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NASA Technology Roadmaps

technology investment. The recommendations provided by the National Research Council heavily influence NASA’s technology prioritization. NASA’s technology investments are tracked and analyzed in TechPort, a web-based software system that serves as NASA’s integrated technology data source and decision support tool. Together, the roadmaps, the


The RERC-T2 Wheeled Mobility Project is an excellent example of “demand pull” technology transfer, which identifies technology needs within an industry segment and then finds technology solutions for those needs. Here are some basic steps for implementing such projects. Six Steps for Demand Pull Technology Transfer Projects 4.

Fusion Center Technology Guide - Office of Justice Programs

technology solutions to help protect communities while ensuring that the privacy and civil liberties of individuals are also protected. The purpose of this document is to provide a methodology for fusion center directors and managers to facilitate technology planning and to provide a practical perspective on the value of technology as an

The Impact of New Technology on Product Development

a new technology • Xerox’ s digital office platform • Start slow (medium returns, medium risk) – Incorporate into one product – Test it, get the bugs out – Incorporate into other products 14 IPPD 3/2/00 New Technology Product Development funnel filter • R&D • Product concepts for new technology

Next-gen Technology transformation in Financial Services

technology—is intended to serve as a roadmap for executives tasked with ramping up technology innovation, increasing tech productivity, and modernizing their platforms. The articles are organized into three major themes: 1. Reimagine the role of technology to be a business and innovation partner 2.

International Trade, Technology, and the Skill Premium

the skill bias of technology considering variation over time in a technology that is common across producers whereas we define the skill bias of productivity considering variation across firms in productivity at a moment in time. In either case, technology or productivity z is skill biased if an increase in z (whether over

Technology’s Effect on Hotels and Restaurants: Building a .

Technology’s Effect on Hotels and Restaurants: Building a Strategic Competitive Advantage Dean A. Koutroumanis University of Tampa The changing face of technology has played an integral role in the development of the hotel and restaurant industry. The manuscript investigated the impact that technology has had on the hotel and restaurant industry.

Blockchain Technology in Industrial Internet of Things .

Blockchain Technology in Industrial Internet of Things Applications John Soldatos Head of IoT Group, Athens Information Technology [email protected] IoT Week, Aarhus, Denmark, June, 20th, 2019 Dispelling the Hype: When (not) to use Blockchain in IIoT When to use blockchain technology

Infants, Toddlers and Technology: References for Course .

technology and infants and toddlers . This is not an exhaustive list of references, but a guide to help think about what content to include when designing coursework. The articles are organized by the two content areas—Technology in the Lives of Infants and Toddlers and Technology Learning and Development—which are tied to the

2020 - NASA

to achieve NASA’s important missions. As NASA undertakes an integrated technology research and development effort, a common technology taxonomy is more important than ever . For this reason, the 2020 NASA Technology Taxonomy was created as an important update to the Technology Area Breakdown Structure (TABS) from the roadmaps of previous years .

Science, Technology, and Society - MIT

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND SOCIETY Tier I STS.004 Intersections: Science, Technology, and the World 1 12 Select one of the following: 12 STS.001 Technology in American History

Building Forensic Technology Capacity

Building Forensic Technology Capacity 3 In t r o d u c t I o n Advancements in forensic science are revolutioniz-ing America’s criminal justice system. From collec-tion of evidence at crime scenes to presentation of analyzed results in courtrooms, forensic technology has improved the quality and accuracy of criminal investigations.