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olutions for Diagnostic TestSolutions for diagnostic TestSolutions for questions 1 to 20:1.2.Let the length of the train be x metres. When thetrain crossed a person then the distance coveredis its own length.So x (66 – 12) u5/18 12 180 m Choice (4)Solutionsfor questions1 to 20:Theprice perorange whensold in dozens 72/12 Rs61. Let the length of the train be x metres.The price per orange when sold in scores 100/20When Rs 5the train crossed a person then theAverage speed 6.Choice (4)213/7 kmph.C and D are two consecutive kilometer stones? CD 500 mAdistance covered is its6 own5 length.? The requiredu 100So x percentage(66 – 12) 5/186 12 180 m cent. 16 /3 perChoice (2)Choice (4)23.2. The price per orange when sold in dozensLet the sum be Rs x 72/12 Rs 6[x (1 2) 7200] (1 2) 7200 x (1 2) (1 2)The price per orange when sold in scores 7200 (2 2) 100/20 Rs 5? x 11000.Choice (3)Total dis tan ce3x u100 14xTotal time60 CB30 DIn ABC, AB 3 BC; In ABD,In 'ABC, AB 3 BC; In 'ABD, BD 3 ABBD? BD 3 BC3 ABACD BD500 m,3CBBC 125 m AND BD 375mm m, CB 125Choice(3)? AB 125 3500ACDm AND6 5BDfirst 375m7. Let theterm be a.100 Therequiredpercentage4. The amountof profitthat isdistributed among theLet the common difference be ‘d’.6 AB 125 3 m Choice (3)common share holders 640000 – 80000– 5 u a 5d 6d 7d 8d 9d100000 u 10 Rs 1,60,00016u2/40/100per cent. Choice (2)3 [5 u a 0d d 2d 3d 4d] r507. Let the first term be a.1, 60, 000? 25d r 50 d r 2u(100? Therequiredpercentage3. Letthe sumbe Rs x commonbe6 ‘d’.6, 40, 000 a the d 4 2 or difference4 – 2 that is,or 2.? t2 Let7200] (1 2) 7200 x (1 2) 5 a 5d 6d 7d 8d Choice9d(3)per cent)[x (1 2)25 per cent(1 2)Choice (1) [5sum abe 0d8. Let theRs P.d 2d 3d 4d] 7200 (2 2) § 505. Let the total distance be 3x km.15 10 ·450? Pu x 11000. § 1 50 25d ?d P Rs2 9000· Choice (3) 100 ¹Time taken to cover x km ? of 3x x t a d 4 2or4– 2 thatis, 6 (2)32Choice 4. The amount of profitthat is ¹distributedor 2. Choice (3) x/25 hoursamongthethecommonTime takento coverremainingshare2x km holders 640000 – 80000 – 100000 10 40/1008. Let the sum be Rs P. 2x/20 hours Rs 1,60,000 15 10 1, 60, 000Sol/764 P The required percentage 450 P Rs 9000 100 6, 40, 000 Choice (2) (100 per cent) 25 per cent Choice (1)5. Let the total distance be 3x km.Time taken to cover x km 1 of 3x x 3 x/25 hoursTime taken to cover the remaining2x km 2x/20 hoursAverage speed Total dis tan ceTotal time3x 100 213/7 kmph.14x Choice (4)6. C and D are two consecutive kilometerstones CD 500 m08 Section.indb 39. Probability of getting at most 2 heads when3 coins are tossed 1 – [Probability of–3 1 7getting exactly 3 heads] 1 2 8 Choice (2)10. Let the two numbers be a and b a36 ( 36 is their mean36bproportional) a 362 b------ (1)ba ( 7776 is their third7776bproportional) a b2 7776----- (2)By equating (1) and (2), b3 36 36 216 36 (216)3 b 21636 36 a 6. The larger number216 216 Choice (3)11. p m (3p q r) (1)q m (p 3q r) (2); r m (p q 3r) (3)(1) (2) (3) p q r 5m(p q r) m 1/5 [ p q r 0] Choice (4)12. Let the distance between his house andschool be x km.x x 15 5 6 60 x 1 x30 4 7.5 kmChoice (2)13. Let the speeds of A and B be 4x m/s and3x m/s respectively.Time taken to meet anywhere on thetrack600 600/x seconds 4x 3xIn 600/x sec distance covered by600 4x 2400 mA xSo A meets B after covering every2400 m. So Acrosses B twice. Choice (4)14. Let the number be x and k be any nonnegative integer. x kd 10 x2 k2d2 20kd 100Remainder of x2 100 0 0 Re mainder of d d 11 d is a factor of 89.and d is not less than or equal to 11. Sod 89 as89 is primeX3 k3d3 30kd(kd 10) 100010/30/2009 11:52:37 AM

crosses B twice.Choice (4)14. Let the number be x and k be any non-negativeinteger.22 2?x kd 10 x k d 20kd 100Remainder§ x2 ·of 0 0 Re mainder of4 nd ¹ Solution Manual§ 100 · 11 d d ¹is a factor of 89.and d is not less than or equal to 11. So d 89as 89 is prime x3 of 10) 10000 0 Remainder ofX3 k3Remainderd3 30kd(kdd 3 1000of § x · 0 0 RemainderRemainder d d ¹§ 1000 ·§ 1000 1000 · 21of Remainder Remainderof of 89 21 Choice (2) d ¹ 89 ¹Choice (2)15. 15.50T50 3 50 –1 1 θ tan–1 tan 30 . 50 3 3 Choice (2) 16. Let Balu join after x months. 12 60000 : (12 – x) 48000 3:212 53 12 – x 10.(12 x ) 4 2 x 2 Choice (1)17. Let the number of apples with the girlbe x x (100 13)(100 75 ) 261(100)(100) 100 100 x 261 1,200 87 25 Choice (3)18. Let the average of the 16 membersbe A.15 200 A 750 A163000 750 15A 3750 15A3750A ; A 250 A 750 100015 Choice (4)19. Let radius of seed be r radius of cherry r r r 3r The ratio of their volumes44 π(3r)3 : πr 3 27 : 1 Choice (2)3320. Let the cost of each orange be Rs xThe cost of all apples 80 4x 320xThe cost of all oranges 50 x 50x The required percentage 320 50 100 540% . 50Choice (1)Solutions for questions 21 to 23: 21. The synonym of ‘Proliferating’ is ‘growing’.Choice (1)08 Section.indb 4? The required percentage 320 50u 10050540% .Choice (1)Solutions for questions 21 to 23:21. The synonym of ‘Proliferating’ is ‘growing’.Choice (1)22. ‘Integrate’ is ‘to become a part of’. Hence thesynonym of ‘integration’ is ‘combination’.22. ‘Integrate’ is ‘to become a part of’.Hence(2) Solutions for questions 35 to 37:Choicethe synonym of ‘integration’ is ‘com-35. ‘Little did I know that I would be returning home’ can be best replaced by ‘Idid not know that I would be returninghome’—with enduring images. The otherthing’.the 24synonymSolutionsfor Hencequestionsto 26: of ‘compreoptions do not suit the context and the inhensive’ is ‘inclusive’.24. The synonym for ‘conspicuous’ is ‘obvious’. Thetention of the sentence. Choice (3) Choice(1)(3)antonym is ainlyhelpsSolutionsfor questionsto 26:25. ‘Tranquility’means 24‘calmand peaceful’. Theantonym is ‘tumult’.Choice (2)hone one’s skills’ can be best replaced by24. The synonym for ‘conspicuous’ is ‘obvi‘studying at an art college helps to sharpen26. ‘Prodigious’means ‘verylarge, enormous orous’. The antonymis ‘obscure’.one’s skills (to hone means to sharpen).impressive’. The antonym is ‘insignificant’. Choice (3) Choice (4)Sol/76525. ‘Tranquility’ means ‘calm and peaceful’.37. ‘Federalism is the bedrock of our democThe antonym is ‘tumult’. Choice (2)racy’ can be best replaced by ‘federalism26. ‘Prodigious’ means ‘very large, enormousis fundamental to our democracy’. Bedor impressive’. The antonym is ‘insignifirock means the main principles on whichcant’. Choice (3)something is based, which means fundamental. Choice (1)Solutions for questions 27 to 30:23. ‘Comprehensive’means ‘includesChoiceevery (2)thing’.bination’. Hence the synonym of ‘comprehensive’ isChoice23.‘inclusive’.‘Comprehensive’ means ‘includesevery(1)27. The error is in part 3 ‘Different’ is the appropriate word. Choice (3)28. ‘Economic’ is the right word. Choice (2)29. ‘Inclined’ is the right word. Choice (1)30. ‘Prevail’ is appropriate. Choice (2)Solutions for questions 31 to 34:31. ‘Mount’ means to organize and begin anactivity or event, which goes with the firstblank.‘Unearth’ means to discover proof orsome other information, especially aftercareful searching, which goes with thesecond blank. The other option do not gowith the context. Choice (4)32. The first and second blanks have to gowith the last part of the sentence whichsays “because of the money that follows”.Since “impoverished” means being verypoor, the impoverished cricket board isonly too happy (happiness is a positiveemotion) to receive the team because itsuits their monitory interests/requirement. Choice (1)33. The season in the first blank has to beone in which people are likely to spendgood time. Hence, ‘festive’ season and‘shopping’ would be the right options. Itis not to be taken that people necessarilydo not spend time during other seasonslike summer and monsoon. The words inthe other options do not fit the context. Choice (2)34. ‘Although’ indicates that the second halfof the sentence does not agree with thefirst half. Although the ‘industries’ has itscore competence (adequately qualified orcapable) in one area, it claims that otherfields are not unrelated to it. Choice (3)Solutions for questions 38 to 40:38. The error is in (2), as the reference isto an action that began sometime in thepast is still continuing and hence therehas been (present perfect tense) a steadydecline should be used in the place ofthere was. Choice (2)39. The error is in (2) as one succeeds in doing something and not succeeds to dosomething.Hence ‘succeeded to project’ should bereplaced by succeeded in projecting. Choice (2)40. The error is in (3) as one learns the ways oflife and not the way in life. ‘Ways of life’means the manner in which people live. Choice (3)Solutions for questions 41 to 45:The given words are arranged in alphabeticalorder, in the following method.In the first step, the word with the minimumnumber of letters is shifted to the first position.If two words have the same number of letters,then the one which occurs alphabetically firstwill be placed first.41.Input: all of you must follow these rulesStep Ι: of all you must follow these rulesStep ΙΙ: of all you must rules follow theseStep ΙΙΙ: of all you must rules thesefollow Choice (1)42. Input: I do not know who he isStep Ι : I do he not know who isStep ΙΙ: I do he is not know whoStep ΙΙΙ: I do he is not who know Choice (4)43. From the choices, if the input is(1) Input: going to be a king is heStep Ι: a going to be king is heStep ΙΙ: a be going to king is he10/30/2009 11:52:38 AM

Solutions for Diagnostic TestStep ΙΙΙ: a be he going to king isStep IV: a be he is going to kingHere, step IV is not the last step.(2) Input: he is going to be a kingStep Ι: a he is going to be kingStep ΙΙ: a be he is going to kingStep ΙΙΙ: a be he is to going kingStep IV: a be he is to king goingHere, step IV is the last step. Choice (2)44. From the choices, if the input is(1) Input: who is the last person tocome Step Ι: is who the last person tocome Step ΙΙ: is to who the last personcomeStep ΙΙ is not the last step(2) he is the last person to comeStep Ι: he is to the last person come Step ΙΙ: he is to the come last personHere, step ΙΙ is the last step. Choice (2)Hence, ΙΙ is implicit. If it is assumed thatthe customers do not abide by the notice,then the notice would not have been issued. Hence, Ι is implicit. Choice (4)46. The word ‘Despite’ indicates that thestatement assumes that an icon in Bollywood will be affected by the trappingof tinsel town. Hence, Ι is implicit. Fromthe statement ΙΙ, it appears that becomingan icon occurs before getting affected.Hence, ΙΙ is not implicit53. According to the statement, China maybecome the largest economy sometimein the future. Hence, Ι follows. From thestatement it is clear that China has thehighest growth rate, even though it is notthe largest economy. Hence, ΙΙ does notfollow, but ΙΙΙ follows. Choice (1)Choice (1)47. Unless the University assumes that somepeople want to do Hotel Managementcourse, the advertisement would not havebeen given. The advertisement is givenwith an intention of attracting the peopleto the University also. Hence, both Ι andΙΙ are implicit. 54. From the statement it cannot be concludedthat either education or opportunity alonebrings about inspiration. Hence, neither Ιnor ΙΙ follows. According to the statementeducation brings about opportunity andbecause of opportunity one get inspired,hence ΙΙΙ follows. Choice (3)Choice (4)48. The statement assumes existence of thesubject and the other hypothetical thingsreferred to. Hence, both Ι and ΙΙ are implicit. Choice (4)49. The word ‘pity’ indicates that the statement expects the government to takecharge of the situation. Hence, Ι is implicit. The statement has no reference to thefeelings of the government towards theaffected areas. Hence, ΙΙ is not implicit. Choice (1)50. When a notice is given, it is assumed thatthere is a necessity to give such notice.08 Section.indb 555. According to the statement ‘Lage RahoMunnabai’ has exploded the myth thatsequels are bad. From this both Ι and ΙΙcan be concluded. From the statement,it cannot be known whether ‘Lage RahoMunnabhai’ is a movie or something else.Hence ΙΙΙ does not follow. 57. From the assertion, more crimes are committed by young people than by any othergroup of people. So, crime is becominga choice for the young people whichwill be the cause for the assertion. Hence,RI is the reason and RII is irrelevant. Choice (1)58. RI is certainly the fact which violates human rights and even corrupts the youth.So, it could be the reason. Human rightsgroup and the rise in charges of the MMSare in no way related. So, RII cannot bethe reason. Choice (1)59. RI is not the reason. RII is the reason,as the Indian government follows non–violent policies. Hence, India can beconsidered a non-violent country.Choice (2)52. The statement refers to the creation ofthousands and thousands of large organisations for the first time. But it is not clearwhether the statement is about such hugenumbers or to the large organization itself. Hence Ι does not follow. From thestatement it cannot be concluded, whetherthere is anything else apart from goodmanagers which can keep the organisations functioning. Hence ΙΙ does not follow. The statement refers to the organisations as ‘those bureaucracies’. Hence ΙΙΙfo

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