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Strategic Procurement PlanFiscal Year 2018—2022MissionVisionThe mission of ProcurementServices is to support W&M asa leader among liberal artsuniversities through deliveryof procurement excellence.Procurement Services willmaximize efficient processesand effective technology solutions, and deliver customervalue.We will establish: strategicthinking in procurementefforts, responsible stewardship of university resources,customer-focused services,innovation among ourselvesand our suppliers, inclusiveexcellence from a diversesupplier base, streamlining ofbusiness processes whilemaintaining Universitycompliance, with attention tocorporate social responsibilityboth within the institution andamong its Suppliers.Procurement Services will workclosely with campus clientsdepartments to streamline theprocure-to-pay process. Adoptstated elements of the W&MPromise: “Enhance efficiencyand effectiveness of operationsand identify opportunities forrevenue generation or costsavings across the institution.Improve transparency ofCollege revenue andexpenditures across all sourcesand types of expenditures”.ValueStrive to be an ethical rolemodel for the campus andpeer institutions bydemonstrating core values thatare essential for building ahighly reputable procurementoperation.

Strategic Procurement PlanFiscal Year 2018 – 2022Procurement c FocusDynamic Technology SolutionsPartner with stakeholders to anticipateand meet client needs. Be a trustedadvisor for the campus community.Adopt technology solutions thatstreamline procurement activity,support compliance, reduce lead timeand improve information results.Talent DevelopmentTransparent ProcessesTo recruit, engage, and retain skilled andmotivated professionals capable ofdelivering value-added procurement.Establish clear direction and oversightof decentralized procurement activitiesand performance under establishedthresholds.Value, Innovation, andinclusive ExcellenceData Driven, Solutions FocusedProvide best value contracts that deliversavings, introduce innovation, andsupport the campus community.Deliver timely, reliable information tothe campus, frame historical data,project trends in partnership withcampus clients, and forecast marketchanges.

Greetings College Community:On behalf of Procurement Services, it is our pleasure to present this Five-YearStrategic Plan. The next five years will be transformational in the life of the College of William & Mary. In2018 the university will recognize the 325th anniversary of the Institution and the retirement of our beloved27th President, Taylor Reveley. Together we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of our first African Americanresidential students, and welcome the 28th President of this esteemed College. Doors will open on a newCampus Wellness Center, a new Performing Arts Building, growth of William & Mary’s Virginia Institute ofMarine Science campus, and many other exciting projects.Despite the bright prospects for W&M, higher education in general continues to face external pressures of diminishing resources and increasing costs. Through innovation and best-in-class procurementpractices, we will strive to deliver a competitive advantage to the university. Procurement Services willseek return on investment beyond simple cost efficiencies and deliver both financial value (cost savings realized by increasing spend under contract), and strategic value (improved transparency and awareness ofexpenses and enhanced relationships with key Suppliers). We must drive value, deliver quality, promoteour services, and align with the university’s strategic plan.As we move from planning to implementation, we look forward to positively influencing outcomes,supporting faculty, staff, students, alumni, business partners and community members, and advancing theprinciples of VALUE, SERVICE, and QUALITY.Sincerely,Erma A. BakerDirector of Procurement Services

Client Centric Procurement SupportBe a trusted advisor for the campus community while maintaining policy compliance throughconsistent service, ongoing training, and by providing campus clients with the tools needed tomanage procurements within their level of decentralized authority.Partner with stakeholders to anticipate and meet client needs.Encourage efficient procure to pay solution for Suppliers and internal stakeholders, serve as aresource for campus.Procurement Services will:Engage campus clients in the supply chain planning of goods and services and maximize procure topay solutions.Deliver goods and services that meet the needs of campus clients and add value to the University.Partner with peer departments (such as Financial Operations or HR) to deliver a consistent message to the campus community.Communicate with campus in meaningful ways (website, newsletters, Digest posts, focus groupmeetings etc.) to best target audiences.Deliver relevant departmental training, consider optional/multiple modes of delivery, consider“on-demand” access to training.Identify patterns of non-compliance among campus clients and target communications andtraining to mitigate future risk of recurrence.In FY2020, our success will be measured by:Facilitate at least two “open labs” to offer hands-on training on procurement topics for W&M andVIMS with a goal of enhancing client experience.Establish a Procurement Advisory Council comprised of strategic campus stakeholders to enhanceclient engagement, review campus needs and partner on proposed changes.Customer satisfaction surveys, goal: achieve 80% or better satisfaction ratings.Review waiver protocol for speed, value and efficiency, improve outcomes.Acknowledge campus clients who deliver quantifiable value to campus through high qualitywork. Communicate those success stories to campus.Host a campus-wide open forum procure-to-pay training/education event each semester toenhance client engagement discuss business processes, client needs, systems, common interests,solicit user feedback and facilitate positive two-way communication.Conduct a Spring 2020 client survey on campus satisfaction. Measure procurement performance;compare progress over time (with FY18 and FY19 results).Using FY18 as baseline for findings of non-compliance, evaluate data, identify risk areas, targetreduction in incidents through training and education.Active engagement in the externship program with W&M Law School.

Talent DevelopmentTo recruit, engage, and retain skilled and motivated professionals capable of delivering valueadded procurement.Support staff development, advancement, and succession planning.Promote work/life balance.Offer competitive salaries and personal benefits, as funding levels permit.Procurement Services will:Review all departmental position descriptions and update roles to reflect strategic priorities.Within the performance planning cycle, incorporate meaningful and actionable goals that willdeliver results to the institution and strengthen talents of individualsSupport individual staff training plans, and encourage use of on-site tools.Support professional development opportunities as staff coverage and funding permit.Provide relevant professional membership opportunities that develop skills and provide benefit toW&M.Expand sources used to gather business intelligence and prepare for solicitations and negotiation(NAEP, NIGP, IbisWorld, Hoovers, etc.).Support staff expansion of skill sets that complement procurement functions.In FY2020, our success will be measured by:Roll-out “on demand” training to campus, supporting 24/7 access to training materials.Update departmental project plan and leverage knowledge, skills and abilities of the team.Afford each team member a project to foster continuous improvement.Staff will maintain current certification levels and seek appropriate avenues to expand credentials/specialties, staff will participate in a targeted number of hours of training (outlined in projectplan). Including online training/webinars and no-cost options.Engage in team building exercises at least once per quarter.Procurement team members formally adopt and apply the NAEP Code of Ethics, and W&M Codeof Ethics, each document will be reviewed annually.Engage in cross-team activity/sharing at least once each semester.

Value, Innovation and Inclusive ExcellenceProvide best value contracts that deliver savings, introduce innovation, and support the campuscommunity.Consider opportunity to demonstrate corporate social responsibility through our actions and ourcontract partners.Encourage Supplier Diversity through utilization of small, woman, minority, and/or disabledveteran owned businesses.Innovate processes to meet demand of campus clients.Procurement Services will:Identify, capture, and manage savings by applying strategic procurement principles, soundcontracting practices, client relations, and supplier relations management.Encourage cooperative sources (VASCUPP, E&I, GPO, etc.) to establish new contracts and reduceadministrative costs.Maintain a focus on sound environmental and socially responsible practices and outcomes.Encourage opportunity-seeking for greater innovation within contracts during negotiations at thetime of renewal/modification.Focus on process improvement; make things easier for campus clients.Support active participation in Virginia Higher Education Procurement Consortium, “VHEPC”.In FY2020, our success will be measured by:Re-establish strategic suppliers/contracts. Measure, monitor, and communicate those targets andvalue-add outcomes to audiences and stakeholders through client outreach, Digest, newsletter,email.Conduct at least 4 training sessions for external Suppliers.Achieve no less than 37% of SWaM/disabled veteran owned (42% aspirational) spend goal for discretionary purchases.Track and achieve sustainability plan goals as set forth in the campus sustainability plan.Host one supplier event to promote campus engagement with diverse supplier base.Explore opportunities to expand and automate SWaM second tier capture and reporting .

Promote Transparent ProcessesEstablish clear and accessible policies and procedures.Communicate decentralized thresholds.Participate in creation of a training curriculum for employees with fiscal responsibility.Improve transparency of University revenue and expenditures across all sources and types ofexpenditures.Endorse open, fair, and ethical business processes.Procurement Services will:Provide clear communication of and access to contracts for the campus community (W&M andcooperative contracts).Establish Dashboard to monitor and measure key performance indicators in line with strategicobjectives.Improve transparency of spending data by sharing spend information with cross-functionalsegments of campus.Develop procurement strategies in consultation with campus leaders.Execute business process review to improve consistency and standardization of processes.Improve access to training “on demand,” 24/7.In FY2020, our success will be measured by:Measure contract activity monthly by method of procurement and contract type (W&M, cooperative, GPO), and total spend under contract.Communicate to internal clients the availability of newly established enterprise-wide contractswhich will be published in the contract management system timely.Introduce VHEPC initiatives during CRM meetings/trainings, share related information withentire campus at least once per semester.Monitor, maintain, and enhance the procure to pay matrix.Continuation of standardization efforts for key processes to facilitate consistent results forcampus clients, through a Business Process Review.Explore the concept and potential curriculum for a campus certification program (for decentralized procurement /finance staff). Certified University Procurement Association “CUPA”.Sourcing team will conduct a minimum of four CRM meetings per year with key stakeholders.The focus will be needs assessment, forecasting, and sharing spend analytics/data as it becomesavailable.

Dynamic Technology SolutionsAdopt technology solutions that simplify procurement activity to support compliance, reduce leadtime, and improve information and results.Provide resources to campus in a highly efficient manner.Create an environment where technology is shared.Enhance Supplier relationships.Expand electronic forms/applications and improve electronic workflow to improve efficiency.Implement technology solutions to assist with compliance.Procurement Services will:Maximize the use of and support for electronic procurement throughout the life cycle of atransaction: from development of specifications through contract administration and close out.Deliver an enhanced procurement training solution for internal clients.Be a pioneer for relevant W&M technology solutions: Panopto, Zoom, Cobblestone, Qlik.Create and communicate procure to pay tools to campus clients.Establish satisfaction surveys for users post-training to measure effectiveness and opportunity forimprovement.In FY2020, our success will be measured by:Continued exploration of dynamic source-to-settle software solution to improve client experienceand improve campus process efficiency.Maintain “forms” webpage for procurement on central finance forms page. Encourage same forother divisions.Maximize functionality of contract management system through workflows and automatedfeatures. Establish goal for 80% of W&M specific contracts to begin renewal/re- solicitation action180 days prior to end of term.Explore completion of fully electronic solicitation submittal via eVA.Manage signature authority access and user profiles through technology with transparency.Maximize eVA functionality where possible, including greater visibility of data, or streamliningprocesses.

Data Driven, Solutions FocusedUtilize data to understand, predict, and improve business.Share data among relevant stakeholders and across institutional boundaries to facilitate informeddecision-making.Procurement Services will:Partner with IT Department to gain access to data.Encourage collaboration between strategic sourcing/analytics specialties and procurementcategory specialists to share data and use data to drive improved outcomes.Analyze data to track expenditures on a timely basis.Determine baselines on relevant data and perform analysis on prospective options (usingSituation, Background, Analysis, Recommendation “SBAR” model for business case.When tool is available, leverage the use of Qlik to enable self-serve reports for users andcommunicate availability.Collaborate with and provide feedback to contract vendors to improve business processes andenhance supplier relationships.Expand the use of College Enterprise Resource Management “ERP” system to capture and storeprocurement data.In FY2020, our success will be measured by:Expand access to and aggregate data elements from different systems.Focus on improved reporting: reconcile needs within monthly dashboard, quarterly spend byvendor and major category.Transiti

Strategic Procurement Plan Fiscal Year 2018—2022 The mission of Procurement Services is to support W&M as a leader among liberal arts universities through delivery of procurement excellence. We will establish: strategic thinking in procurement efforts, responsible steward-ship of university resources, customer-focused services,