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Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #125 Apprentice & Journeyman Training Center 5101 J Street SW Cedar Rapids IA 52404 319-362-9259 Applying & Qualifying for the Apprenticeship Training Program. Table of Contents Contact Information 3..... Qualifications, Requirements and Abilities 4..... Nature of Work 6..... Application Request Form Application Fee 7..... Application Process

Table of Contents
Contact Information 3
Qualifications Requirements and Abilities 4
Nature of Work 6
Application Request Form Application Fee 7
Application Process 8
Aptitude Testing 10
Drug Alcohol Testing 11
Questions Answers 12
Local 125 Contacts
Local 125 Training Center
5101 J Street SW
Cedar Rapids IA 52404
319 362 9259
Chip Davis Training Coordinator
Local 125 Satellite Offices
1638 Central Ave
Dubuque IA 52001
563 583 0150
Brian Martin Business Agent Organizer
301 Blondeau St
Keokuk IA 52632
319 524 5454
Bruce Beckman and Pat Ellison Business Agent Organizers
1695 Burton Ave
Waterloo IA 50703
319 233 7551
Steve Petersen Business Agent Organizer
Qualifications Requirements and Abilities
Must be 18 years of age
Must be a high school graduate or have a GED equivalent
Must provide along with completed application form
Copy of Birth Certificate
Official High School Transcript or
GED Certificate and Report of Test results
National Career Readiness Certificate See Aptitude Testing section
Military Form DD214 Veterans Only
R sum brief employment history not required but suggested
Fundamental abilities include
Math Skills add subtract divide multiply and use algebraic formulas
Read and Understand Technical Documents in English graphs charts
blueprints etc
Communicate in English verbal and written
Organizational Skills meet deadlines keep a safe and neat working
Team Oriented work well with others
Goal Oriented see the big picture envision the finished project
Analytical Skills develop and implement alternative solutions to a problem
Hear Read and Understand Instructions and Warnings in English
Coordination and Balance operate two handed equipment maintain balance
while navigating irregular surfaces or while performing tasks from a ladder or
scaffold work from heights up to 25 ft use tools and equipment in confined
spaces e g trenches manholes and shafts
Abilities Continued
Responsible show up to work school on time every day all day
Physical Skills regularly lift and move objects weighing up to 50 lbs and
occasionally over 50 lbs use strength when pushing pulling moving or
holding objects in place during installation or repair
Versatile work in noisy environment work in variable climates hot to cold
If you have many of the abilities previously described you may be well suited for
the plumbing and pipefitting industry The contrary does not prevent you from
applying for the apprenticeship program however problems could arise during
your training or on the jobsite
Learning more about the UA and the pipe trades can possibly help you determine
whether you are suited for this type of work Learn more by
Log onto out website at ua125jatc com
Check out the Local 125 website at ualocal125 org
Accessing the UA website at ua org
Follow us on Facebook Plumbers Pipefitters Local 125
Contacting the Training Coordinator with your questions
Plumbers Pipefitters Local 125
Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
offers equal opportunity employment
The recruitment selection employment and
training of apprentices will be without
discrimination because of race color religion
national origin or sex
The Training Center is centrally located in Cedar Rapids Iowa serving an
area from Tama to the Mississippi and Missouri to Minnesota The new training
facility is 50 000 sq feet of state of the art technology a welding shop which
offers a complete power piping curriculum and food grade automatic welding an
impressive refrigeration lab with 100 000 in trainers and a plumbing training
technology lab located on the same campus Additionally the facility includes a
computer lab with distance learning capabilities and conference facilities
Nature of Work
The United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Training Center has been
training the most highly qualified piping industry workers in the United States for
more than a century In addition to five year apprenticeship programs the United
Association UA offers continuing education opportunities that include training
and certifications also an associate degree through a partnership with
Washtenaw Community College Ann Arbor MI and Kirkwood Community
College Cedar Rapids IA
The Local 125 Apprenticeship Program teaches through both classroom and
on the job training in what is considered a time honored apprenticeship training
tradition It s a five year program requiring 1700 hours of on the job training and
240 280 hours of related technical and theoretical instruction per year that
motivates apprentices to learn a challenging and rewarding trade while upholding
the ideals of trade unionism
Pipefitting Refrigeration Fitting and Plumbing are sometimes considered to
be a single trade and many systems such as hydronic heating cooling medical
gas and welded piping systems are worked on by all However journeypersons
in this field specialize in either one craft or the other
Pipefitters fabricate assemble install maintain and repair piping systems that
transport all types of fluids slurries and gas in the residential commercial and
industrial sectors Their work is diverse and in fields such as oil refineries paper
mills nuclear power plants and in the automotive industry Pipefitters often work
on high pressure and high temperature systems requiring a thorough knowledge
of scientific principles to complete the work safely
Refrigeration Fitters HVAC R install maintain and repair plumbing heating
ventilating air conditioning and refrigeration systems in the residential
commercial and industrial sectors The demand for this expertise is predicted to
grow by more than 30 in the next several years These technicians also
preform essential work in our national goal to improve energy efficiency
Plumbers perform work that is essential to the health and safety of our citizens
Plumbers install drinking water waste and ventilating systems as well as
wastewater treatment systems large and small in homes offices schools
hospitals and manufacturing facilities With a growing focus on green
technologies water conservation and energy efficiency the demand for plumbers
will increase significantly in the years ahead
Application Request Form
Application Fee
Apprenticeship Application Request Form
Please print
City State Zip
Telephone home
I hereby request an apprenticeship application form I understand that I am
solely responsible for completing the application form once received returning it
to Local 125 JATC and submitting all required documentation as instructed by
the Local 125 JATC office I also understand that it is my sole responsibility to
keep the JATC apprised of my current mailing address and telephone numbers
where I may be reached day or night
Application Fee
In order to receive an application form from the Local 125 Apprentice Program an
application fee of 20 must accompany this apprenticeship application request
form We accept Cash or Credit card Personal checks will NOT be accepted
Application fee is non refundable
Stop at our Training Center location or mail request form application fee to
Local 125 JATC Fund 5101 J Street SW Cedar Rapids IA 52404
Application Process
Applications will be made available during business hours throughout the year
at 5101 J St SW Cedar Rapids or you may request an application be mailed to
you request form and application fee still apply to applications that are mailed
To receive an application interested persons must submit an Apprenticeship
Application Request Form and an Application Fee of 20 by cash or credit
card to 5101 J St SW Cedar Rapids IA The Apprenticeship Application
Request Form may be picked up at either the Training Center Office in Cedar
Rapids one of Local 125 satellite offices Dubuque Keokuk or Waterloo
visiting our website at ualocal125 org or you may request the Training Center to
mail you one
Completed applications must be hand delivered to one of the four locations
as listed above by the applicant with a valid photo identification e g driver s
A properly completed application form along with required supporting
documents birth certificate official high school transcripts or GED certificate with
report of test results resume National Career Readiness Certificate and DD214
if applicable will constitute the completed application A list of test sites for the
National Career Readiness Certificate will be sent out with each application
Completed applications will be checked for minimum qualifications Applicants
deficient in one or more qualifications or requirements or making false
statements on their application will be notified in writing of their disqualification
The applicant will also be notified of the appeal rights available to them No
further processing of the application will be taken
At the time a completed application is submitted the applicant will select their
JATC interview time slot from the next available interview time slot dates
Application Process Continued
The JATC will interview the applicant plus review their application and NCRC
test scores whereupon the applicant will be scored and receive their final rating
Each part of the application process is considered
Applicants will be placed on a Ranking List according to their scores
configured as a percentage at the evaluation session with the applicant having
the highest percentage being at the top of the list and all applicants then listed in
descending order based on percentage
Apprenticeship openings Selected applicants must respond to the notice of
selection within 48 hours of notice If applicants cannot be reached by
telephone their names will be passed and notice sent to their address by
Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested to determine if the applicants are still
interested If no response is received in fifteen 15 working days from the
written notice the applicant s name will be removed from the list Only one
certified notice will be mailed
Qualified applicants remaining on a preceding ranking list will automatically
be carried forward on the new ranking list and slotted in wherever their rating
percentage placed them for a period of two 2 years unless the applicant has
been removed from the list by their own written request or following failure to
respond to an apprenticeship opening Applicants who were not placed during
the two 2 year period that were on the ranking list will be required to reapply
Regarding re applying During the two year period applicants who feel that
their qualifications have improved since their original rating may submit
documented evidence of such additional experience or training and request
reevaluation and rating at the next regular processing cycle
Openings for apprenticeships are based on the needs of the industry and the
future work expectations of the local Acceptance of applications does not mean
that openings exist now or that they necessarily will in the near future However
an application must be on file for an individual to be considered when openings
do become available
Aptitude Tests
The National Career Readiness Certificate NCRC is based on an
individual s performance on three WorkKeys skills assessments Applied
Mathematics Locating Information and Reading for Information Scores on
these assessments determine the certificate level bronze silver gold or
platinum an individual can earn
These assessments measure a range of essential work skills including the ability
Perform basic mathematic operations relevant to the workplace
Read and understand documents commonly found in the workplace
Find information presented in common workplace graphics
Set up and solve complex work related math problems
Determine the relevance of written information to work related tasks
Apply information derived from graphics to work related problems
NCRC must be submitted along with the application for the application to be
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Testing as a Condition of Admission to the Apprenticeship Program
Pursuant to the Standards of Apprenticeship certified by the US Department of
Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training the Plumbers Pipefitters Local
No 125 Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee JATC has responsibility for
establishing and maintaining rules and requirements governing the
administration supervision and training of apprentices In the opinion of the
JATC it is imperative to promote a drug free workplace and to reduce accidents
injuries and fatalities in the plumbing and pipefitting industry Accordingly
Plumbers Pipefitters Local 125 JATC has adopted a Drug and Alcohol Policy
It is an established policy that applicants accepted into the
Apprenticeship Program must test negative on a pre employment drug
test The admission of any applicant into the Program shall be contingent
upon the applicant receiving and the JATC being provided a notice of a
confirmed negative drug test result
An applicant who receives a confirmed positive drug test result or who
refuses a pre employment drug test will not be allowed to reapply or be
considered for a position in the Apprenticeship Program for a period of
one 1 year
Failure to submit to a pre employment drug test under this Policy
including the failure to report in a timely manner to a collection site sign
any required consent form or otherwise fully cooperate in the collection
of any authorized sample is also strictly prohibited and will be considered
a refusal to test
Questions and Answers
Frequently Asked Questions
When do I start my apprenticeship
There is no definitive answer to this question It could be as little as one day
over a year or more or maybe never
If I arrive late to my scheduled interview can I reschedule
What if I become ill or have an emergency on the day of my scheduled
Contact the Training Center immediately at 319 362 9259 However
rescheduling is NOT guaranteed
What can I do to prepare for the NCRC aptitude tests
Iowa Workforce Development will provide online study materials for the test
Can I retake the tests in hopes of raising my scores
Yes but you will have to reapply to be rescored with your new test scores
Once I have submitted my application can I make changes regarding my
choice of area Burlington Cedar Rapids or Dubuque or classification
plumber pipefitter or refrigeration fitter
Yes at the next interview session
When can I apply
Any time during regular business hours
How often are interviews scheduled
Quarterly through the year
More Questions and Answers
Who is the JATC
JATC stands for Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee It is a jointly managed
board of trustees three labor and three management that oversees the
operation of the apprenticeship program
How long will my interview be
Interviews take less than one half hour but you will need to arrive early to
If when I become an apprentice how often do I attend classes at the
Training Center
Six Seven 40 hour weeks per year at intervals about once every two months
The rest of your time will be spent on the job training
If when I become an apprentice how long before I get health insurance
Immediately From day one you receive health insurance and pension benefits
How much does an apprentice earn
An apprentice starts out at 40 of journeyman rate which is set by current
contract then receives a 5 wage increase approximately every six 6 months if
work and school performance are satisfactory
Are there any college courses that can help increase my chances of getting
into the apprenticeship program
Nothing can guarantee your admittance into the apprenticeship program
However classes that may prove useful for any trade related progress include
math related courses blueprint reading welding and any other trade related
Local Union No 125 JATC Fund
It is the overall objective of the
Local 125 JATC
to produce the most highly skilled
competent and productive craftspersons
that can be developed As well it is the
obligation of the JATC to provide the
resources and environment necessary
to assure that apprentices achieve that
goal and understand their
personal responsibility in
this endeavor
ua125jatc com

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