(Semester-6)Kalyani Publishers5Kalyani Publishers5Sl.noBook NameAuthorName Of the BookCommerceSlBook NameNo.1 Reasoning2 Quantitative AptitudeSubjective3456DGP English GrammarGeneral StudiesComputer FundamentalsFinancial Accounting7 Financial AccountingAuthorPublisherQuantityR.S. Agarwal5R.S. Agarwal5McGraw HillBPB PublicationM Hanif & AMukherjeeJawahar Lal, SeemaSrivastava555558 Business LawN.D. Kapoor59 Business LawDr. Rajni Abbi510 Business LawBharat Bhushan511 Business LawRajiv Kapoor512 Business LawArun Kumar Sen513 Business Law14 EconomicsJitendra Kumar MitraH L Ahuja5515161718P L MehtaRobert S. PindyckGupta C. B.Chhabra T N125555EconomicsEconomicsHRMHRM

19 Principles of ManagementGupta C. B.520 Business StatisticsGupta C. B.521 Business StatisticsS C Gupta522 F A S RKalyani Publishers523 Marketing ManagementKotler Philip524 FMISL.M. Bhole525 Business MathematicsDr. B.N. Gupta526 Indirect TaxDr. Girish Ahuja527 Indirect Tax28 Indirect TaxDr. Ravi GuptaVinod Singhania5529 Financial ManagementKhan & Jain530 Income Tax Laws & PracticePrasanna Chandra5EconomicsSlBook NameNo.1 Principle of EconomicsAuthorPublisherQuantityN.Gregory MankewCengage Learning indiaPvt. Ltd.5Karl E.Case & RayC.FairH.L.AhujaPearson Education Inc.5S Chand Publication5A.C.Chiang &K.WainwrightM C Graw Hillinternational55 Mathematics for Economics6 Marco Economic Theory7 Macro EconomicsT.YamaneML JhingamN.Gregory Mankew& Richand T.FroyenPrentice hall of IndiaVrinda PublicationCengage Learning indiaPvt. Ltd. & PearsonEducation Asia5558 Indian EconomyMishra S.K.& PuriV.K. Dutta &SundhamH.R.VarianHimalaya Publishing & SChand & Company Ltd.5W.W.Norton & Company510 Macro EconomicsErrol D'souzaPearson Education Asia511 Fundamental of statistics12 Theory & Problems ofstatisticsS.C. GuptaMurray R.SpeigelHimalaya PublishingSchaum's Publishing5513 Intermediate public eco.14 Public Finance in theory &PracticesJ.Hindriks & G.MylesMusgrave &MusgraveM I T PressMe graw Hill5515 Modern public financeB.P.Herber2 Principle of Economics3 Principle of MicroEconomics4 Fundamental Methods ofMathematical Economics9 Intermediate- Microeconomics;A modernapproach513

16 Devt.EconomicsB.Mishra Debraj Ray17 Introduction to economics18 Elements of EconomicsKoutsoyiarnisKmenta19 Basic EconometricsGujurati20 Research MethodologyKothariNew age international Pvt.Ltd.521 Basic Research Method22 Devt. Planning The IndianExperienceGuthrieS.ChakrabortySage PublicationsClarendon press5523 India The Emerging Giant24 The Globalization paradox25 International EconomicsA.Panagarriyadani RodrikSalvatone or Kindlebeger or SoderstenOxford Univ. PressOxford Univ. PressWile India or R D IrwinHome wood Or Me MillanPublisher55526 Public Finance in theory &PracticesB.Mishra Debraj RayMaemillan Indi

5 Text Book of Algae O.P.Sharma Tmit 5 6 Text Book of Algae R.K.Kar Kalyani 5 7 Introductory Phycology H.D.Kumar East-west 5 8 Microbiology P.D.Sharma Rastogi 5 9 Text books of Microbiology (4th Edn.) D.R.Arora C B S 5 10 Text book of Microbiology Pelcuar Reid Tmit 5 11 Introduction to microbiology P.Tauro New Age 5 12 Text book of fungi bacteria & Viruses H.C.Dube Agrobio 5 13 Biomolecules ...